Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 19.2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 19 – Attaining Everything 3 [Part 2]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 I stare fixedly at the amber eyes.
Kousuke-kun removes his right hand from his mouth and looks back at me.
Then, just a little, he sends his gaze behind me.
He must be looking at Chako.

“… Naba. We met not long ago at this school, right?”

 Kousuke-kun looks at me again and says.
Gazing back at the shaking amber eyes, I giggle.

“That’s right. A week before. We ended up in the same class not long ago.”
“I see, that’s right… Yeah.”

 Kousuke-kun’s eyes close as though he’s thinking, and he slowly nods.
Those eyes then open.

“… Naba says strange things.”

 Orange hair bathes in the light and shine.
The amber eyes no longer shake.
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“But… I kind of understand.”

 Saying that, he smiles gently.

“I’ll join the Photography Club… even though it’s super unpleasant that big bro’s the adviser.”
“Un… Thanks.”
“Nah… Well, I don’t think it will be bad if it’s with Naba and co.”
“Un. I guarantee there will be lots of fun things.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Kousuke-kun laughs too when I chuckle.
The face that’s wreathed in smiles is truly nostalgic.

 I must appear to be an extremely strange person to the Kousuke-kun without memories.
Even so, as long as I can spend the days with Kousuke-kun.

“… Hey.”
“What is it?”
“Do siblings have similar preferences?”
“… Huh?”

 When I took the opportunity to ask, Kousuke-kun frowns at my abrupt words like he didn’t understand what I meant.
Finding that strange, I end things by laughing.
While laughing, I look towards Chako and Yuusei-kun.
They are looking at us with unpleasant smirks.

“Chako. What are you smiling about?”
“Eh. Naw. Nothing much~. Right?”

 Chako and Yuusei-kun exchange meaningful glances and laugh.
These two were undoubtedly talking about something unwholesome.
Glaring at such a two, I gesture at Kousuke-kun with my hand.
Translated by nakimushitl
“… You know, it seems he’ll join the Photography Club with us.”
“I see~, good for you, huh~? Aah, even though it failed when I invited him~. I seeee.”
“… He thought about joining because Chako invited him, you know?”
“I seeee, I seeee.”

 She’s not listening to me at all.
Laughing “Ehihi”, she’s nodding with a triumphant look.

“Sheesh, You aren’t listening, are you, Chako! … Yuusei-kun, get going to the Occult Research Club! You may get club members, you know?”
“I won’t. That place was made to place documents I can’t leave at home after all.”
“Even then, a club is a club, right?”

 ”Get going!” I drive Yuusei-kun out one way or another.
Yuusei-kun laughs like he’s having fun and leaves the classroom.
Chako’s unpleasant smile has also settled down. Fuu, I give a small sigh.
Then, turning to face Chako and Kousuke-kun again, “Oh, yes!” I speak.
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“You know, since we’re joining the same club, can I call you Kousuke-kun?”
“Ahh, you have a point… there’s, another Kuo in the Photography Club after all.”
“Ah, the teacher, was it? It’s better that I call you by name too, right~? … Un, Kousuke-chan it is then!”

 Chako laughs “Ehehe” while calling his name in that nostalgic way.
Kousuke-kun’s eyes widen for a moment, before he gives a troubled smile.
Translated by nakimushitl
“Somehow… it’s nostalgic.” [Kousuke]
“It goes, “Guu” doesn’t it?” [Yui]
“What’s that even mean.” [Kousuke]

 Kousuke-kun gives an exasperated smile when I chuckle.

“Ah, you can call me by name too~.”
“Yeah. Ah, I should’ve told Yuusei-chan too. I hate ‘Tomonaga’ so I’d like to be called ‘Chako’.”

 Chako’s blue eyes shine mischievously.
Kousuke-kun panics for a while, sighs, then mutters her name.

“… Chako.”
“Nah, nothing’s gonna come out even if you call so many times!”

 Chako frowns at the Kousuke-kun calling her name again and again, as though to digest it.
Amused at such a duo, I laugh “Ahaha” and take the bag on my table.

 Having succeeded at inviting Kousuke-kun to the Photography Club, the three of us are going to participate in the briefing session.
Although sensei was surprised that Kousuke-kun came, I think those eyes look happy.
After the briefing session, just like before, I went to sensei’s side somewhat forcibly and consulted him about the camera.
Unlike Kousuke-kun, sensei’s an adult so his ears won’t turn red even when Chako laughs “Ehehe”.
However, the SmiPhen might have occurred[1], I believe.

“Well then, Chako, I’m going to the Student Council.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 To the Chako who was told to come along and consult sensei about the camera, I inform her of an unamusing matter.[2]
Chako gets flustered, “I’m going alone!?” but I reply with a chuckle.

“Ah, Kousuke-kun, you’ll go with Chako, right?”
“… Yeah.”
“Nah, that’s pointless. Rather, that’s worse. Nooo I don’t want to sit on a bed of thorns!”

 Cautious about the girls’ gazes, Chako’s in fear but I laugh and wave a hand at that.

“It will be fine. Chako can tide over it.”
“Ehh. It’s not about tiding over or not, I don’t want to stand on the waves in the first place!”
“Kousuke-kun will be asking sensei about the camera too, it will be fine, it will be fine.”
“Nooo, I want Yui-chan!”
Support the translations by reading at the translator’s site.
 Chako says “Don’t gooo” but I laugh “Ahaha” and turn my feet towards the Student Council room.
Kousuke-kun and sensei.
Their relationship is strained but it should somehow turn out fine with Chako there.
… They have similar preferences after all.

 Having spoken to the Student Council before, I easily became their clerk.
The Tomotaka-senpai I haven’t seen in a long time is, as always, like a prince…
Thinking about what I must do from now on, I clench my fist again.

[1] In a previous round.
[2] I’m honestly confused at this part. I guess the order goes: 1. Yui asked Chako to consult sensei too. 2. Yui consulted sensei, Chako hasn’t yet. 3. Yui informs Chako she’s leaving. Or it could be 2, 1, 3?

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8 thoughts on “Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 19.2

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Aww, with all the scenes of a troubled Chako and a black-hearted Yui, I find myself wanting illustrations of them even more badly than before.


  2. i wonder how Tomotaka will act this time since the previous rounds affect the ones after them i think he’s probably the one with the most drastic aftereffects he went from “an indifferent and cold(also mean) person toward phantoms in the first round” -to-“kinda cares for them so he’s sad for chako in the second round”-to-since the third round didn’t really focus on him so we only know that point he had thought chako would never leave him so what happened then broke him (in a seriously bad way)so we can say he was obsessed with chako (maybe?) not phantoms in general in the 3rd round-and then the worst happened-in the 4th round when he turned to a yandere probably from the previous rounds effects (still that doesn’t pardon him ) and his obsession with chako ,and then the 5th round and the 6th round so ….i wonder what effect the blank “neet heroine” 5th round did to him how will he change this time ..i’m a little worried (-д-;) but i’ll look forward to it thank you for the chap |ω・`)

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  3. I still really hope that she kills or at least confronts Tomotaka because honestly I am annoyed that he is being forgiven. The asshole TORTURED Chako for years, sealed her adoptive parent for 200 years and forced her into SLAVERY.
    Really dont believe he should be forgiven, just because Chako forgave him in HER DYING BREATH (and only because she wanted a happy endig for the heroine)


  4. In the teacher route, Yui and Chako went with the teacher to some chemistry classroom or something so Chako could receive the guy’s old camera, right? I think the “I’m going alone?!” is about that.


  5. Yui just straight up threw Chako in a love triangle lol. I think Chako is thinking that Yui is aiming for Kousuke or the other capture targets when in fact she’s all Yui is thinking of HAHAHHA


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