Role of (Villain/Heroine)

(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 5

Chako’s POV of main story’s chapter 18.

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 5 – Chako’s POV of “Attaining Everything 2” Anecdote

Chako’s POV of the heroine who speaks of the future.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 Parting with Tomotaka-sama, I started living alone.
It’s finally the entrance ceremony today.
The protagonist of this game world, Naba Yui-chan,  is an extremely pretty girl with soft-looking light golden hair and deep green eyes.
As expected of the heroine. Her cuteness is off the charts.

 Although I don’t know who the heroine will choose, I must accomplish Tomotaka-sama’s order no matter what.
First, become friends. Then, hinder such that the heroine doesn’t become close to phantoms.
As expected of an otome game’s villain to hinder someone’s romance.
Moreover, if it’s Kuo Kousuke’s route, she will disappear at the end.
Dying through getting struck by falling boulders, becoming a phantom after that and next is this?
I hold great doubts about my life.

 … I’ve no choice if Tomotaka-sama orders me to, though.
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 At any rate, I was going to become friends with the heroine and think bit-by-bit as I go but the heroine’s ability to take action is too amazing.
Talking to Abe Yuusei, pulling me along, and even going to the director’s house…
The heck, what route is this?

 In the Kuo Kousuke route that I know, the heroine who knows nothing about herself advances various matters while without much understanding. With this and that happening, Kuo Kousuke goes berserk.
Therefore, I thought the heroine knows nothing but…
Translator: nakimushitl
 Yui-chan knew that she’s the Priestess of Ominous Clouds.
And, she’s going to train with Abe Yuusei――Yuusei-chan.

 … Don’t get it.
I don’t get Yui-chan at all.

 Ehh… she doesn’t know I’m a familiar, right?
Ehh… but, the director seems to know.
Ehh… but, but, if Yuusei-chan finds out about me, will Tomotaka-sama get angry?

 Should I ask Yui-chan『How much do you know about me』?
No no, if she replies『What do you mean?』… there should be a limit to bringing unnecessary trouble upon oneself.
Translator: nakimushitl

 … Oh well.
There’s no point thinking about it.
I gave up, thinking.

 Yui-chan didn’t say anything so it’s fine.
I can just roughly gloss over it even if she asks something.

 The conversation between us 4 advances like that.
In the end, not touching on topics about me, I was taught about phantoms and the school.
For the time being, I understood that I really am a precious existence.
Rather, the existence of phantoms ourselves was more important than I thought.
I’d thought that part was strange but it seems to be due to the school.
Translator: nakimushitl
 When the conversation between us 4 ended, I walk home side-by-side with Yui-chan.
Even though we’re only having random conversations while walking on the path that had turned into a cherry blossom carpet, my heart squeezes in pain.
Pretending I didn’t notice that, I continue the conversation.
Somehow Yui-chan’s shining a lot, and that causes my heart to hurt more.

“… Chako, what will you do in the future?”

 Yui-chan’s looking at me fixedly.
Her deep green eyes are glittering… unable to stay looking at them, I quietly look up at the sky.
Cirrocumulus clouds are floating in the light blue sky.
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“What about Yui-chan?”

 I do think a question shouldn’t be replied with another, but.
It’s because I didn’t feel like I’ll be able to reply immediately.
Then, Yui-chan shut her eyes for a while before firmly facing the front and answering.

“… I’m, thinking to become an onmyouji.”

 When Yui-chan slowly speaks, the cherry blossom petals dance in the wind as though in support of her.
The golden hair shine in the sunshine as determination dwells in those deep green eyes. Yui-chan then speaks of various things regarding the future.
Her voice as she leisurely and calmly speaks is extremely comfortable to hear.

  She’s different from the otome game heroine I know.
Steadily thinking about herself, realizing the things she wants to do and trying to accomplish what she must.
Her figure as she pushes forward towards her goal is… really, extremely――

“… Cool, huh.”
Translator: nakimushitl
 ――Unlike me.

“… It’s all, for my own sake after all.”

 Yui-chan frowns a little… even then, she firmly looks at me and speaks.

“How about Chako?”

 … Dunno.
No idea.

 Be it those deep green eyes or that light golden hair.
They’re, all, too dazzling.
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 My insides churn around when I look at Yui-chan’s eyes.
Not wanting her to find out about such a me, I laugh “Ehehe”.

“Nnn… I haven’t decided at all. It’s fine as long as I’m having fun now, I guess.”

 At the half-hearted response of such a me, Yui-chan goes “What a troubling person” and laughs.
On the carpet of cherry blossom petals, Yui-chan shone the entire time.

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    1. nah, chako don’t have gender, chako is guy in previous life and have girl body bcz tomotaka order it. but whatever gender chako i cheer for them.


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