Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 20.1

Sly Chako owo. If you wanna re-read, the inter-class matches for the 1st round was in the latter half of Chapter 3.

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 20 – Attaining Everything 4 [Part 1]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 When I return to the classroom after Student Council, Chako’s seated down with a sullen look.
Apparently, she’s waiting so we can go home together.
She looks at me with a vexed frown when I enter the classroom.
Finding her look, that’s expressing『I’m angry, got it?』, funny, I couldn’t stop a smile from spilling.

“Yui-chan! It’s not a laughing matter!”
“Sorry, sorry.”
“I didn’t think Yui-chan of all people would betray me.”

 I had a hard time, you know? She looks at me reproachfully. Finding that cute, my smile deepens extraneously.

“Sorry, I said. So how did it go?”
“Aah, seems like sensei will lend me a camera.”
“I see, good for you.”
“Un, I feel kind of bad but… it’s something to be grateful for, huh?”
Translated by nakimushitl
 The hair of Chako, who smiles bashfully, sways sleekly.
I leave the classroom with Chako who held her bag and stood up.

“Hey hey, didn’t the Kuo siblings not get along well?”
“Hm, I wonder. How were they today?”
“Let’s see… it was different from what I imagined.”

 Hm~ she tilts her head and continues.

“Kousuke-chan, you see, was kind of in a bad mood and was triggered by the smallest things. On the other hand, sensei, too, says only things that agitates.”
“However, watching from the sidelines… I suppose you could say they get along well enough to quarrel?”

 I see, I nod at Chako who speaks while fretting.

 I’m sure sensei doesn’t hate Kousuke-kun. There’s no way Kousuke-kun hates sensei, either.
It’s just that, bit by bit, they missed each other in their paths.
If they get to come in contact more with each other and have something in common, I think their relationship will change.

 When I make a serious expression while thinking of their relationship, Chako suddenly laughs “Ehehe”.
Translated by nakimushitl
“I intended to randomly mediate between them in the beginning, but it gradually grew annoying.”

 Who cares about someone else’s sibling rivalry? She laughs while saying something quite horrible.
Looking at such a Chako, pft, I burst out laughing.

“They just look like they’re getting along well, you know? However, they’re noisy about every little thing and the conversation couldn’t progress.”

 Haa, Chako sighs.

“That’s why,『Siblings sure are nice, huh… though it’s not possible for me to have any.』I said that while smiling sadly.”

 Those deep blue eyes shine mischievously.
Un, un, I nod at those eyes.

 That move of Chako must have been terribly effective.
The girl you like made a sad expression because of you.

 Imagining how it was at the time, my mouth smiles on its own.
Kousuke-kun and sensei should’ve been extremely anxious.

“Ah, I really want to see that. Were they anxious?”
“Un. The two of them finally quiet down after that. Oh, this sure was effective, I thought.”
“Chako’s sad smile is unbeatable.”
“So it seems. Therefore, I think I’ll interact with them like this from now on.”
“Nn? Like what?”
“If you don’t get along well, Chako will cry! Like that.”
“The heck is that.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Finding Chako’s manner of speech amusing, I laugh “Ahaha”.
Ahh, the Kousuke-kun and sensei being led by the nose must be extremely amusing. I really want to see that.
The way home as we have our backs to the evening sun, was filled with the sound of laughter the whole time.

Translated by nakimushitl
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 Thus, we spend time with Kousuke-kun and Yuusei-kun in class and with sensei in club activities.
Time passed in the blink of an eye as everyone spends it with Chako.
Then, the first school event, the inter-class matches arrived.

“We must beat big bro’s class!”

 Donning matching class t-shirts, the class forms a circle.
When Kousuke-kun shouts while facing the center to rouse everyone, Yuusei-kun snorts.

“What an extremely personal reason.”
“That’s right~ Personal is fine! Let’s knock the socks off Kuo-sensei! And have him treat us to ice cream!”

 Chako says loudly in response to Yuusei-kun’s retort.
The classmates that form the circle laugh at the pragmatic rousing call.
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“Only those in the Photography Club will be treated to ice cream, right?”

 There’s absolutely no benefit for this class, Yuusei-kun retorts.
However, Chako laughs “Fufun!” at those words of Yuusei-kun, and looks around at her classmates.

“Hear this, if we reach the award podium, it seems our homeroom teacher will treat us to juice!”
“Nah, no one will be motivated with just juice. It’s only you, Chako.”
“That’s not true. Everyone wants juice too, right?”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Faced with Yuusei-kun’s condescending interaction, Chako looks at our classmates restlessly.
Our classmates laugh vaguely at that, or say halfhearted words like “Juice’s great, huh?”
Even though we formed a circle with great pains, it feels like we’re becoming worn out.

“AH! Anyhow, it’s better to win than lose, right!”

 Kousuke-kun retightens the circle that spills out such laughter.

“Let’s win!”

 YEAH! Everyone shouts at his words, putting in their fighting spirits.
Even though it’s just trivial inter-class matches, it uplifts my heart when everyone shouts and heads towards a single goal.
Some of my classmates smile, some seem bashful, some are serious, some find it troublesome. There are all sorts but I think we’re the same in that our hearts throb faster than usual.

 Breaking up the circle, we advance to our individual match locations.
To the classmates leaving the classroom, Chako goes “Ice! Juice!”, adding onto their fire.
Kousuke-kun approaches such a Chako.

“Chako, you better win, got it?”
“I know, Kousuke-chan. Our side has Yui-chan, you see.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 At Chako’s proud expression, Kousuke-kun looks at me curiously.
I return a meaningful laugh to that and approach them.

“I’m amazing, you know?”
“Yes, Yui-chan’s amazing.”

 Chako nods faithfully at my words.

“You have amazing athletic abilities… Also, when things go south, you can tie your t-shirt below your chest like thisー. Let your navel show…”
“So the phantoms on the other side will be attracted and immobilised by Naba.”

 Kousuke mutters “I see” at Chako’s words.
He then looks at me with a serious expression.

“If, it seems like we’re gonna lose――do it.”
“… I got it. I will.”

 Looking back at that serious expression, I nod.
I’ll do it. For Chako’s ice cream and juice!

“Cool! So cool, Yui-chan! Like a veteran soldier! … Okay, me too!”
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 The deeply moved Chako goes “I’ll do it too!” and turns her t-shirt over.
After a moment of being stunned by Chako’s actions, Kousuke-kun suddenly starts being anxious.

“! Why would you! Chako, why.”
“But, letting Yui-chan do it alone is…”
“Forget it!”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Just stop for now! He pulls down the t-shirt Chako tried to turn over.
In response, a dissatisfied expression surfaces on Chako.

“Yui-chan’s so cool, you know? I must be cool too!”
“There’s no point if you do it, Chako!” [Kousuke]
“There is! I’m quite cute too!”
“That’s right. Chako’s cute.” [Yui]

 Un, un, I nod at the two’s exchange.
Yuusei-kun comes smirking, at that moment.

“That’s right. Do it, Chako. Both of you should do it. I’ll be happy.”
“What are you saying, you…”

 Ahh! Kousuke-kun musses his hair and looks at Yuusei-kun with narrowed eyes. Yuusei-kun returns a leisurely expression.

“No, at any rate, it’s a no for Chako.”
“Eh. But letting Yui-chan do it alone is…”
“I got it already! Don’t do it, Naba! … You can lose in the girl’s basketball. We’ll win and make up for that.”

 Wuu, he groans those words and glares fiercely at Yuusei-kun.

“Got it? We must obtain a complete victory in soccer.”
“Nah, that’s impossible. There are the 2nd and 3rd years too.”
“Win. You can definitely win if you make a serious effort.”
“… Yeah, I’m strong after all.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Yuusei-kun’s eyes shine brightly at Kousuke-kun’s words.
Kousuke-kun then says “Let’s go!” with narrowed eyes and head to the grounds with Yuusei-kun.
That back of his burns with fighting spirit…
I exchange glances with Chako and laugh.

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