It’s been a while since I translated synopses, this time it’s web manhua (Chinese manga)! All synopsis posts may be updated when more interesting series are found.

Note: I’m not very proficient in Chinese/Mandarin so these are roughly translated. Please at least credit or link back if you grab the full synopsis translation of whichever series!

Synopsis ToC

Preying on the Pauper Princess Plan by Guo Xiao (screenwriter) + Diantong (main writer)
6 chapters, ongoing
< sweet revenge, vengeful protagonist, protagonist starts from a weak position, modern day, school life, poor female protagonist, a**holes, slightly mature, attempted rape >

A poor young girl entered an aristocratic school, unknowingly getting locked on as target for the so-called rich people’s “love hunt”: the campus’ wealthy young masters with animal avatars such as a wolf, lion, bear, snake in an anonymous chatroom placed bets, treating the young girl’s heart as a plaything…

The young girl suddenly discovered the dark truth and decided to reveal her fangs. To ruthlessly break the hearts of these people who try to play her, and at the same time pulling out the mastermind behind the scenes.

The prey’s revenge, begins now.



He’s Always On the Headlines by You Ling
season 1 (73 chapters) completed. season 2 (6 chapters) ongoing.
< comedy, silly protagonist, showbiz, multiple idol groups, modern day, a bit of BL tease (maybe it’s just my fujoshi imagination) but no actual BL, friendship, slice-of-life, same artist as artist for Please Take My Brother Away! >

Super popular idol Yin Shen often attracts aggro* on the internet due to his “retarded” behaviour. His IQ isn’t online all year round, and he makes all sorts of adorkable blunders, yet his fans continue to increase…

Popular idols, celebrity teams and newcomer groups. Various entertainment figures appear on the scene, narrating the hilarious and goofy idols’ daily lives and development!

naki: lit. attracts black. Receiving bad attention like denounces and criticism.



The Piano of the Universe Doesn’t Sound by Ding Bing
season 1 (45 chapters + epilogue) completed. season 2 yet to start
< school life, fantasy >

A rebellious angel, a death god whose rank fell, a cursed human girl, and a fateful choice born from a piano. In search of a lost piano, the human girl hovers between the death god and the angel. Her choice, will change the trajectory of the world!



The Lucky Empress* Who Saves the Knight by Ying Meng She + Hua Zong
16 chapters, hiatus?
< modern day, fantasy, reverse harem?, romance?, some action, crossing worlds, game characters, shoujo >

Putting aside how Xia Xinxin, a girl with a naturally difficult temperament, often gets Superior cards in mobile games, she even got actual game characters when opening gacha?! The handsome knight, gentle deacon and mysterious god, all want to capture her?!

Watch how the young girl operates reality and the 2D world, and how she saves her** knight! And who will eventually win Xia Xinxin’s sweet heart! It’s all in《The Lucky Empress Who Saves the Knight》!

*lit. European Sovereign, some strange term that refers to those with a lot of luck in games like collectible card games, and have a white face (what???)
**The raw used ‘his’, which I assumed was a typo.




Departing This World by Binggan Miao Si Ji (main writer) + A Man Chou Chou (script)
33 chapters, ongoing
< BL romance, xianxia, immortal, pill >

One is a long-lived person who hopes for death but can’t die, while the other a short-lived ghost who hopes for life but can’t live. When two people with such opposing fates meet, is it a blessing or curse for them? Are they the other’s salvation or disaster? Pay attention to《Departing This World》and watch the millennial-old pretty boy and black-bellied short-lived ghost pitting their wits and courage against each other, loving and hurting the other.

Synopsis ToC


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