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(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 6

The 1st time of going to the pool (without Yui and Yuusei) is in Anecdotes Chapter 1.

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 6 – The Pool Anecdote after “Attaining Everything 5

Let’s head to the pool since we’re high schoolers! (2nd time)
Kousuke POV.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 Today finally arrived.
I invited Naba and Chako to the pool before summer vacation.
Both Naba and Chako seemed quite happy and agreed enthusiastically.
It seems that phantoms will come for Naba, so I heard she asked Yuusei to raise a barrier.
Therefore, it became that the four of us are going to the pool.

 … I can call this a double date, right?

 I’m probably the only one being conscious; the other 3 likely don’t think anything of it.


 While I was waiting near the exit of the nearest station to the pool, a pretty voice rings out.
Quickly turning back, I see the figure of Chako and Naba leaving the station.

 Chako’s wearing a short-sleeved denim shirt over a white lace maxi dress.
Her black hair is braided and gathered into a bun at the back.
Naba’s in a pale pea green, short-sleeved shirt dress, her hair tied into a high ponytail.
Translator: nakimushitl
 Both of them, completely different from when they wear the school uniform…

 Naba and Chako are having some kind of conversation while walking towards me.
Somehow only their surroundings seem to sparkle, causing me to fall into a daze with fascination.

“Oi, look at that. For those 2 to be our company, this is divine.”
“…! Yuusei…”

 My shoulders shake in surprise at the voice I suddenly hear from behind me.
Why, is he talking from behind when I’m facing the station?
… Ah, he came by car? This guy’s the young master from the Abe family after all.

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 Chako waves to Yuusei too.
Naba laughs tenderly next to such a Chako.

“Isn’t it great that the weather’s nice?”
“That’s right, it sure is fine weather.”

 The four of us meet up and look up at the sky.
A blue sky without a single cloud.
Translator: nakimushitl
“Kousuke-chan and Yuusei-kun, you’re both lookin’ fashionable, aren’t you~.”

 Chako laughs “Hihihi” after looking at Yuusei and I.

 My outfit today is gray plaid three-quarter pants and a white t-shirt with print.
Yuusei’s wearing a gray short-sleeved jacket and damaged jeans.
It’s not to the point of being fashionable.

 … Yuusei, probably, made sure he didn’t look as though he put in effort.

 Kinda understanding his feelings, I glance at him.
Yuusei shrugs a little and whispers such that only I can hear.

“Isn’t it times like this, when you can really feel the gap between yourself and riajuus?”
“… Yeah, I guess.”

 Apparently, riajuu refers to those who are popular with women and are making the most out of life.
I’ve never dated a girl, and have no idea what to do at times like this.
… Nonetheless, I think I’m more riajuu than Yuusei.

 While us guys mutter to each other, Naba and Chako are walking towards the bus stop.
There’s an exclusive shuttle bus from this station to the pool so we’re going to ride that there.
Translator: nakimushitl
 The shuttle bus has already arrived at the bus stop.
We board and Chako sits beside Naba like it’s natural.
Of course, beside me is Yuusei…

 I wonder why.
I don’t know why, but my heart is asserting that this is wrong.
And it seems to have more to say.

“Hey hey, Kousuke-chan, Yuusei-kun, it’s exciting, isn’t it?”

 The Chako sitting in front pokes her face out and laughs “Ehehe”.

 … Nah, this is plenty enough happiness, me.

 Chako draws back her face, apparently having some conversation with Naba.
The voice I catch is cheerful, “Let’s ride that first!”, “Followed by this ride!” ― she seems delighted.
While she’s doing so, the bus departs and quickly reaches the pool.
When I show the free tickets at the entrance, we are given silicon bracelets that serves as one-day passes for the water slides, and are allowed in.
It seems that with these around our wrists, we can ride the water slides all we want.
After Chako receives that in delight, she quickly enters the female changing room with Naba.
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 Although I told Naba and Chako when I gave them that these tickets were free, they actually weren’t.
A friend won them in a lottery and we bought them at half the usual price.
Yuusei and I paid for 2 each.
It’s the so-called men’s hardships that can’t be told to women.
Translator: nakimushitl
 Parting from Naba and Chako, Yuusei and I enter the changing room too.
I change into a pair of black surf pants without any peculiarities. In my hand is a grey rash guard, as Naba requested.
According to her, Chako isn’t mindful about things like that, so she asked that I lend it to her.
While I was changing, Yuusei finished changing too, appearing in a pair of surf pants with a blue border.
When we leave the changing room, Chako’s already there, beyond the shower doors.

“Aren’t you too fast, Chako?”
“Un, I actually came after putting it on at home. I only had to strip!”

 I planned to change fast but Chako was even faster than that.
Chako laughs happily when I approach her in surprise.

 White halter neck bikini with a pattern of small blue flowers.
While she does have something like a shorts for a bottom, her chest is…

 It can’t be helped that I unconsciously looked.
Chako’s tall so I thought she’d have a slender figure but, the parts that are supposed to stick out unexpectedly stick out…
Translator: nakimushitl
 At that moment, I suddenly realise.
I’m not the only one here. There are other guys, like Yuusei, here.
I turn to the side quickly. Yuusei’s looking at Chako joyfully.

Don’t you look.

 Standing between Yuusei and Chako, I block Yuusei’s gaze.
Yuusei’s brows knit for an instant, but he soon snorts.

“What’s the point of blocking my gaze, now? There will be an overflowing number of chances throughout today.”
“… Ku.”[1]
“Chako’s wearing that because she’s fine with being seen, right? That’s why I will see. Again and again.”
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 Just as Yuusei says stupid things in a seemingly cool manner, a WHACK resounds.
Naba’s behind Yuusei…
It seems that she hit his back.

“It will be my fist if you say that again.”

 After glaring at Yuusei fiercely, Naba gives me an exasperated look.
She then points at my hand.

“Hey, Kousuke-kun. Pass that to Chako.”
“Y, yeah, I should.”
Translator: nakimushitl
 Now that she mentioned it, I recall bringing the rash guard.
Just passing this to her would be better than blocking Yuusei’s gaze…
Exasperated at myself, I pass it to Chako.
Chako receives it with a confused look.

“Nn? What’s this?”
“The UV rays are strong today. Put this on.”
“Eh, wouldn’t it be fine?”
“It will sting and hurt after you get home, y’know?”
“Yeah, but what about Yui-chan?”
“I’m perfectly covered with sunscreen.”
“Hmmm. Is that so? Okay. I’ll borrow it then.”

 It’s not clear whether she’s convinced or not. Chako puts on the rash guard she receives from me.
And fastens the zip.
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 It’s naturally big because it’s my rash guard.
Even her shorts with small flower patterns is mostly covered and the sleeves are also too long.
This is, kinda. How should I say…

“This is nice too.”
“… Shuddap.”

 I glare at Yuusei who mutters that next to me.
You, you’re gonna get whomped by Naba y’know.

“Yui-chan’s swimsuit is really cute. Yellow suits you.”
“Chako’s cute too.”
Translator: nakimushitl
 The girls compliment each other before us guys can compliment their swimsuits.
Naba’s swimsuit is mainly yellow, with images of multicolored butterflies.
It’s the type where she wears another one-piece above the swimsuit, and it suits her very well.

 After complimenting Naba’s swimsuit, Chako takes her hand, going “Hurry, hurry!” as she heads towards the water slides.
The Chako taking the water slides again and again seems really happy…
I watch Chako and Naba ride alone together from the poolside, and we have an early lunch.
Chako’s smiling the whole time. My heart clenches in pain when I look at that figure.

“Isn’t it great that Chako’s having fun?”
“Yeah, it is.”

 From below, Naba and I look at Chako heading towards the water slide with Yuusei.
Naba returns the wave with a smile when Chako waves her hand, going “Hey!”.

“Naba, you really do look happy whenever Chako smiles.”
“Un. You could say I’m the same as you, Kousuke-kun.”
“… I see.”

 After that, when everyone’s sitting at a shop’s table, Naba broaches the subject “I’m going to the Student Council”.
Chako shouts “Ehh!? Again!?”, but Naba only returns a laugh.
Chako tries to stop her a number of times, but she says that there’s someone waiting for her.
“In that case” Chako says, trying to leave with her, but Naba had her stay here because it’d be a waste otherwise.
Translator: nakimushitl
“Chako, enjoy yourself all you can. Also, after you’re done with the pool, wait at Tomoyuki-san’s place with everyone, okay?”
“… The director’s place?”
“Un. I’ll head there after Student Council. Let’s play games or something.”
“Nnn… okay.”

 The low-spirited Chako nods.

“Chako, the water slide there was amazing, let’s ride it again.”
“… Un.”
“I think riding it headfirst will be fun too.”
“It will.”
“Nah, the person-in-charge will get mad so let’s not.”
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 Yuusei’s probably trying to cheer Chako up.
It’s hard to tell though.

“I’m going then… Kousuke-kun, Yuusei-kun, I’m leaving it to you.”

 Naba waves her hand and leaves.
Although Chako waves with a smile…
Her shoulders drop in low spirits once Naba’s out of sight.

“Chako… want some shaved ice?”
“Nn. I do.”
“Alright, imma buy it so wait here.”
“Melon-flavoured for me.” [Yuusei]
“Buy it yourself, Yuusei.” [Kousuke]
Translator: nakimushitl
 Leaving Chako and Yuusei there, I go to buy shaved ice.
I can hear their conversation behind me.

“Yuusei-chan, we’re splitting it in half, okay? Half.”
“That, sounds great. It’s dreamy.”
“Right? Splitting in half is chock-full of dreams.”

 ”Exactly, exactly” the two nod and laugh.
No, I’m the one buying that shaved ice! Why on earth must I go and buy shaved ice for Chako and Yuusei to split into half?
However, just hearing Chako’s laughter warms my chest.
Simply by laughing, Chako makes me…

 Naba said she’s the same as me.
I think she’s right.
Her wish is surely the same as mine.

 I want Chako to remain laughing.


[1] Indicates frustration.

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  1. (☍﹏⁰)。 a touching chap can’t wait to read more thank you for the chap (๑✧∀✧๑) still i wonder how did the previous rounds affected Kousuke ?ಠ_ರೃ

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  2. an idol (chako) and her admirer (yui,yusei,kousuke.)
    it seem yui raise capture target flag towards chako but later she will crush them. yeah, i really looking forward that time to arrive.


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