Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 24.1

Tomotaka refers to Kousuke as ‘kare’ and sensei as ‘kitsune’, while Yuusei ‘Kousuke’ and ‘Kuo ani’.

Role of (Villain/Heroine) makes many references to past events or chapters so I have to make sure to use the same word choices! ><

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 24 – Attaining Everything 8 [Part 1]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 The summer break I spent nothing but training with Yuusei-kun, talking to Tomotaka-senpai and going to the pool ended, and 2nd semester arrived.
Today, I gather at the Occult Research clubroom to discuss with Tomotaka-senpai and Yuusei-kun.

 I discuss with Tomotaka-senpai about Chako, and take the opportunity to consult him about sensei.
Yuusei-kun and I had pondered on it, but I thought that we could find a better method with Tomotaka-senpai involved.
Tomotaka-senpai sighs “Good grief” at my thoughts, but keeps company nonetheless.
Yuusei-kun, too, didn’t want Tomotaka-senpai involved at first but beginning to have a bit of fun talking to Tomotaka-senpai about phantoms, his attitude softened gradually.
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“Kamo. Understood anything?”
“Aa. I took several peeks inside him after what you guys said.”

 I want to suppress sensei’s power.
That was the origin of the discussion. Today is a report on the investigation of Kousuke-kun.
Yuusei-kun had an idea after coming into contact with Kousuke-kun.
It appears that looking at a phantom’s power was more of Tomotaka-senpai’s forte, and he had Tomotaka-senpai investigate Kousuke-kun’s power.
After Kousuke-kun told Tomotaka-senpai he respected him, Tomotaka-senpai managed to touch Kousuke-kun and peeked inside him.Translated by nakimushitl

“I looked little by little throughout summer but, as expected, the balance of power in his body is poor. The exact opposite of the fox.”
“… Kousuke-kun and sensei are exact opposites. Does that mean his power is too little for his body?”

 When I look at Tomotaka-senpai while thinking, he nods.
The results of investigating Kousuke-kun. As expected, it wasn’t just sensei, there was something unusual with Kousuke-kun too.

“That’s right. Alongside the fox whose power is too strong there’s danger of going berserk…” [Tomotaka]
“Reversely, Kousuke has the container and not the contents… That’s why his sense of hunger may have been even more excessive.” [Yuusei]

 Tomotaka-senpai and Yuusei-kun’s eyes meet for an instance, and sink into thoughts.

 『Sense of hunger』.
Translated by nakimushitl
 Come to think of it, Kousuke-kun mentioned that when he spoke to Tomotaka-senpai.
Had he been living while suppressing his dissatisfaction and craving?
Thinking about the Kousuke-kun so far, my brows knit tightly.

 The Kousuke-kun who suffered, wanting power in the 1st round.
Unable to suppress the hunger he had been suppressing all along, he relied on the me before his eyes.

 However, Kousuke-kun did not seek power from me since the 1st round.
He’s always been fighting his hunger… and himself.
That’s surely a terribly painful thing…
Yet, Kousuke-kun always spent his time laughing.

“Naba, how’s the nature of the older Kuo and Kousuke’s power?”

 Yuusei-kun glances at the me with my brows still knitted.
I answer that with a small nod.
Translated by nakimushitl
 The nature of power. It differs for every possessor.
The difference is normally impossible to see, but I can see something like its color.
Therefore, Tomotaka-senpai looked at the quantity of power and I looked at the nature.

“Un, I asked them to let me touch them a little. Then I saw but, they appeared about the same.”
“… As expected of siblings, huh.”

 The colors of the powers I had Kousuke-kun and sensei show me the other day was about the same.
Probably as Yuusei-kun said, because they are siblings.

 Yuusei-kun goes “I see” with a nod at my words.

“I’m convinced now” those black eyes shine.

“I thought it was strange when I heard about Kousuke’s complex. He’s a broad-minded guy but reacts abnormally only towards the older Kuo… Although it’s likely also caused by being compared from young, it’s because the one who has a surplus of something he lacked was just there.”

 Speaking till there, he suddenly stops, giving a small sigh.
His brows knit just a little.
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“… He wanted, and wanted so much that he couldn’t stand it.”

 Power too little for his body.
He wanted to fill up.
And, there was that power immediately nearby.

 … Ah, I see.
Kousuke-kun didn’t just have a hard time being compared to sensei.
He’d always been suffering because he wanted sensei’s power, and to fill up what he lacked.
Translated by nakimushitl
 The words Yuusei-kun quietly said while thinking of Kousuke-kun pierced my heart.

 The Kousuke-kun always tormented by a sense of hunger.
It must have been painful being in the Photography Club.
Surely, the more he’s involved with sensei, the more his sense of hunger increases.

 It was me who forcibly invited him to the Photography Club.
I tormented Kousuke-kun for my own sake.
He’s still tormented even now.

“… The nature of sensei and Kousuke-kun’s powers are the same. Sensei has too much of it, and Kousuke-kun too little of it.”

 The cruel act I did hurt my heart.
I breathe out a little, calm my heart down and speak slowly.

“Then, if we transfer sensei’s power to Kousuke-kun…”
“Aa. his sense of hunger will fade and the fox won’t have power beyond his control.” [Tomotaka]
“A win-win.” [Yuusei]
Translated by nakimushitl
 Tomotaka-senpai and Yuusei-kun nod at my words.

 I tormented Kousuke-kun.
There may have been a method where Kousuke-kun can be saved without being tormented.

 But, let’s reflect later.
The regret can come after everything.

 Now I just have to do the things I have to.

“Move sensei’s power to Kousuke-kun… Can that be done by using my power?”

 I ask Tomotaka-senpai. After some thought, he gives a small shake of his head.

“I wonder… Even if the nature of power is the same, the wills that use them are different.”
“Ah. I see.”

 Yuusei-kun nods at Tomotaka-senpai’s words.
With just such a conversation, they seem to understand what the other wants to say, but I don’t quite understand.
Therefore, I seek an explanation from Yuusei-kun.

“I don’t get it. Yuusei-kun, make it more easily understandable.”
“Ah… You see, even computers that look the same can have different OS.”
“Oh Es?”
“That’s right. Like Mac and Window… Well, Mac and Window can easily transfer data when connected by a cable though. It won’t be as simple as that.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 It appears that Yuusei-kun’s figuratively using computers to teach me.
However, it’s still hard to understand.
He explains further when I tilt my head.

“The older Kuo preserved data in a form easy for him to use. Kousuke can use that as it is, but there are probably parts he can’t. So the form of the file must be changed.”
“… Un.”
“Ah, so you see, it means the power for older Kuo’s use must be changed to for Kousuke’s use.”

 I don’t really understand but, I understood that sensei’s power can’t be transferred to Kousuke-kun the way it is.
To transfer it, sensei’s power must be corrected to a form that Kousuke-kun can use before it can be transferred, is it?
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 When I nod, Tomotaka-senpai adds on to the explanation after thinking.

“… Only, it’s impossible to do that inside the fox. There’s not enough capacitance.”
“Yeah. I think Naba can change the power. She can probably also move it… Only, the older Kuo may not be able to withstand it if they’re done at the same time.”
“… It’s about whether, there’s a place the power can be transferred to temporarily, huh?”

 I think slowly while listening to their explanation.
Sensei’s power can be transferred and changed, but that will increase the burden on sensei.
If there’s somewhere sensei’s power can be transferred to…

 Tomotaka-senpai give a small sigh when Yuusei-kun and I think.
He looks at us.

“… There’s Chako.”

 The eyes of Yuusei-kun and I widen at Tomotaka-senpai’s words.
Translated by nakimushitl
“Chako still has capacitance. And she won’t go berserk from taking in spiritual energy that isn’t her own. Transfer the fox’s power to Chako. Then, change the power inside of Chako and transfer it to him.”

 After a glance at Yuusei-kun and I, Tomotaka-senpai moves his gaze to outside the window.
The speech after that was about using Chako’s special characteristic to save Kousuke-kun and sensei.

“I see. Chako’s like the external HDD.”

 Yuusei-kun’s black eyes shine at Tomotaka-senpai’s words and he nods.
I can feel my heartbeat quickening as I look at Tomotaka-senpai and Yuusei-kun.

 Transferring sensei’s power to Chako.
Changing the power inside Chako while transferring it to Kousuke-kun.

 With that, the power in sensei will lessen and there won’t be worry of him going berserk.
Kousuke-kun can obtain the power he lacks and his sense of hunger should fade.

 The two of them can be saved.

 I knew their worries, but pretended not to know and continued to neglect them.
Can I finally save them?
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“… Only, it will probably increase the burden on Chako.”

 Tomotaka-senpai returns to me the gaze he moved to outside the window, and mutters softly.

 That voice is flat, as though it was just informing a fact.
However, I can tell.
Tomotaka-senpai’s definitely worried about Chako.

“I will explain clearly to Chako. If she says she doesn’t want to, I won’t force her to help.”

 I’m sorry, senpai.
I think Chako will surely say she’ll do it if I explain to her.

“I, want to save the two of them.”
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 By saving them, Chako may suffer.
Even then, I――

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