Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 25

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 25 – Attaining Everything 9

Translated by nakimushitl
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 After discussing with Tomotaka-senpai and Yuusei-kun, I visit the Chemistry Preparation Room to speak with Kuo-sensei.
Knocking, I open the door with an “Excuse me”.
The other teachers seemed to have left, only Kuo-sensei is inside.

“Naba, huh. What’s up?”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Sensei is seated down, apparently doing some sort of work, with documents spread out on the desk.
Looking at the me standing in front of the door, he quickly gathers the documents into a stack.
I chuckle while gazing at such a sensei.

“Sensei. I’ve come to save you.”

 Sensei blinks his eyes at my words.

 In the 3rd round.
Sensei confessed that his fate was to disappear.
However, I asked such a Sensei to『save』.
Even though the one who should’ve wanted to be saved was Sensei.

“I have something to say. Is that okay?”
“Got it. Get in.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Sensei leaves his work desk, and prompts me to the two-seater synthetic leather sofa in a corner of the Chemistry Preparation Room.
Then, Sensei sits on the folding chair opposite the sofa.
… It’s been a while since I was alone with sensei in this room after school.
It’s oddly nostalgic.

“Sensei. The poor balance between your power and body, causes you to go berserk, right?”
“… Aa, yeah. Did you hear it from Yuusei?”

 The truth is I heard it from you, Sensei.

 I tilt my head slightly and give a vague answer at the Sensei staring at me with bewilderment in his eyes.
Then, I look fixedly at those amber eyes.
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“I, am the Priestess of Ominous Clouds. Not just granting power, I can suppress it too.”

 Sensei taught me. That I also had such a power.
And he was willing to practice with me.

“It should somehow work out if I stay with Sensei… but, I wondered if Sensei could be saved with something more fundamental.”

 Yes. To suppress Sensei’s power, I simply have to always stay by his side.
However, I don’t think sensei and I wish for something that restricts either of us, so
Translated by nakimushitl
“Onmyouji and the Priestess of Ominous Clouds made a secret plan.―― To save Sensei.”

 Amber eyes widen in surprise.
I giggle at that and reply with a smile.

 I could’ve said『Yuusei-kun and I』, but I said『Onmyouji and the Priestess of Ominous Clouds』.
After all, the truth is that Tomotaka-senpai helped out too.
He said we can’t tell Sensei and Kousuke-kun, but this much is fine right?

“We thought a lot, you know? Before we discovered. Kousuke and Chako. With Yuusei-kun and I, it should be able to go well.”

 With everyone, we can save you.
It will surely go well.
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 Sensei’s eyes widen as he listens to me.
He probably is still in disbelief at the abrupt conversation.

 The eyes of Sensei that tremble as though he’s deep in thought, are amber.
Although an extremely tender colour, at times, they seem terribly lonely…
Those were eyes that knew he couldn’t live together with us.

 I bite my lip strongly.

 Sorry, I am late.
I didn’t come to save Sensei for so long.
Even though you saved Chako at the cost of yourself when I asked you to save her.
Translated by nakimushitl
 The reason Sensei didn’t give me the details back then, was in consideration of me, right?
Because I’ll surely waver if I heard the method from you.
Because I’ll regret not stopping you even after things went well.

 That was why, you shouldered everything alone and tried to save Chako.
You hoped that Chako would live happily when she’s freed from being a familiar.
You hoped that Chako and I will smile and live happily together.

“Live a long, long life, Sensei. As the Strongest Phantom In This World, you should be able to live much longer than everyone.”

 Sensei’s action back then became a hint, and I found how to break the familiar contract.
A bit more, and I think Chako can also be saved.

 That’s why, next time, Sensei should be with us.

“… Let’s do a lot of fun things. And live together with everyone always.”
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 Sensei doesn’t have to be the sacrifice anymore.
I’ll definitely save Chako, so

 ――Please save Sensei.

 Sensei’s amber eyes peer at me fixedly.

“Will you listen, to the method we came up with?”

 After patiently waiting for Sensei to nod, I told Sensei what was discussed with Tomotaka-senpai and Yuusei-kun.
Translated by nakimushitl
 That the balance between Kousuke-kun’s power and body is off.
That the nature of Sensei and Kousuke-kun’s powers are the same.
That I can move Sensei’s power to Kousuke-kun.
That on that occasion, it has to be temporarily transferred to Chako. 

 Sensei had been solemnly listening to those, but when I speak till the end, he combs his forelocks up with his right hand and sighs softly.
Sensei’s golden hair glitters, having caught the evening sunlight.
As I stare at that, Sensei continues the conversation.

“Does Kousuke-kun know you don’t have long to live, Sensei?”
“… No, I didn’t tell Kousuke.”
“I see…”

 Sure enough, Kousuke-kun didn’t know.
If he knew Sensei doesn’t have long, he surely wouldn’t have taken the attitude he had so far.
He didn’t know, so he opposed Sensei when he was tormented by a sense of inferiority and a sense of hunger.

“Why, didn’t you tell Kousuke-kun?”

 Even though you’re family.

 I think it’s up to the individual to tell or not.
However, how regretful will Kousuke-kun be if Sensei gets destroyed while he’s still unaware?
Translated by nakimushitl
 When I look at Sensei with some blame, he makes an awkward face.
And, puts down the hand bringing his forelocks up, while laughing self-derisively.

“Isn’t it lame? An elder brother losing to his power and having his ego come close to disappearing.”
“… That’s the reason?”
“It’s a grave problem for an elder brother.”

 Surprised at Sensei’s words, my eyes widen.
Seeing my expression like that, a bitter smile surfaces on Sensei’s face.

“Not like it can be resolved by telling Kousuke. And it’ll probably be tiring to be worried about.”

 He heaves a sigh.

“But… if the balance between Kousuke’s power and body is poor too, I guess I should’ve told him earlier.”
“You’re right… If Kousuke-kun knew Sensei was also suffering, he might have had it a bit easier.”
“… As if I could tell him. The elder brother acting cool turned out to be on his deathbed, y’know?”
“Please tell him, sheesh…”

 I unconsciously spoke in exasperation at Sensei’s sulky tone.
Then, I look at Sensei closely.
Translated by nakimushitl
 Silky blond hair that reflects light, and amber eyes that give the sense of leisure adults have.
With a gray suit fitting closely to his body, his light blue shirt and thin neck tie look very good on him.

 Fumu fumu, I observe him. Sensei gives a troubled smile.
I return a giggle at that.

“I see, you were acting cool, Sensei?”
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 When I look at him with an upturned glance, Sensei turns his gaze to the ceiling with a “Ah”.

“Sensei, it is fine to act cool, but please seek help from everyone a bit more… We are all quite strong.”
“… Yeah.”

 The gaze that had been looking at the ceiling returns to me, and those eyes narrow gently.
I go “It is a must, okay?” and look at him with an upturned glance.

 In the 3rd round.
Sensei shouldered it alone because I was weak.
I, am stronger than I was then.
I believe I can shoulder a bit even if Sensei doesn’t act cool alone.
Translated by nakimushitl
“Sensei, to save you, Kousuke-kun and Chako need to know about you.”
“I can tell them but… I think it may be better that Sensei tells them directly.”

 For Sensei’s sake, it may be better to find a method to save him that doesn’t require telling those two.
However, Sensei can’t be saved without borrowing their powers so

 They need to know his situation.
That is, surely, something that requires courage for Sensei.
No one should want to speak of their own weakness.
When I stare at Sensei, he nods “It’s fine”.

“Yeah, I’ll tell them.”

 ”So don’t worry, Naba” Sensei laughs.
A giggle leaks out when I think, “As expected, Sensei acts cool even at a time like this”.
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“I am sorry you have to do it after been acting cool all this time.”
“Don’t say it, Naba.”
“I am sorry that of all people, you have to tell Kousuke-kun and Chako.”

 Sensei gives me a quick glare and sighs helplessly.
Finding such a Sensei amusing, I laugh “Ahaha”.

“I thought Sensei was strong, kind and mature, but you have a cute side too, don’t you.”

 That’s right.
Sensei is still young.
Surely he’s helplessly afraid of his power going berserk.
Translated by nakimushitl
“I am glad. That we found a way to save Sensei. … We do not know until we try, but we will find another method if it does not work.”
“… My bad.”

 Sensei closes his eyes and gives a small sigh.
I respond to that with a vague laugh and remove my gaze from Sensei.
Then, after closing my eyes for a period, they slowly meet Sensei’s.

“Sensei, Chako is the same as you.”
“Tomonaga is?”
“Yes. Chako… is not looking at the future.”

 Yes. Chako’s living in the present.
… She can only live in the present.

“Yeah. … She has the same eyes as me.”

 That probably rings a bell with Sensei too, as he answers with a small nod.
Those amber eyes are strong, and kind.

“Therefore, please let us save you first, Sensei.”

 I can’t help but gaze at those eyes as though to depend on them.
Translated by nakimushitl
“Please show Chako the future.”

 Sorry, I’m depending on you again.

 When I bite my lips strongly, Sensei gently places a hand on my head.

“Got it. … Kousuke and I just have to move forward, right?”
“Yes. Please do.”
“Leave it to us.”

 Receiving the backlight from the window, Sensei’s golden hair glitters.
The amber eyes shine provocatively.

“I’m just getting saved though.”

 Finding the Sensei adding that quietly amusing, I can’t help but laugh a little.
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