Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 26.1

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 26 – Attaining Everything 10 [Part 1]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 After speaking with Sensei, we decided to gather at Tomoyuki-san’s house on a day convenient for everyone.
After class at the beginning of the 2nd school term.
Chako, Kousuke-kun, Sensei and Yuusei-kun gather at Tomoyuki-san’s house.
As declared, Tomotaka-senpai didn’t come.
He should be working in the Student Council room around this time.

 Those who gathered enter the living room and sit on the sofa or floor.
Tomoyuki-san and Sensei sit on the shorter part of the L-shape while Yuusei-kun and I on the longer.
With Chako and Kousuke-kun on the floor, we surround the tea table in a コ shape.
Translated by nakimushitl
 Then, Sensei talks about his own body after helping Tomoyuki-san carry the tea.
Yuusei-kun and Tomoyuki-san extend the conversation at times, filling in Chako and Kousuke-kun who didn’t know a thing.

“… So, big bro will go berserk at this rate?”

 The listening Kousuke-kun looks up at Sensei in a daze, like he found it unbelievable.
Sensei nods “Aa” to that.

“I’ve also been trying to absorb as little life energy as possible… But there’s no choice but to absorb bit by bit as I work at this school. I probably don’t have much time left as long as I stay here.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Sensei leaves a hand on his crossed legs, and gives a small sigh.

“My lifespan may extend a bit if I go deep into the mountains where there are no humans but… I didn’t find such a life attractive.”

 Sensei continues to speak while looking at Kousuke-kun sitting on the floor.
The Chako next to him widens her eyes in surprise and stares at Sensei.

“I’m sorry towards Yuusei but, even if I go berserk in this school, I can be stopped as long as he’s here. No harm will probably come to the students. So I’d rather live while getting involved with many things here.”
If found outside of nakimushitl, this has been stolen.
 After glancing at Yuusei-kun sitting next to me, Sensei restores his gaze to Kousuke-kun.
Kousuke-kun’s face warps in pain listening to him talk.

“Why, didn’t you tell me…”

 A low, small voice leaks out.

“I’m an idiot, aren’t I? Hating big bro, lunging at you non-stop…!””

 The hand Kousuke-kun leaves on the floor is clenched so tightly that anyone will be pained seeing it.
The words he groans out are words of regret…

“I didn’t know you were living with such feelings… I’m, the worst…”

 The low mutter sounds really bitter.
Seeing such a Kousuke-kun, Sensei bites his lips and looks at him with sincere eyes.

“I didn’t know that Kousuke was hurting too… I’m sorry.”
If found outside of nakimushitl, this has been stolen.
 Taken aback at Sensei’s words, Kousuke-kun raises his gaze.
Kousuke-kun and Sensei’s eyes meet.
The same amber eyes of these two look so in pain…

 Kousuke-kun looks at Sensei with shaky eyes, but painfully removes his gaze before long.
As though pulled into the two’s atmosphere, silence falls between everyone.

 Kousuke-kun and Sensei.
Are regretting not knowing about each other.
Because had they known, had they taken more of a different attitude, something different could have come out of it.

 I clench my molars after looking at them.
Then, I utter words quietly.
Translated by nakimushitl
“… You two, haven’t you just come to understand each other?”

 My voice alone resounds within the silence.

“From now… From now on, you can change however much you want.”

 That’s right. If it’s them, they can create a new relationship.
They should be able to live while facing each other properly.
If found outside of nakimushitl, this has been stolen.
“I… knew about you two, long ago. However, I pretended not to. I knew that you were suffering, but I wasn’t able to help.”

 These two are different from me.
I knew what they were worried about.
I knew but I wasn’t able to do a thing.
I didn’t do a thing.

 The spinning regret in my chest throbs painfully.
I softly cover my eyes as though to endure that.

 Because I’ve always had my hands filled with my own circumstances.

“Yuusei-kun too, it hurts having to to erase sensei, right? But there was a time I thought that it can’t be helped…”

 In the 5th round.
Tomoyuki-san told me, but I’ve had enough.
I thought that Yuusei-kun would be fine because he was strong.

 『Yuusei-kun is strong』.

 Those words drew a line between Yuusei-kun and I.
Even though I knew he was lonely with that line drawn.

“I, am weak… That’s why I didn’t want to work hard anymore.”

 Even then, I thought that it was fine.
I can give up.
I don’t have to work hard.

 Because, there’s a future ahead even then.
I know that even with worries, everyone is living.
Translated by nakimushitl
“But, it seemed that I, was greedy… As expected, I wanted to save everyone. I wanted to have fun together.”

 Yes. I, was greedy.
I was bad at giving up.

 Turning back time over and over.
If found outside of nakimushitl, this has been stolen.
 I finally arrived here while getting involved with everyone.

 I let out a small breath, and raise my covered eyes.
Then, I look around at everyone, and force a giggle.

“Kousuke-kun. Sensei spoke about his body because, a method to save him has been found.”

 ”It’s alright” I nod at Kousuke-kun who looks at me with imploring eyes.

“And, saving Sensei also resolves Kousuke-kun’s worry, you know?”

 When I smile ”Amazing, isn’t it?”, the Chako next to Kousuke-kun shouts “Oo!”. 

“Sounds kinda ‘mazing.”
“Un. Onmyouji and the Priestess of Ominous Clouds thought it up.”
“Wow. How extravagant sounding.”

 Chako grins, going “Amazing, amazing”.
Somehow the atmosphere feels gentler with just that.

“Sooo, were we gather here for that today?”

“Un. Chako and Kousuke-kun’s powers are needed to save Sensei.

“I seee. That’s why Sensei talked about himself, huh?”

 ”Ahah” Chako nods.
I return a smile to such a Chako, and look at Yuusei-kun sitting next to me.
Yuusei-kun seems to have noticed my intention. He gives a small nod and talks about the saving method.

“Yeah, now then, I’m gonna talk about the saving method.”

 Yuusei-kun gives a combined explanation of the relationship between Kousuke-kun’s power and body, my ability and the necessity of Chako.
Chako and Kousuke-kun listen seriously even while surprised.
At times, Tomoyuki-san and I will join in the explanation.
Then, the two seems to have understood what they have to do.
If found outside of nakimushitl, this has been stolen.
“Un. It’s that, isn’t it? Everyone had it hard, huh…”

 Chako looks at Kousuke-kun, Sensei and Yuusei-kun in turn, nodding “Un, un”.
Kousuke-kun still seems to be carrying a heavy heart. He’s frowning while staring at a spot on the floor.
Chako taps his shoulder.

“Kousuke-chan, that,『Good-For-Nothing Fox』. You know, that’s completely wrong, right?””
“… Chako?”

 Kousuke-kun looks at Chako in confusion.
Chako laughs “Ehehe” in response.

“Because, your power being low, was surely for the sake of this day.”

 ”Right?” laughs Chako. Kousuke-kun’s face is on the verge of tears.
Chako ruffles such a Kousuke-kun’s hair.

“Kousuke-chan, it’s tiresome always being hungry, right? I understand. It’s really hard.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 “It’s hard on me too!” her brows knit sullenly.
Then, she removes her hand from Kousuke-kun’s head and looks at Sensei.

“Sensei too, it’s painful knowing you can’t live long, huh. But you still had the composure of an adult, it’s really amazing.”

 ”You have my respect!” she laughs teasingly.

“Yuusei-chan too, it’s difficult to be in the role that puts an end to things, right? So even the strong have their circumstances.”

 Looking at Yuusei-kun, she goes “Un, un”.
Then, she looks at the three faces and laugh “Ehehe”.

“Everyone doesn’t have to be concerned about that anymore. Isn’t it great!”

 Because Chako laughs, going “It’s alright now”, we think “Ah, that’s right isn’t it?” and our hearts squeeze painfully.
If found outside of nakimushitl, this has been stolen.
 Chako pushes everyone’s backs.
Telling everyone who’s worried and suffering that it’s alright to relax, to be saved.

“Strike while the iron is hot, let’s try it now!”

 Chako stands up, rotating her shoulder enthusiastically.
Yuusei-kun snorts and looks at Chako.

“Chako, you’ll face the most danger with this method. Is that okay?”
“Yes. Besides, it’ll probably go fine with the director here.”

 ”Right?” Chako looks at Tomoyuki-san.
He nods “Aa” and the Chako who receives that laughs with satisfaction.

“Sensei will live long. Kousuke-chan will be satiated. Yuusei-chan won’t have to destroy. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Perfection.”
“Un… it will surely go well with everyone here.” [Yui]
“Alright, let’s work hard!” [Chako]S
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6 thoughts on “Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 26.1

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    It’s pretty sad to realize that Chako has been feeling the pain of the other three all along. She knows, from her past life, that her character only lives until Valentine’s day, at which point she dies to save Yui’s chosen love interest. She experiences an intense hunger and can go berserk from it just from seeing Tomotaka’s blood. And in some of the fates, she has to destroy someone else (Kousuke in the first life). So having her comfort the others for that pain is kind of tragic, but also very honest.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    I always take breaks from this series hoping there’s lots to read later. Sometimes there is, sometimes not. Guess what I’m getting at is that like Kousuke – I’m feeling pretty insatiable too!! GIVE ME MOAR!! Putting that aside, I’m really curious as to how Chako is really feeling seeing hope in the Kuo brothers’ situation.

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