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Disappointed, Frustrated,

I was hoping this would be a good year but seeing this so early on…

Aggregators are horrible, but they always have this faceless aspect and getting angry at them feels like I’m punching cotton. I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten over them ripping stuff, or if I ever will, but having people rip stuff to sites like Wattpad hurts so much more because aggregators could be faceless bots but WP rippers seem more like actual readers reading our work. (if they claim it’s “for offline purposes only” or to spread the beautiful work or some bull, they should be, right?) Read, then steal. Sometimes, they credit, sometimes they don’t. But does it matter? Those that credit shows that they know what they’re doing and still do it. It’s like giving out food stolen from the soup kitchen.

Those that don’t credit don’t even care.



Then again it’s hypocritical of me, huh?



I can’t do this anymore.

Yes, I’m selfish, horrid, overreacting

But this is the result of long, long deliberation and I guess it was the straw that broke my back. I can’t take anymore and since I’ve a choice, I won’t. I always tell myself not to have expectations but can’t help holding some anyway. No more.



Although I rarely reply because I’m such an awkward speaker, I read every comment (unless you read and comment on an aggregator site… well, welcome to this side). So many of them make my day. I cheer whenever someone read between the lines and caught the little hints the author left. I marvel whenever someone brings up a different perspective that didn’t even occur to me who read in the original language.

I always think I’m very lucky among the translators because I’ve seen nasty comments given to some but you guys are pretty sweet. Thank you, cinnamon rolls<3 It makes me feel like the work put in is worth it. It makes me proud for the author that more people like their stuff the way I do.



Good thing only (Villain/Heroine) is left, I don’t think I have the heart to continue RKO.

I thought long and hard because I’ve always been on the lookout for projects to pick up after RKO and V/H, and I did translate a bit and have others planned but I’m not going to do them anymore, or anything else, except maybe oneshots… probably not even that.

I shouldn’t.

Don’t worry, I’ll finish V/H.

It’s nearing my 4th year translating. I can’t believe it’s been so long, but all things come to an end.


Thanks for reading


2 thoughts on “Disappointed, Frustrated,

  1. I’m sorry people are such jerkwads. Thanks for all the Tling. thanks for continuing to finish V/H. I hope that your life is happier when the frustration and disappointment of people uploading your work to aggregators is gone. Cheers.

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  2. Wait wtf omg, Nakimushiii please be alright!!! I don’t care if you give up translating it is only right after what you’ve gone through, but I just really hope that you’ll be okay. I love your translationssss, and I maybe a shit fan since I don’t comment much but I love your work and I appreciate it. Sigh, wattpad reposters are aggravating and I do my best to comment on those people who think that it’s okay to steal. Nakimushi, thank you for everything!! I’m grateful that you introduced such wonderful novels to us.

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