Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 27.1

Lumber incident in chapter 8.2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 27 – Attaining Everything 11 [Part 1]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 The day Sensei’s power was transferred to Kousuke-kun.
Chako apparently remained at Tomoyuki-san’s house.
She came to school the next morning with her usual liveliness and laughed “Sorry for worrying you!”

 Since then, 2 months had passed.

 Kousuke-kun who didn’t appear at school for a while, has started attending school again.
It seems that he continued to train with Yuusei-kun and became able to adapt his own power.
Sensei’s condition is good too. Everyday is really fun now.Translated by nakimushitl

 We were able to save the two with everyone’s power, without sacrificing anyone.

 That makes me truly happy.
I finally reached this point, after hurting many people and moving around selfishly.
Although there’s still a long way to go before my goal, the sensation of progressing step by step heats up and warms my heart.

 I’ll work hard.
Steadily doing what I can.Translated by nakimushitl

 It’s the Cultural Festival today.

 There were many occasions when this day became the boundary which distanced Chako and I.
However, I absolutely don’t want to let go of Chako’s hand this time.

 I’ll pull Chako along.

 I renew my resolution while pushing on with the Student Council’s preparations for the Cultural Festival.

 Today will surely be a fateful day.

If found outside of this has been stolen

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 The day of the Cultural Festival.
The days of continuously checking documents and requests, and confirming the actual locations ended. Today, the opening day, we’re topsy-turvy with patrolling, correcting problems that arise presently and whatnot.
In such a situation, the Calligraphy Club raised a request as they don’t have enough of the lumber that’s to be used in the calligraphy meet this afternoon.
I relay that to Tomotaka-senpai and we head to the lumber storage together.
Translated by nakimushitl
 A Calligraphy Club member is already there when we reach the classroom where the lumber is kept.
The Calligraphy Club member seems tensed as she converses with Tomotaka-senpai, and is somewhat awkward.
Then, she tries to grab the required lumber――and has a colossal fall.

 As she fell while touching the lumber, the lumber that were set against each other fall in succession, landing one on top of another like toppling dominoes.
And the spot they topple towards is―― 

“… Here it comes.”
“Watch out!” Translated by nakimushitl

 Tomotaka-senpai and I.

 The lumber that lost its balance fell towards us.
This is already the third time, huh. A part of me thinks as though it’s someone else’s business as I raise a barrier around me.
Along with the tremendous sound of falling lumber, is an anxious voice.
While listening to them, I let the lumber falling at me pass by the barrier and move it once things have calmed.

“You appear fine…”
“I’m the Priestess of Ominous Clouds after all… Senpai, sorry. You tried to protect me.”

 Beside me, Tomotaka-senpai looks at me worriedly.
Having raised a barrier, I wasn’t hurt or crushed by the lumber.
Tomotaka-senpai, however, tried to protect me on the spur. There’s a bit of blood on his right hand.
Translated by nakimushitl
“Is your hand, alright?”
“Yeah… Pathetic, I misjudged.”
“That is not true. It is good that the injury is only to this extent.”

 After all, my barrier was made because I knew what was going to happen.
The chant was already prepared so I was able to deploy it immediately but I believe it would have been impossible otherwise.
Tomotaka-senpai received an injury of only this extent even though part of his attention was on me. That’s plenty amazing.

“Did something happen?”
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 A voice calls out from the back of the classroom while I’m looking at the injury on Tomotaka-senpai’s hand.
It’s Kousuke-kun’s voice…
Kousuke-kun’s brows knit as he looks at the scattered lumber on the floor.
Behind him is the stupefied Chako who can’t enter the classroom.

“Chako.”Translated by nakimushitl

 I call that name softly.
However, Chako gives no reaction.
Her eyes are shining fierily, glued to Tomotaka-senpai.

 It’s not the usual, beautiful deep blue.
Golden eyes are focused in this direction.

 Chako’s been looking here for a while but tight furrows form between her brows and she runs away as though trying to shake something off.
Seeing that, I chase her as though I was drawn.

“Oi, Naba! What happened?”

 Kousuke-kun seizes my right arm when I try to pass by his side.
I give a small nod to the anxious-looking Kousuke-kun.

“Kousuke-kun. I must go after Chako. Sorry about this but can I ask you to tidy up here?”
“… Will it be okay?”
“Un.”Translated by nakimushitl
“… Got it.”

 I stare firmly at Kousuke-kun’s amber eyes.
Kousuke-kun closes his eyes momentarily, gives a small nod, and lets go of my arm.
I turn back, and call out to Tomotaka-senpai too.

“Senpai, I’ll have to leave the Cultural Festival and handling of instructions to you.”
“… I know.”

 Tomotaka-senpai lets out a small breath at my words and walks to the Calligraphy Club member apologising profusely with tears in her eyes.
Seeing that, I turn my feet towards the direction Chako ran in.
Leaving the classroom and running through the corridor.

 At the back of the club building some distance away from the sports ground.
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 Chako should be there.
I run full speed while suppressing my impatient heart.
At the back of the club building I finally reach, is Chako who seems to be embracing herself.
That appearance is one of desperate endurance, hurting the heart of even I, the one watching.

“Chako.”Translated by nakimushitl

 Chako’s body jumps with a shudder when I call her name softly.
I slowly approach while looking at the Chako curling herself up as though in fright.

 I finally arrived here.
I won’t let you escape――again.

 I sit down in front of Chako who becomes smaller as she hugs herself.
Then, I gently hug her.

 I can feel Chako’s body trembling faintly but without minding it, I send power in and peek inside her.
Inside Chako, a black miasma seems close to rioting as it spins in an oval shape.
Surely, she’s frantically suppressing the power that’s close to rioting.
I start to interfere with that spinning black miasma by sending power gently, the way Tomoyuki-san taught.

 Chako’s power is different from normal phantoms.
I can’t suppress or grant her power on a fundamental level.
However, I can at least adjust its flow.
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 The method Tomoyuki-san used when Sensei’s power was transferred to Kousuke-kun.
Tomoyuki-san told me about it.
So that I can help Chako feel better, even just a little.

 Stroking Chako’s back slowly, I adjust so that the oval becomes more of a circle.
Chako probably feels her power calming down a little.
Her body that was stiff at first relaxes and she breathes.

“W, hy…”Translated by nakimushitl

 Chako’s grazed voice resounds.

“Why… of all, people… It was Yui-chan who came?”

 A pained voice.
Stiffly and tightly closed eyes.
A line that seems to blame me.

 As though to say “Stop it”.
As though to say “Leave me alone”.

 Chako’s desperately trying to distance herself from me.

“Chako, I, said I won’t wait, didn’t I?”[1]

 You can’t, Chako.
You can’t go.Support the translations by reading at the translator’s site.

“I will continue to attack even if you don’t resolve yourself, Chako.”
“… You did say that.”

 Listening to Chako’s grazed voice, I strengthen my hold on her.

“Un. I won’t stop even if you ask me to. I won’t leave you alone even if you ask me to.”

 That’s why, Chako.
Prepare yourself.
Tell me everything.

“I, want to know about Chako.”

 I turned back time again and again, and arrived here.
I got everyone involved, and swayed Chako continuously.

 All of it, all of it.

 Was surely for today.

“Please tell me… Please tell me, Chako.”

 If I let her escape today, there’s no next time.

 My voice becomes grazed when I think that.
It sounds so unreliable…

 Chako gives a small sigh at my miserable voice.

“Oh… well.”Translated by nakimushitl

 The sound of Chako’s resignation fills the air.

“Fine, Yui-chan…”

 Muttering “I was planning to escape till the end though”――

 Chako chews her lips once.
Then, conveying slowly with a trembling voice.

“… I. Lied, to Yui-chan.”

 She mumbles softly.
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[1] Chapter 21.2

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