Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 27.2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 27 – Attaining Everything 11 [Part 2]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 The words Chako’s finally willing to say.
『Lied to』

“Yui-chan, I’m, a phantom… I’m just here because Tomotaka-sama ordered me. He told me to get close to Yui-chan. I only became your friend because I was told to obstruct the phantoms that approach you.”

 With her eyes closed tightly, Chako conveys indifferently and emotionlessly.

 I know.
I know everything, Chako.

 I know everything she said.
Even then, having Chako tell me herself pricks my chest with pain.

“Un.”Translated by nakimushitl

 I give a small nod while holding my hurt chest.
Hearing such a voice from me, Chako chews her lips again before speaking.
That voice somehow seems to sound irritated.

“I don’t have to right to have Yui-chan treat me like this. Plots and schemes. They’re why I’m with Yui-chan.”
“My feelings aren’t pure. They’re dirty, and dark… Not suitable for Yui-chan at all. I’m the worst friend.”
“All I did was obstruct Yui-chan. Because of me, you’re dealing with troubles you don’t have to…!”

 So go away.

 Surely, that’s what Chako’s saying.
However, I hug Chako even tighter.

 I won’t leave.
I won’t let you be alone anymore.

 I only nod at Chako’s words.

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 Sorry. Sorry for letting you be alone for so long.

 The 1st round, I didn’t even realise Chako was shivering here alone.
The 2nd round, I lost to my own heart and abandoned Chako even though she was suffering in front of me.
The 3rd round, I only watched Chako run off from afar.
The 4th round, I had my hands full with myself and didn’t even make it to the Cultural Festival with Chako.
In the 5th round, even if I made it to the Cultural Festival, I would probably have not cared and pretended that it wasn’t my business.
Translated by nakimushitl
 I’m no good at all.
I didn’t even realise this even though I want to save Chako.

 That Chako’s here alone.
She’s here, golden eyes trembling.

 I shouldn’t have left such a Chako alone.

“… Don’t go “Un”. You can be more angry… say I’m the worst, say you hate me…”

 You can be more angry too, Chako.
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“… What do you mean by “Un”.
“… Idiot.”
“… Idiot.”
“Idiot.”Translated by nakimushitl

 I suddenly feel a gaze as I listen to Chako while stroking her back.
Looking down, Chako’s golden eyes are shaking as they look at me.

 Ah. Gold is pretty too[1].

“Chako. It’s okay. It’s totally okay.”

 I chuckle while looking at those eyes.

“There’s no way I’ll hate Chako because of that.”
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 When I say while looking firmly at the golden eyes, Chako’s eyes widen greatly.
If I can hate you because of that, I’d have come to hate you long ago.
I’m working so hard because I can’t give up on you, Chako.

“Also, Chako, you said nothing but “idiot” by the end, you know?

 When I laugh playfully, Chako laughs with a face on the verge of tears.
Then, her golden eyes close slowly.

 The back of the club building is shadowy and the sunshine doesn’t reach.
The Cultural Festival venue is far too, so we can barely hear the bustle.

 There’s only Chako and I.
Translated by nakimushitl
 I hug the Chako sitting on the ground.
The skirt of my uniform is stained with dirt and a strong wind blows at times.

 I part my body from Chako, and grasp my own hand.
Nails eat into the back of my hand.
I take a deep breath, once, while feeling that pain.

“Chako… um, there’s something I must tell you too.”

 Chako finally told me.
Of her own volition, she said that she’s Tomotaka-senpai’s familiar.

 My heart hurt a little from that, but I think I received it properly.
A ‘me’ that was able to be with Chako without being shaken.

 Because I already knew.
That Chako’s a familiar.
Translated by nakimushitl
 I wanted to be such a ‘me’, who isn’t easily shaken, to Chako. But I’m not.
Chako said she was dirty, but I’m the same.
I’m surely much dirtier than Chako.

“I knew… that Chako’s a familiar.”
“… Sure enough.”

 ”As expected”, goes Chako as she breathes out.
I give a small nod to that, and mutter “Sorry”.
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“But, I wasn’t able to tell Chako… Because I thought that we wouldn’t be able to grow close if I told you.”
“… I see.”
“I… wanted to be close to Chako. I wanted, to do lots of fun things.”
“… Didn’t you hate it? I, tricked and approached you, you know?”

 Golden eyes looking at me questioningly.

“Although I thought that Yui-chan might have known about me… but, maybe not why I approached you… So, I thought that maybe you don’t know after all. But…”
“Un. I knew. Even then, I want to be with Chako.”

 Chako’s words become abstruse midway.
I nod to that and supplement my words.

“When I first knew Chako… as expected, I thought that I was betrayed. I thought that you were awful.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Chako has been lying.

 My heart had hurt the more I thought about that.
Even more so… because our time together was fun.

“… I, like it when everyone gathers. For example, playing games at Tomoyuki-san’s house or eating snacks.”

 Eating popsicles, and going to the pool.
I really enjoyed myself.

 I’m glad I didn’t give up, in the 5th round.
I’m glad I’m greedy.

“So, lies or truths. Leave those aside.”

 I chuckle at the golden eyes that stare at me motionlessly.
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“There’s no one who only lies, or only say the truth. Everyone, while shouldering various things, are doing what they can in their respective standpoints.”

 Yes. It’s not just Chako.
Everyone and I have things we can’t tell others.

“Even if everyone lies… we gather to play like this right now. I like that. I want to stay together from now on.”

 It’s not important whether the days with everyone are lies.

“It’s okay to know only one side of everyone. I’m fine if I enjoy it and want to be together. I believe you all whom I think of that way.”

 If you want to be with someone, you can only believe them.
Because there’s no point doubting or condemning them.

“I know, about Chako. It may be just one side but… Even then, Chako gave me lots of smiles. Gave me a lot of happiness.”

 Chako protected me.
Smiled at me.Translated by nakimushitl

 It’s unnecessary to negate all our days because there were lies… or secrets.

“I want to be with Chako. That’s why… I’ll believe Chako.”

 I smile with all I have but, it may have turned a little weird.
Pathetic, huh?
Why didn’t I believe Chako immediately in the 2nd round?

 Always unerring, and able to pick out the right answer immediately.

 I wanted to be like that.
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 I, have been full of mistakes.
I finally arrived here after detours.

“I won’t let you be alone anymore. For sure.”

 For sure.
Surely.Translated by nakimushitl

 Wanting to convey my feelings better, I seize tightly the hands Chako crossed in front of her knees.
After Chako stares at such a me, she laughs with a face on the verge of tears.

“… I wonder why, Yui-chan’s here for me.”
“… Because Chako is here for me.”

 Then, that line again.
I laughed “It can’t be helped, huh?” and repeat the same words.
Chako nods to that, with a small, “Un.”

“Yui-chan… There’s something I want to tell Yui-chan.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Golden eyes sway anxiously.
That’s why, wanting to convey that it’s okay, I strengthen my hold on her hands.

“Chako can tell me anything, if it’s about you… Because I’ll, believe it all.”

 Chako breathes out a little at my words.
Then, after closing her eyes once, they open and look at me.

“Yui-chan… I want to tell you my secret.”
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[1] The villainess’ eyes are blue.

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