Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 28.2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 28 – Attaining Everything 12 [Part 2]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 Chako’s here for my sake.
Scared, and frightened… yet, she always stays by my side.

“You don’t have to worry about the game, anymore. You don’t have to be the villain. You don’t have to worry about the protagonist… me… Chako can walk on Chako’s road. You can choose yourself, and seize your own future.”
Translated by nakimushitl
However many times.

 Chako has always, for my sake.

“Chako, I, want to save Chako. What should I do? How can I recompense Chako?”
“Ehh… No, you see. I want to repay Yui-chan. I’ll be troubled if the person I want to repay repays me.”

 Again, Chako wipes my tears.

“That’s why, Yui-chan can remain as you are now… And, be happy.”

 Golden eyes narrow tenderly.
Translated by nakimushitl
“That’s my wish.”

 ――For me to be happy.

 That’s Chako’s wish?

“Rather, Yui-chan. Shouldn’t you be more concerned that I said it’s the world of a game?”
“… But, Chako said it so it must be true.”
“… No, it’s not like I want you to doubt me but.”

 Chako grumbles with her brows knitted like she’s troubled.
Finding that strange somehow, I unconsciously chuckle.
Chako too, seeing such a me, laughs “Ehehe”.

“… Even if this is the world of a game. Chako is here, linking hands with me. Even if this is a game, my happiness, sadness, mortification… these feelings are all mine.”
“… I see.”Translated by nakimushitl

 After looking at me as though I’m dazzling, Chako suddenly looks up at the sky.
Thin clouds hang in the blue sky.
The colour of the sky seen from the back of the club building is pretty.

“Ah… I revealed my secret. It may have been better if I told Yui-chan earlier since Yui-chan believed me immediately, huh?”
“Un… But, surely, you wouldn’t have known without taking detours.”
“Eh, I wonder… how troublesome.”
“That’s right.”

 Yes.Translated by nakimushitl
It’s troublesome.

“… Chako, let’s do lots of fun things after the Cultural Festival too.”

 Chako and I always fail to stay together, after the Cultural Festival.
But, it’s different this time.
Let’s always, always stay together.
Doing lots of fun things.

“Kousuke-kun’s birthday is on December 8. Let’s celebrate it together.”
“Ah, you’re right.”
“After that, is Christmas. Let’s party with everyone.”
“Sounds good.”
“Also, there’s New Year’s Eve and New Year, January 20 is Tomotaka-senpai’s birthday.”
“… I see.”
“All of it, all of it, will be done with Chako.”
“Eh, it’s already decided?”
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 It’s already decided.

“I won’t let you think you’re fake anymore. Let’s exhaust all the fun things to do, until you’re no longer scared.”

 Looking firmly at Chako’s golden eyes, I smile.
Chako returns a soft smile to such a me.
Then, her eyes close.

“Yui-chan… Thanks for listening to me.”
“… Thanks, for not letting go of my hand.”

 Chako squeezes our linked hands.

“I’m glad I met Yui-chan.”

 Chako lets out a small breath.
Those words feel happy, yet sad, it’s a strange sensation…
I, too, squeeze our linked hands.
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“I’m glad I met Chako too.”

 … I wish we never met.
There was a time I thought that but.

“I’ve always been happy… because Chako’s here.” 

 Chako asked me to be happy but.

 I, am happy now.
With Chako, and everyone here…
I’ve more than plenty happiness.
Translated by nakimushitl
 Chako’s hand twitched at my words that contained such feelings.
But, she takes a slow breath as though to calm herself down… and softly opens her eyes.

“Un… Alright, I’m okay now.”

 Chako mutters as though to psych herself up.
My eyes meet deep blue ones.

“I’m happy because Yui-chan’s here too.

 Chako’s deep blue eyes narrow and she laughs “Ehehe”.
I, too, laugh back with a “Fufu”.

 It will surely be okay.
I believe my feelings reached Chako properly.
Chako will probably search for her own road.
Walking on a road she chose herself.

“Chako… You know what, since you revealed a secret, tell me another.”
“Another secret?”
“Yes. That mountain cherry during the hike.”
“Ah! That, huh.”
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 She didn’t tell me during the hike.
However, I think she’ll surely tell me today.

 I glance at Chako’s eyes while holding her hand.
I’m wondering what I should do if she rejects, but Chako nonchalantly nods with a “Sure”.Translated by nakimushitl

“It’s nothing compared to the secret just now. That tree is kind of my foster parent?”
“When Chako was at the mountain?”
“Yes yes. You see, a tree spirit gramps called out to me when I was born, and we lived together.”
“Tree spirit?”
“Un. A 1000 years old mountain cherry tree phantom. He’s sleeping now though.”
“Un. Ah, there was an incident with Tomotaka-sama.”

 Chako’s brows knit as though she’s troubled.
Then, as though recalling the past, she goes “Uhhh” while thinking as she continues to speak.

“I don’t know why but, Tomotaka-sama, he came to exterminate tree spirits. Then, I became a familiar in exchange for saving Gramps… Well, Gramps’s power weakened too much and he couldn’t maintain his form though.”

 Chako speaks like it’s no big deal.
But, to me it’s like she handed over the key to a treasure chest.
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“…! Chako died from falling rocks. That tree spirit was there when you were born as a phantom. Tomotaka-senpai came to exterminate him. Is that right?”
“U,n? Yes.”

 I pull Chako’s hand with a jerk and stare fixedly at her.
Chako seems shocked by my threatening attitude and and nods in bewilderment.
At that reply, my body heats up as though it’s boiling.
Translated by nakimushitl
 I found it.
I finally found it.

 ――With this, Chako can be saved.

“Chako, let’s go. Let’s go together.”

 Desperately suppressing my agitated heart, I stand from the ground.
My right hand lets go, and I pull Chako’s right hand with my left.

“Everyone’s waiting. Chako isn’t a villain. You can walk on the road you chose.”

 Chako gives a small nod at my words.
I walk slowly while still holding onto Chako’s right hand.
The pebbles rub with a gravelly sound when the soil of the sports ground is stepped on.
That sound isn’t just from me, another portion comes from my immediate vicinity.
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 It’s different from the 2nd round.
Chako’s warmth is in my hand.

“Come to think of it, did you go round the Cultural Festival with Kousuke-kun?
“Un. Ah, I told Yuusei-chan I’d go round with him after that… Do you think he’s angry?”
“… He should be feeling impatient.”

 Looking to the front, I bring up trivial conversation with Chako.
Chako’s brows knit, as though it is only now that she remembered the two of them.
I chuckle at that.
Translated by nakimushitl
 I left the organization of the lumber storeroom to Kousuke-kun but, his head is probably filled with Chako.
As for Yuusei-kun, I implicitly told him about today so he may be worried.

 I walk on the sports ground while talking to Chako.
Kousuke-kun and Yuusei-kun are waiting at the entrance of the new school building, they seem relieved after seeing us walking while holding hands.

 Kousuke-kun runs towards us.
His eyes meet mine for an instant…
I return a nod to that.
Then, Kousuke-kun goes to Chako’s side, “Are you okay?” he asks.
Chako goes “I’m sorry”, laughing like she’s troubled.
Seeing the three of us like that, Yuusei-kun laughs softly.

“Chako, what will you do after this?” [Yuusei]
“Ah, let’s see… un. I’ll take a look at the light music club, as planned.”
“Eh, Chako, you like music?” [Yui]

 Surprised at the words I heard, I look at Chako.
Chako answers with a “Hihihi” laugh.
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“Well, doesn’t it seem cool?”
“… Chako’s unexpectedly a fad follower.” [Yui]
“Somehow it seems like you can be popular just by joining a band. So nice. I want to join one too…” [Yuusei]

 Chako begins walking to the gymnasium, unbothered by the complicated expressions Kousuke-kun and I are looking at her with.
Yuusei-kun joins us, and the four of us form a line.

“Yuusei-chan. Club activities are principal in being popular.”
“I see.”Translated by nakimushitl
“An onmyouji who can play instruments will definitely be popular.”

 Chako was speaking seriously a while ago, but has already returned to the usual Chako.
Talking about improper things with Yuusei-kun, receiving exasperated sighs from Kousuke-kun…

 The school which has more people than usual is loud with noise.
The voices of the refreshment booth’s touting and the club exhibition meets’ soliciting mix.
There’s also the smell of sauce burning on iron plates, and the sweet smell of meat burning on charcoal fire.

 Within that, the four of us, wearing matching class t-shirts, laugh while chatting.

 Even if this is a game.
Even if I’m a character.
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 I want to be with Chako.
I want to always laugh with Chako.

“Chako, I’m, going back to the Student Council.”

 Entrusting the disappointed Chako to Kousuke-kun and Yuusei-kun, I wave at the three.
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