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(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 7

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 7 – Kousuke’s Birthday Anecdote after “Attaining Everything 12

Kousuke’s birthday party.
Kousuke’s POV.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 On the day of the Cultural Festival.
Chako had been weird since seeing Naba and Kamo-senpai at the lumber storeroom.
I thought she’d run up and ask『Are you okay, Yui-chan?』but for some reason she vigorously ran away.
And, Naba chased after her.

 I wanted to go too.
But, a strange and mystifying sensation secured me to the spot.
Translator: nakimushitl
 I don’t know what it is.
But, something bad will happen, if I chase after Chako.
That was what I felt.

 In the end, Naba seemed to have handled it skillfully. The two became much closer than before.
Nah, in fact they became too close.
The recent Chako clings to Naba like they are parent and child spot-billed ducks and refuses to separate.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 December 8. My birthday.
Everyone said they’d celebrate my birthday so we gathered at the director’s house.
Although I felt bad about it, the director laughed “I also enjoy it”, so I reservedly came too.

 However, having become a high school student I didn’t think I’d get my birthday celebrated by everyone.
Although a little embarrassed, I wasn’t disinclined.
I randomly play games while waiting for everyone to gather.
And, when everyone arrived, I’m brought to the dining table and made to sit down.
It is then that Chako carries something here.
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 Chako laughs happily and places a large cake in front of me.
It’s the type of square chocolate cake with many berries on top.
The size is also considerably large, about 30cm on every side.

“Wow…”Translator: nakimushitl

 When I unconciously let leak a sound of admiration, Chako laughs “Ihihi” and continues her explanation.

“You know what? There’s berry mousse inside. I made it yesterday with Yui-chan and Director! This present to Kousuke-chan is from the three of us.”

 ”Amazing, right? Looks yummy, right?” Chako sticks her chest out proudly.
The director smiles gently behind her and Naba laughs softly beside Chako.

 … I see. Handmade.
Handmade, huh?
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 Desperately suppressing my face that’s about to grin broadly, I thank the three.
When I do, Yuusei standing diagonally behind me mutters quietly.

“Handmade by a girl… Good for you.”
“… Shut up.”

 Yuusei snorts when I glare at him.
Then, his gaze shifts to the cake and he throws a question to Chako.

“Hey, why chocolate?”
“Because I like it!”
“Why berries?”
“Because Yui-chan likes them!”
Translator: nakimushitl
 Chako boldly replies Yuusei’s questions.
There’s zero forethought about me even though it’s a present for me.
To the Chako saying those with no inhibition, Naba and the director smile as though they’re troubled.

“Sorry, Kousuke-kun. I should’ve properly asked your preference…”
“You can’t, Yui-chan. He will lose the pit-a-pat feeling if you ask『What cake do you like?』.”
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 So it appears that Chako prioritized the pit-a-pat feeling the present will give.
It’s so like Chako, I think.
That somehow drifts about tenderly in my heart…

“It’s fine I like chocolate, too.”

 Same, as Chako.Translator: nakimushitl

 I gaze softly at Chako.
“That’s great” Chako laughs in response to those words of mine.

“Alright! I’m gonna put up candles in the cake.”

 So she says, putting up 16 candles in the cake.
… No, why would you.

“Chako. Can’t you use 1 thick and 6 thin candles?”
“Ehh. Kousuke-chan doesn’t get it! Each and every year of Kousuke-chan is accumulated preciously. To condense them into one? What a waste.”
“Sorry, Kousuke-kun. Chako refused to budge…”

 Naba apologises with a wry smile while Chako says something cool.
I bet there wasn’t much of a meaning to it and she just wanted to put candles up.

“It’s not something for you to apologise, Naba.”
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 Even though it was decorated with great pains such that it won’t look out of place being sold in a shop, that cake turned into one filled with candles.
Those candles are lit and small flames appear.

“Wow, what a spectacle. Well then, everyone, let’s sing!”
“Hurry, Chako. The wax is trickling.”

 Naba hastens, but it falls on deaf ears as Chako sings Happy Birthday.
Everyone sings it clearly too, and my heart feels kind of ticklish.
Then, the flames are finally blown out, and they wish me happy birthday with smiles.
Translator: nakimushitl
 Receiving presents from everyone, and cutting up the cake.
For the cake I put in my mouth, its chocolate is bittersweet, and its berry mousse sweet and sour.

 For the presents, a wristwatch from big bro, a mechanical pencil with functions from Kamo-senpai. A game from Yuusei.
The game Yuusei gave is unsealed on the spot and excitedly set up by the most energetic Chako.

“Yui-chan, come and play with me?”

 Chako, the first to take up position in front of the television, beckons Naba.
Naba laughs “You can’t be helped” and sits next to Chako.
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 Since the Cultural Festival ended.
Chako’s designated spot is next to Naba.

 Previously she would immersed herself in games without much care, but it seems now she can’t calm down if she’s not next to Naba.
“What do you do when Naba’s not around?” I asked, but she laughed “I’d be charging”.
Translator: nakimushitl
“Yui-chan, this game has team matches. We must beat Kou-chan and the rest, okay?”
“Un. Beat them.”

 Naba and Chako exchange glances and nod.
Chako seems truly happy…

 I’m glad Chako’s enjoying herself.
I’m glad she’s laughing happily on my birthday.

 This, is too embarrassing so I definitely won’t say it.

 That Chako’s smile is.
The best present.

 Having thought up something so poetic, I hold my head, going “Uwahh!”[1]

[1] He’s embarrassed.

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  1. sniff so he also had a change from the bast rounds (;﹏;) & aww he is such a cutie pie this kou-chan~
    I feel sorry for him yet also don’t really feel sorry for him~(´꒳`)~
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