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(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 9

Short chapter. Not ashamed to say I cried. Stay safe everyone!

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 9 – Tomotaka’s POV of “Attaining Everything 14” Anecdote

Tomotaka’s POV.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 My heart was set after talking to Naba-san on Christmas Eve.
And, for such a me, Naba-san made time.

 Even though she didn’t have to believe me.
She looked directly at me, and believed that I would move forward.

 … It was more than enough.

 There was no one who believed in me so much.
The direct and green eyes believed in me, whom even I didn’t believe.
Translator: nakimushitl
 I want to meet the expectations in those eyes.

 Because the green eyes, strongly pulled on the hands of me who was about to hesitate.

Translator: nakimushitl

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 I pay attention, so that I can spend the scarce time with Chako with as many smiles as possible.
My birthday is celebrated with even the fox siblings and eldest son of the Abe family who had hostile relationships with the Kamo family up till now.
Unable to believe that a day like that has come, a smile floats up to my mouth unconsciously.

 Then, just like the Christmas Eve last year, Chako makes a snowman for me.
The difference from last year, is that there are many people around Chako.
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“Amazing, they sure are pretty.” [Yui]
“Right, right? But I wonder what gem is this?” [Chako]
“Wouldn’t it be lapis lazuli or sapphire?” [Kousuke]
“Who knows?”  [Chako]
“You don’t understand clearly when you made it yourself? … Interesting. I get the thrills just imagining how much you can make.” [Yuusei]
“Ah, stop. Really, stop with those eyes.” [Chako]

 Her expression keeps changing, unlike the time she was with me.
I don’t get tired of looking at a Chako like that.
My cheeks unconsciously loosen but, not trying to hide that, I continue looking at Chako.

 … Ah.
It’s more than enough.
Translator: nakimushitl
 This snowman is probably just a whim to Chako.
However, something warm pours into my heart with that alone.

 It’s more than enough.
My heart has been fulfilled a long time ago.

 I won’t forget.

 That returning home from school, was no longer something accompanied by loneliness and bitterness.
That returning home, was something I looked forward to.
The dining table we sat opposite each other at.
The television we watched side by side.
That there was someone spending with me events I thought had no relation with myself.

 I won’t forget.

 I’ll remember forever.
That I had happy times too.
That my heart had unmistakably warmed.
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 As long as I have the time spent with Chako, my heart won’t be lonely anymore.

 I’ll move forward.
Let go of Chako’s hand.

 Stopping Naba-san and Chako at the dark sports ground, I tell them.
When I do, Chako looks at the ground, bewildered.
Not happy, not sad…
Simply, “What does he mean?” That appearance of desperate thinking, is just like Chako.
Translator: nakimushitl
 Thinking back, Chako often made this face.
Was she searching for the true motive behind my words, or was she thinking about what came after…

 However, those end today too.
I won’t get involved with Chako.
With that, she should be able to stay the Chako whose expression keeps changing.

 ――Please be happy.
Translator: nakimushitl
 It’s fine even if I’m not there.

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