Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 35.2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 35 – The Beast of Black Miasma 2 [Part 2]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 Under the cold sky, on top of the withered and rotting grass, a small light brown wolf sits.
Ears hanging, gaze shaking anxiously.

“Chako…! Chako!”

 Chako’s here.

 ――Chako’s really here.


 When that wolf sees me, its eyes widen for a moment in surprise.
Then, its eyes narrow softly.

 It’s Chako.
It’s Chako.
It’s Chako!Translated by nakimushitl

 The figure I’ve always sought for is there.

 Still unable to hide my joy, I rush over.
And, when I kneel on the ground, I hug that small body tightly.

“Chako!”Translated by nakimushitl

 The body that disappeared just now is here.
The small… and warm body is here.

 So that that warmth will never leave again, I hug it tightly.
Warm. The body that’s really here.
When I put in more strength, wanting to ascertain that more, the small wolf raises its voice “Uu”.

“Y, Yui-chan, Yui-chan… It hurts, a little.”

 The small wolf cries “Gue”, keeping a check on me.
At that pained voice, I regain a little calmness.
Slowly drawing out the strength in my arms that were filled with strength, I softly match our gazes.
The golden eyes shine prettily even within the darkness.

“Sorry, are you alright?”

“Nn… I’m fine.”

 An alto voice like a boy’s resound.
My heart becomes filled at that gentle sound.

“Chako.”Translated by nakimushitl

 When I call with a shivering voice, it replies “Yea?” with a soft voice.
That makes me so, so happy.
I don’t know anything anymore, tears stream from my eyes drop by drop.

“Wa, Yui-chan, don’t cry!”

 The small wolf’s eyes widen in surprise, its right forefoot brushing my cheek to wipe my tears.
Then, happy that it’s wiping my tears, my lips loosen.
Even then my tears can’t stop so, the small wolf hurriedly moves its forefoot with all its might.

“Cha, ko.”Translated by nakimushitl

“Un. I’m here. Okay? Don’t cry anymore?”

 The small wolf tilts its head while looking up at me.
That action is so cute, I end up chuckling.
And, at that moment I suddenly realise, the figure that should be here isn’t here.

“Chako… Where’s Grandpa?”

 Removing the right hand I hugged Chako with, I wipe my own eyes.
… Even if I look over the surroundings, I don’t see Grandpa.
I was sure that Chako would be talking to Grandpa.
Calming down and thinking back, when I came here, there wasn’t anyone around the small wolf. It was sitting down alone, small and quiet.

“Ah… Gramps huh, he fell asleep again.”

 The small wolf sighs a little, muttering in a troubled manner.
Those words were completely unexpected…

“Eh… Why?”Translated by nakimushitl
“Uh, somehow he lacked a little miasma to make this body, he said.”

 I feel my feelings that were surging until a while ago, growing cold quickly.

“That’s why he passed it to me along with Yui-chan’s power… So, Gramps who lost the power fell asleep again.”

 The inside of my head turns white at Chako’s words.

 Passing the power to Chako, Grandpa disappeared.

 … That’s just like, the 3rd round.

 Sensei gave Chako his body, and Chako gained a way to live in this world.
However, Chako changed places with Sensei.

 What do I do.
If Chako says she wants to pass the power to Grandpa?

 What should I do.
If Chako says she wants Grandpa to live instead of her…?
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 But I can’t go back anymore.
But I used up the power.


 The arm I’m hugging Chako with becomes heavier as though it’s seized by something.

 Is it no good again?
I failed again… and…

 The figure of Chako I should’ve been looking firmly at, warps.
My vision darkens.

 Scary.Translated by nakimushitl

 My body grows cold, the sound of my heart is loud.


 When it does, suddenly something presses hard against my shoulder.
When I absentmindedly match my gaze with it, it’s the head of a small wolf…

“Sorry… I’m sorry, Yui-chan.”

 The small, grazed voice calls me.

“Did you always make a face like that… when I disappear? Doing over again and again… you made a face like that again and again? … I’m sorry. I must’ve made you pained… Sorry. I’m sorry.”

 Head leaning on my shoulder, it frantically spins words.
And, softly raises its head, looking at my eyes.

“Gramps fell asleep but, we talked a bit before he slept.”

 ”That’s why it’s fine”, the golden eyes capture me, who was about to be crushed by anxiety.
Because of those eyes, temperature returns again to my chilled body.

“He scolded me, asking me to listen to Yui-chan’s story.”
“My story…?”Translated by nakimushitl

 The golden eyes shake apologetically.

“… The things Yui-chan worked hard at until now… will you let me hear them?”

 To hear my story, Chako looks at me firmly.
Looking back at those eyes, I give a small nod.
And, tell Chako about the things up till now.

 My past full of failures.
The information I gathered piece by piece.
The times Chako disappeared.
About Kousuke-kun and Tomotaka-senpai. About Sensei, Yuusei-kun, and Tomoyuki-san.

 And when I say about all the rounds, the small wolf again, mutters, “I’m sorry”.

“… I should’ve listened properly. Yui-chan was working hard with all her might but… I’ve always been pretending to not know.”
“No… It’s because I didn’t tell you, Chako.”
“… Y’know Yui-chan, I think I’d definitely give you an answer if I listened… But, I didn’t want to listen.”
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 The small wolf gives a small sigh after that.
And, presses its head hard against my shoulder.


“Yui-chan thought that… I disappear because it’s Yui-chan’s fault right?”
“… I didn’t know anything, about Chako… Chako could only become the villain, and disappear, because I couldn’t save everyone right?”
“… Wrong. Wrong, Yui-chan. It’s not Yui-chan’s fault.”

 The small wolf glances at me with upturned eyes.

“… I’ve always hated it… This body.”

 And, mutters softly.

“… This life, I wanted to use it up immediately.”

 Using… a life?Translated by nakimushitl

 Strange words.
However, they signify Chako’s way of living.

“It wasn’t that I wanted myself to disappear… but, if I could be of some value… I was fine with that.”

 At times, breathing in to calm itself, the small wolf continues its words slowly.
I look back firmly at the golden eyes so that I won’t miss hearing those words.

“I was born in this world as a phantom… I lived with Gramps but, I didn’t know about myself at all.”

 This is about before the entrance ceremony.
About before my repeating of time.

“What I am, what I should do… I didn’t want to think about, or know about anything… Gramps didn’t tell me anything so, I only lived absent-mindedly.”

 Even as it pokes fun saying “So casual right?”, those words ooze with pain.

“In that time I became Tomotaka-sama’s familiar, and after I realized I was in the world of an otome game, I became more confused.”

 The golden eyes shake.Translated by nakimushitl

“When I was told to erase phantoms by Tomotaka-sama, I destroyed them… Y’know, I was already, strange. Even though I already couldn’t get much satisfaction from eating food, I get astounding satisfaction from destroying phantoms… More, more. I become unable to stop.”

 The small wolf closes its eyes tightly as though to endure something.
And, gives a deep sigh.

“Tomotaka-sama would stop me when that happens… A wham with his whip.”

 ”It hurt so I didn’t like it though”, it lets out a voice like it’s laughing.
At Chako’s words, I recall its state at school some time ago.
Tomotaka-senpai takes out a black whip, hitting the berserk Chako.
That was probably the relationship between Chako and Tomotaka-senpai before I met them.

“What do familiars do?”Translated by nakimushitl

 The small wolf’s eyes open and look at me.
『Familiar』. That’s a technique handed down in the Kamo family.
Yuusei-kun said he didn’t know much about it.
The me who was taught by Yuusei-kun doesn’t know it well too.
That’s why, I say the superficial, only thing that I know.

“… They are those set to work by onmyoujis.”
“Un… And, they get life force for listening to orders.”

 The small wolf opens its mouth.
Sharp fangs shine brightly under the moonlight.

“The best reward is the master’s body.”
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 An alto voice like a boy’s.
That which I had been listening to from some time ago, somehow sounds distant.
“The heck’s that, I thought but, I get happy when Tomotaka-sama gives his blood.”


 The small wolf says nonchalantly.
“I really want to eat more, I thought.”

 『Want to eat』Translated by nakimushitl
I understand the meaning of the words but, not understanding the spoken meaning of the small wolf, I knit my brows slightly.
The small wolf doesn’t look at such a me, and looks at somewhere far away.

“I can’t eat when you’re alive so.”

 The small wolf suddenly puts an end to the talk there.
After closing its eyes as though it’s enduring something, it gives a small mutter.

“… Won’t you hurry and die? I thought.”

 Disturbing words.
Those words that don’t suit Chako.

“I can eat it all when you’re dead, I thought.”

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