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Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 36.2


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 36 – The Beast of Black Miasma 3 [Part 2]

Translated by nakimushitl
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“Chako… if you become male, Kousuke-kun’s feelings will…”
“… Yui-chan. You’ve been saying『feelings』from some time ago but… You know what, if I express my feelings for Kousuke-kun in words, it’s 『a friend』. Without a doubt.”

 The boy I don’t know cuts down my words with a single stroke.
I somehow become extremely anxious, continuing my words, while my eyes roam.

“… Then, Tomotaka-senpai is…”
“Hey hey. You’re going back to that again? You know what, Yui-chan. In the first place I became a girl because Tomotaka-sama told me to.”
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 Come to think of it, in the 2nd round, Tomotaka said『I thought it’ll be easy for her to grow closer to you if you’re of the same gender[1]』.
Chako didn’t become a girl because she was a girl.
Tomotaka-sama told her to become a girl to approach the Priestess of Ominous Clouds…
Chako obeyed the order… and became a girl…

“Y’know Tomotaka-sama, he said I accomplished my duty just now. So I can be free right? That means, I don’t have to become a girl anymore.”

 Certainly, when Chako was disappearing just now, Tomotaka-senpai told Chako『You’ve accomplished your duty』.
In short, that means there’s no more need to become a girl and approach the Priestess of Ominous Clouds…
The order is gone so, there’s no need to be a girl…

 I work my head with all my might but, I was so shocked that my head doesn’t quite listen to me.
My chest throbbing so much that it’s painful, I panic.
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“Hey hey, Yui-chan. What do you think of a guy who whips a small wolf mercilessly, and tells it to become a high school girl while stabbing Gramps with a sword?”
“And then, he asks it to kneel, and lick his blood you know? … I thought this. Ah, this person is a pervert.”

 He’s pitch black, pitch black. Saying so, the boy I don’t know shrugs.

“… Sensei?”
“Eh. Him too? I was just beating him up you know?”
“Then Yuusei-kun?”
“Nooo no. Those eyes he looks at me with, you saw them too right? Don’t wanna. I’ll definitely get dissected.”
“Money.”Translated by nakimushitl

 I desperately raise everyone’s names while my eyes roam about.
However, the boy I don’t know glares firmly at such a me, and cuts them down one by one.
And, I finish raising everyone’s names.
That’s why I desperately searched for another name. Another… I try to raise a classmate’s name.
However, the boy I don’t know looks at such a me, and gives a huge sigh.

“Yui-chan. Look at me properly. Am I male? Female?”
“… Male.”
“Un. I know right. I[2], am male. I won’t like boys. I like girls a lot.”

 Even though he’s a boy I don’t know…

“I like everyone… however, it’s surely different from the like Yui-chan is talking about.”

 The golden eyes looking at me are a color I know.
Even the way he speaks and the way he laughs, he’s the person I know.

“Ahー…”Translated by nakimushitl

 The boy lets out a troubled sounding voice once, and look up at the sky.
The leaves of all kinds of trees spread in the night sky, and on the other side I can see a sliver full moon.

“If, you say I can really choose someone…”

 The boy stops talking briefly.
To urge him, I unconsciously stare at the person in front of me.

“I want Yui-chan.”

 Gentle golden eyes.
The color I love.

“Working hard with all your might, saying shocking things at times, I want that Yui-chan.”

 Those golden eyes are hot.

 The inside of my head turns pure white at once.
Being looked at with such eyes, I can’t say anything…
But, I can hear only the throbbing sound of my heart.
Deep inside my eardrums become numb.

 I continue to stare at the golden eyes, unable to reply.
When I do, the boy laughs “Hihihi” mischievously at the state of such a me.

“Just kidding. That’s how it is so, stop passing me the heroine role, Yui-chan should choose obediently.”

 That it’s a joke.
That I don’t have to mind it, that I should forget it. He’s laughing like that.

“The choices are. The good-for-nothing fraud teacher, the pervert strict on himself and…”
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 The choices the boy says.
Those are probably everyone.
Those words are pretty cruel.
However, finding that way of speaking strange…
The corners of my mouth loosen on their own.

“The good-for-nothing narcissist, the otaku glasses and the rich man making himself look young.”

 What’s with that.
Those choices are strange.

 When I smile just a little, my head that turned pure white slowly begins to move.
When it does, the thing that bewildered me until just now and I couldn’t accept enters my chest with a thump.

It’s Chako.

 This boy is Chako.

“… I’ve, always… lied to Chako.”
“Un.”Translated by nakimushitl

 When I understood that the boy with gentle eyes in front of me is Chako…
The dirty and dark… painful feeling that had always been whirling round has found an exit.

“I said I wanted Chako to… choose everyone. I said I wanted you to like someone, for that to become the reason you live…”

 I thought clearly.
However, I’ve always been unable to match gazes…

“Lies. They’re all lies.”

 Yes. Because they’re lies.

“Always… always… I wanted to be it.”

 Not everyone.

“I wanted to be Chako’s reason to live.”

 … I didn’t like such a me.
I didn’t like my dirty feelings.

 However, Chako said he wanted such a me.
Full of failures and pathetic.
Greedy and bad at giving up. He wanted such a me.

“If I’m the heroine… If you say I can choose…”

 If the you in front of me, says I can.

“I want Chako.”

 The golden eyes look at me as though in shock.

“I want Chako.”Translated by nakimushitl

 From long ago.
Long, long, ago.

“Chako… I, thought about letting go of Chako’s hand… That I’d cheer you on if you take the hand of one of them.”

 Everyone’s faces float up.
Chako became a boy…
Everyone would feel bitter, or sad huh.

 Even then…
I want to convey this feeling.

“… Can I not, let go?”

 Of this hand I thought about letting go.

“… Can I always hold this hand?”

 The right hand always holding onto my left hand.
When I hold it tightly, a big hand softly covers from above.

“Don’t let go.”Translated by nakimushitl

 Chako who slouches holds my hand tightly.
And, the golden eyes narrow gently, looking at me.

“Always hold my hand.”

 The big hand wrapping my hand up.
A warm and gentle hand.

 Warmth is transmitted from that hand…
The words naturally come out of my mouth.

“… I like Chako.”Translated by nakimushitl

 The words I was finally able to say are slightly grazed.

“I like Chako. I li, ke… Chako.”

 My tears flow stupidly at the exit I found.

“You were always, by my, side… you were always, laughing… forgiving me. You were always, looking at me. Protecting me.”

 I want to tell him firmly but, I can’t speak well.

“Big… warm, gentle. I like Chako. I like you, Chako.”

 Have I conveyed it properly?
Has it reached Chako properly?
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 I want to see Chako’s state but, I cry so much, I can’t open my eyes.
Even if I want to wipe my tears, my hand on top of my knee is connected to Chako’s.
It’s a waste if I let go.
That’s why, I continue to convey my feelings to Chako while I cry.

“I’m glad, that Chako came here… I’m glad you’re still here. I’m glad you’re alive. I want to always be together. I want to be beside you. I want to live with Chako… I like Chako, very much…”

 Already becoming addled, I snivel in the end.
When I do, the hand Chako connected with mine parts.
I reflexively chase that hand but, I wasn’t able to reach it…

“… Chako?”
“Nn.”Translated by nakimushitl

 Before I know it, I’m hugged tightly by Chako.
My face hits a hard chest.
By no means did I think this would happen. Surprised, my tears draw back in one stroke.
However, my throat is still sore and, my body twitches.

“… Yanno during the cultural festival, Yui-chan, you asked me “What’s your wish?” right.”
“U, n.”Translated by nakimushitl

 I can hear the low and gentle voice close to my ear.
That voice can be heard so near that my body hardens.

“I said I wanted Yui-chan to be happy, right? … That too, is my wish but. The truth is I have another…”

 Chako’s body separates from me a little and he looks at me.
The Chako who became a boy is tall and, my stance becomes that of raising my head because I look back at those eyes.
My heart throbs at the golden eyes that are closer than I expected.

“The truth is I… from long, long ago…”

 Chako’s voice is grazed.

“Wanted to be chosen by Yui-chan.”

 The back touching Chako is hot.

“I was envious of everyone. They’re capturable targets (heroes)… Only I’m the villain.”

 Chako’s eyebrows knit, and he takes a small breath.

“It was natural that Yui-chan chooses the capturable targets but… but, I wanted to be chosen. Kousuke-chan and Yuusei-chan too. Tomotaka-sama and sensei and Director too…”

 Did Chako want to be my…the protagonist (heroine)’s capturable target (hero)?

“I thought it’d be good if Yui-chan chooses me.”

  Have I, finally arrived…
The answer I’ve always always, wished for.

“I thought it was definitely impossible… With an incomprehensible phantom’s body… as Tomotaka-sama’s familiar. I thought that the villainous me whom you met as a girl, definitely wouldn’t be chosen… I gave up.”

 Chako looks at me.

“… I like Yui-chan too. From long, long ago… Probably, in all of the time, that Yui-chan turned back.”

 Chako’s golden eyes are hot.
The words heard from my ears also steadily makes my insides hot.

“Thank you, Yui-chan.”

 The silver full moon is suspended on the other side of the dark shadows of the leaves.
Receiving the moonlight with his back, my beloved golden eyes smile gently.

“――For choosing me.”

translated by nakimushitl. if found elsewhere, it’s been stolen

『The Beast of Black Miasma』Tomonaga Chako True End achieved
Ending『I Played the Role of a Villain』will playback.

[1] Chapter 9.1
[2] Ore.

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      1. I’m not sure because Chako identified as a male from the start, the later chapters will tell you why. Though physically he wasn’t always male, and he said his physical gender influenced his mentality.


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