Role of (Villain/Heroine)

(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 12

Short chapter.

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 12 – Anecdote of Chako’s Past Mentioned in “The Beast of Black Miasma 2

A story slightly before Tomotaka’s birthday.
Chako’s POV, slight gore warning.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 I spend a fun school life with Yui-chan.
I also spend a lot of time with Kousuke-chan and Yuusei-chan, and every day is fun.
I don’t hate chilling out with sensei, or hanging out at the director’s house.

 However, sometimes.
I can’t help but search for that person.

 Brown hair and blue eyes.
The person who for some reason has been smiling sparkly recently.
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 When I walk on the corridor shoulder to shoulder with Yui-chan to move to another classroom, I suddenly see that person far away.
He seems to be talking to a Student Council member in the corridor, and is smiling somewhat softly.
His ramrod posture is straight, and he’s giving out instructions while pointing at the handout with a supple finger.

 That finger is the finger that always gives me blood.
On the other side of the brown hair that slightly touches the smooth skin of his neck are raised blue blood vessels.
They should be stretched around every nook and corner of that entire body wrapped in a long-sleeved school uniform.

 ――Soon.Translator: nakimushitl

 Put my hand in that soft place.
Guchu guchu, stir it up.
Lick plenty the sweet juice that comes out with my tongue.
If I slowly scoop it up, lots of the delicious thing will spread in my mouth.

 Slowly spread that hole.
Gently eating, chewing, swallowing.

 That entire body. How satisfied will I be, if I attain everything?

 Just thinking of it makes me shiver.
Strength goes into my hand on its own, and I squeeze it tightly.

 Ah.Translator: nakimushitl

 I want to eat.

“Chako what’s wrong?”
“No. It’s nothing.”

 Pretty green eyes are looking at me.
Not wanting such green eyes to know about my feelings…
I somehow smile, desperately turning my eyes away from that person.

 ――Will it be……――soon?

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