Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 37.2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Played the Role of a Villain
Chapter 37 – Benefactor and Friend [Part 2]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 As I sat absent-mindedly like that, the light bearing Yui-chan came, and we had lots of different talks.
I decided to live, and became male.
Those alone would have plenty but, Yui-chan chose me…

 Holding hands with Yui-chan, we descend the mountain.
Yui-chan’s light golden hair sparkles under the silver full moon, it’s amazingly pretty.

Translated by nakimushitl
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 As we descend the mountain in this manner, Tomotaka-sama’s car is there.
The driver is someone whose face I’m familiar with.
To that face I hadn’t seen for a long time, I go “Hello, I am Chako.” When I greet him like that, he’s pretty shocked and it’s amusing.

 While having a casual conversation, the two of us return to the school, and stand in front of Director’s house.
Yui-chan glances at the hand connected to mine, and softly lets go.
My empty hand feels kind of breezy.
As I’m grasping and opening my left hand, Yui-chan presses the intercom, and after standing for a short while, the door opens with a rattle.

“Naba, how did it go?”

 Yuusei-chan has a rare impatient face as he peeks.
Yuusei-chan looks at Yui-chan. After that, he looks at me. “What’s going on?” his brows knit.
Finding that face amusing, I laugh “Hihihi”, and raise my hand “Yo!”

“… Chako?”
“Un. It’s Chako!”Translated by nakimushitl

 Amazing. My outward appearance is quite different but, he can tell huh.
When I answer, the black eyes of Yuusei-chan who was looking motionlessly shine dubiously.
Ah, this is bad. That’s, the bad kind.

“How interesting… Can you also freely change your human form? Even the gender… Amazing, I’ve never heard of this. This gives me the shivers.”
“No. You should feel shocked. I don’t think it’s the occasion for your eyes to shine brightly.”
“Hey, Chako. Won’t you come to my house next? There’s a lot I want to try… That’s right, should we try how small you can become? Ah, or you can change into a woman’s body, and we can try various――”

 When Yuusei-chan talks with momentum as his eyes shine, there’s a huge whack sound midway.
I glance to my side, Yui-chan’s glaring at Yuusei-chan.
Yuusei-chan mutters, “That hurts”…
From there, he laughs a little and looks at Yui-chan.

“… Good for you, Naba.”
“… Un. Thanks.”Translated by nakimushitl

 Yuusei-chan smiling softly and Yui-chan smiling looking slightly troubled. Ah… When I think that I’ve caused a lot of trouble for these two, my heart hurts just a little.

“The three of you don’t stay there, come on in.”

 When the three of us talk at the porch, with the entrance door open, a voice calls out to us from inside the house.
At that voice, I finally enter the house, and close the door with a “click”.
So it seems that the director also came out to meet us.

“Ah, hello, I am Chako.”
“… Aa. I see. You’re clad in the same thing.”

 When I think, I should greet for now, the director nods, “I know”.
The thing I’m clad in huh? I don’t really know it but, Yuusei-kun and director seems to know.
Onmyoujis are scary.

“Erm, I want to go to school from now on too but, I wonder if that’s fine?”
“Aa. It’s fine.”

 When I ask Director while taking off my shoes, he nods while smiling.
I’m relieved that Director said it’s fine.
I always think that the “It’s fine” said by a person with power and money is invincible.
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 Having random conversation, we walk through the corridor, and enter the living room.
Kousuke-chan is sleeping on the large L-shape sofa…
The wounds from his battle with me probably haven’t recovered.
Tired-looking, he raised the upper half of his body slightly, and looks this way.
The amber eyes widen upon looking at me.

 … I know right.
Somehow Yuusei-chan and director accepted it naturally but, you’d be surprised if I return as a male right.

 Somewhat uncomfortable, when I raise my hand “Yo”, Kousuke-chan whispers, with his eyes still widened.

“Chako… is it?”Translated by nakimushitl

 Is his grazed voice because of the battle, or because he’s surprised…
Well, it doesn’t matter either way.
While approaching the sofa Kousuke-chan is lying on, I laugh “Hihihi”.

“That’s right. I’m male.”
“… It can’t be.”
“Nah, in the first place y’know. I only became a girl because Tomotaka-sama asked me to become a girl.”

 Kousuke-chan’s lying down with this head placed at the bend of the L-shaped sofa.
I quietly sit next to Kousuke-chan’s head.
Yui-chan and the rest don’t come towards the sofa, and sit on the dining table chairs.
They may be being considerate of me and Kousuke-chan.

“Really… you’re Chako.”
“Un. I am Chako.”

 Kousuke-chan who’s dumbfounded… and slightly pained.
When I reply while properly looking back at Kousuke-chan’s eyes, “Gu” Kousuke-chan’s face warped.

“… Seriously”Translated by nakimushitl

 Kousuke-chan’s face seems like he’s about to cry…
And, he places his right arm on top of his eyes, rolling on the sofa.

“So you were… male…”

 Kousuke-chan’s trying to laugh with the corners of his mouth raised.
However that voice sounds pained…

 … That’s expected huh.
The girl you like beats you up and dumps you… and furthermore returns as a male. It’s a nightmare huh.
I’m the one showing him that nightmare though.

“I… it was my first love.”
“… I was happy even with just a smile.”

 Kousuke-chan’s voice is shivering.
He’s probably talking about that villain girl.
I can only nod to that.

“… Seemed happy when she was with me and, I thought that things were looking up.”
“… Now that you become male, it’ll no longer come true right.”
“Un.”Translated by nakimushitl

 … Stupid, Kousuke-chan.
Such a first love, you should erase and forget about it.
He pretended to be a girl, the shit girlboy who approached me because of an order. Like that, you should erase it all.

“Kousuke-chan. There will be many honey traps in your long life from now so… Make this a lesson, so you don’t get caught by such a shit girlboy.”
“… What the.”
“… Want to hit me once?”

 ”Alright come”, I close my eyes, and approach Kousuke-chan’s face.
When I do, Kousuke-chan removes the right arm covering his eyes…
Brows knitted, he laughs like he’s troubled.

“No way I can hit you right… We just battled.”
“Ah, that’s right huh. Come to think of it, we exchanged many blows.”

 Un. The battle with Kousuke-chan was just some time ago.
We both competed seriously.

“… When Chako disappeared. My heart was pained.”
“… You were conscious?”
“Aa. My body couldn’t move so, I couldn’t do anything though… I knew Naba said she’d do something but, as expected, it was tough when Chako disappeared in front of me.”
“… I see.”Translated by nakimushitl

 Kousuke-chan’s amber eyes look at me.
Although I did nothing but cruel things, those eyes don’t seem that angry…

“I don’t want you to disappear again…”
“… Un.”
“I want you to always laugh.”

 The amber eyes are direct.
Surely, for a long time, he’d been worried for me.

“Well, if Yui-chan’s here, I think I can always laugh.”
“… Right.”

 I half-heartedly dodge Kousuke-chan’s direct words.
However, looking at such a me, Kousuke-chan’s amber eyes narrow.

“If Chako can laugh with Naba… That’s good too.”

 Kousuke-chan’s orange hair sways sleekly on the sofa.
The eyes looking up at me are gentle.

 … I’m no match for Kousuke-chan.

 Why, can you say that so happily.
When it’s me who did nothing but cruel things, to Kousuke-chan.
… When I’ve always, envied such a Kousuke-chan.
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 I know Kousuke-chan’s route.
I know the road where Yui-chan chose Kousuke-chan.

 Whenever I see Yui-chan with Kousuke-chan, my heart got noisy a number of times.
What do I do if Yui-chan chooses Kousuke-chan.
I don’t want you to choose Kousuke-chan.

 I don’t want the others too but…
I didn’t want Kousuke-chan the most.

 Tomotaka-sama and Yuusei-chan are human.
Sensei is The Strongest Phantom In This World and, Director is a descendant of a Priestess of Ominous Clouds.
However, Kousuke-chan was… a phantom suffering from hunger.
Same as me.
Even though he’s the same as me…

 ――It’s unfair that he can be chosen by Yui-chan.

That doesn’t change even now.
Rather, it became bigger now that I’ve heard various stories from Yui-chan.

 Yui-chan has been turning back time.
She chose Kousuke-chan in the first round.
Because the one the Yui-chan who didn’t know anything chose in the beginning was Kousuke-chan.
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 It angers me.
Kousuke-chan’s always direct.
Without even knowing my jealousy.

  … Kousuke-chan is unfair.

 Even though I want to hate him.
I can’t hate him.

“… As expected Kousuke-chan is a fraud. Taking the good parts.”

 When I knit my brows going ”I don’t like that”, Kousuke-chan looks at me exasperatedly.
Translated by nakimushitl
“… As expected Chako is Chako.”
“Un. Well, that’s right.”

 I laugh “Hihihi”.
And, I clear my throat with a cough.

“Alright, then, I’ll gift such a Kousuke-chan nice words.”

 ”What are they?” Kousuke-chan looks at me purely. I tell him with a full-faced smile.

“We’ll always be friends.”

 Un. Nice line.

 That which I put in a flood of my feelings.
Although there may be some distance, the voice I let out fairly loud probably reached the dining room.
The Yuusei-chan sitting in a chair laughs “Haha” loudly.
translated by nakimushitl. if found elsewhere, it’s been stolen

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5 thoughts on “Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 37.2

  1. “shit girlboy” might be true, but i prefer chako call himself “trap”. i like trap just like i love astolfo. Dem why astolfo not come to my chaldea!
    nice chapter thank you


  2. I’m kinda late, but thanks for the chapter nonetheless! ^^)/

    Mmmmmmmmm, after reading Yui-chan’s POV for so long, it feels a bit weird to get back to Chako… Well, it’s nice to see it nonetheless~

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  3. Hey can you even blame Kousuke…

    Your first love is a cute bubbly girl, shares the same kind as you, is a person brimming with brightness while you have an inferiority complex, becomes your friend, seen that you have the same problems, and you even share the same tastes (both likes chocolate)…

    Now that same person says you’re being honey-trapped by her, beats you up so your inferiority complex even got hit, dies infront of you, and worst of all comes back as a male…

    Now for the finale even friendzones you after knowing the truth…

    Oh gosh what a ride for him…

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