Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 38.2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Played the Role of a Villain
Chapter 38 – Teacher and Family [Part 2]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 After talking to sensei, I head to the wooden deck next.
For some reason Tomotaka-sama doesn’t enter the house, and has been waiting there continuously.
Seems he wants to abide by the『I won’t appear at your gatherings from now on.』[1] words he said to me.

 … Way too strict on himself as usual.
I’m a little turned off.

 I open the patio door while thinking, I should’ve gone faster since Tomotaka-sama has been waiting continuously.
There, is Tomotaka-sama who’s motionlessly looking up at the silver full moon.
Somehow this figure overlaps with the figure of the Tomotaka-sama I met at the beginning.
Closing the window, and after giving a small sigh, I quietly stand next to Tomotaka-sama.

“Tomotaka-sama. You’ll catch a cold if you stay in a place like this.”
“… Chako.”
“Yes. You said I could be free so, I became like this.”

 I look at Tomotaka-sama’s eyes and laugh “Hihihi”.
It’s somewhat a little strange to introduce my new form.
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“… That’s right. You were originally, not a girl.”

“Yeah. Because Tomotaka-sama said “Turn into a girl”, I had various difficulties you know?”

 Throwing away my servant attitude up till now, I talk to him normally.
Perhaps finding the grumbling me unusual, Tomotaka-sama’s eyes twinkle, and he smiles a little.
However, it seems he didn’t plan to smile, because he shakes his head panickedly as though to erase that.
And, looking firmly at me, he lowers his head.

“… I apologize.”
“Eh… well. You sure are earnest.”Translated by nakimushitl

 … Strict on himself.
You smiled so you should’ve let it be.

“Hey hey, Tomotaka-sama. I, am not a familiar anymore.”
“Aa. That’s right.”

 For the time being, I get Tomotaka-sama to raise his head and I stick out my chest with a “Fufun”.

“There’s absolutely no more problem even if Tomotaka-sama bleeds.”

 Yes. I’ll not be misled anymore.

“Perhaps because I also took in Yui-chan’s power, I don’t feel much hunger.”

 That which I couldn’t suppress after eating phantoms, I now have the feeling I can suppress it.
… Well, I don’t know until I try and I don’t think it will get worse.

“So about that, Tomotaka-sama.”

 I clear my throat with a cough.Translated by nakimushitl

“It was because I ate up the phantoms before I disappeared but, Tomotaka-sama, your power has gotten stronger right?”
“Aa… That’s right. Come to think of it, although your body disappeared, and the familiar contract also ended, my power remained strong.”
“Un un, I thought so. When I get stronger, Tomotaka-sama gets stronger too. I thought it’d be nice if the power remained, and be of use while Tomotaka-sama lives as an onmyouji.”

 The eyes of Tomotaka-sama who’d been looking at me widen.
It seems like the things I said were unexpected.

“For my sake?”
“Naw, it’s nothing so good. Look, Tomotaka-sama said you’d protect Yui-chan so, I thought to make you able to protect her properly after I disappear.”

 Yes. Not for Tomotaka-sama’s sake, it’s for Yui-chan’s sake.

“So, about that, with that power, please protect Yui-chan and I from now on too… Eh, moreover can it, that is to say advanced payment, be used as rent?”

 Tomotaka-sama’s eyes twinkle at my words.

“Let’s become family.”Translated by nakimushitl

 And, swallow a small breath.

“Let’s go back to that apartment together.”

 One year, the apartment I lived in with Tomotaka-sama.
To I, who stayed in the mountain and lived like an incomprehensible animal, that house granted me a human-like life.

“My bed is, still, there right?”

 ”You didn’t throw it away right?” when I look at Tomotaka-sama, he has a somewhat dumbfounded face.

“W, hy… That has no benefit for you right?”

 Tomotaka-sama’s deep blue eyes widen largely and look at me.

The sound is somehow nostalgic.
Tomotaka-sama often said that.
I expected him to say『There’s no benefit for me right?』instead but, well, the contents of my answer for whichever is the same.
Possessing the answer I prepared, I laugh “Hihihi”.
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“Well well, Tomotaka-sama. Didn’t I say to become family? You know what, Tomotaka-sama. You don’t need things like benefits for family to be together.”

 How about that, you shouldn’t have any complaints now.

“It’s family to be together without benefits. Don’t think deeply, let’s live together while smiling.”Translated by nakimushitl

 ”Fufun” I stick my chest out and look at Tomotaka-sama.
When I do, that face of Tomotaka-sama suddenly warps――

“Waa! What is it, what happened!? Does your stomach hurt!?”

 His tears spill out in large drops.
Moreover, the tears come one after another without stopping,

“Wai, wait a minute please. Here, this is a handkerchief… Eh, what happened, really.”

 I make a handkerchief with miasma while panicking, and wipe Tomotaka-sama’s tears in a hurry.
Even then, because Tomotaka-sama’s tears don’t stop, I hurriedly continue my words.

“Ah, look, it’s a lie. There are tons of benefits. Rather, it’s Tomotaka-sama that has no benefits from being with me.
“… T, he benefit for you, is?”
“Ah, well, I, now, only have a six-tatami room with a futon. There’s nothing in my house. There’s a big television in Tomotaka-sama’s apartment, and it’s a good apartment so the soundproofing excels… The bath is pretty and spacious, it feels wealthy… That bed is also soft and fluffy…”

 Mainly from the perspective of the equipment in the residence.Translated by nakimushitl

“Ah, and because Naomi-san does the housework, it’s super comfortable. Ah, and she’d make meals and, those meals are delicious… Sometimes when we go shopping she’d buy me what I like…”

 Next, from the perspective of the housekeeper Naomi-san.

“In, other words, don’t you mean it’s fine, if there’s a house, and there’s a housekeeper?”
“Yes, yes. I’m aiming for the house and Naomi-san.”

 Perhaps because I raised benefits in succession, Tomotaka-sama seems to have calmed down a little.
We’re stopping at a weird spot but, well, that can’t be helped.

“Ah, but I properly paid the advance payment alright? Didn’t your power rise? You became strong thanks to me right?”
“…  You did it, at your own convenience, and I could only, receive it you know?”
“But, didn’t you receive it? You can no longer return the goods.”

 ”What a pity huh” I look at Tomotaka-sama.

“Now, properly resolve what you received. Give me a house. Give me Naomi-san’s meals. Let’s become family.”

 Let’s do it, let’s do it.Translated by nakimushitl

“… Let’s see. Well, siblings are too close so, how about cousins?”

 It can’t be helped, I make the biggest concession I can.
When I convey such an atmosphere, Tomotaka-sama laughs “Haha” loudly, his eyes still wet with tears.
That smile is sparkly…

“I wonder why… You always, give me what I want.”
“Eh? Did you want a cousin?”

 Not quite understanding, I look back at Tomotaka-sama but, Tomotaka-sama simply looks at me and smile.

“Thank you… Chako.”

 I didn’t particularly do something that he has to thank me for…

“… Thank you.”Translated by nakimushitl

 I don’t quite understand but, I understand that the always perfect Tomotaka-sama had been enduring various things, enough to cry unconsciously.

“… Tomotaka-sama, thinks too complicatedly about various things… Well, I’ll casually live next to you. So you don’t have to get so worked up.”

 It’s cold outside so I want to return to the house quickly.
However, I can’t leave Tomotaka-sama alone there…
It can’t be helped, until Tomotaka-sama calms down, I blankly gaze at the full moon floating in the sky.

translated by nakimushitl. if found elsewhere, it’s been stolen

[1] Chapter 30.2

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