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(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 14

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Various Anecdotes After the Main Story
Chapter 14 – The Daily Lives of Chako and Naba

Chako’s POV.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 The classroom in the beginning of spring.
There are still many chilly days but, today is somehow nice and warm.
Usually it’s about just right when I wear my uniform jacket but, it’s a little hot now, so I move with my jacket taken off.
Today, it seems that the teachers have a meeting about the new school term, and school finished in the morning.
However, Yui-chan plans to do the Student Council work, and is working on something in the Student Council room.
I’ll wait at Director’s house, I thought, but there happens to be no one in the Student Council room so, I had her let me go with her.

 Precious.Translator: nakimushitl
It’s extremely precious to be alone with Yui-chan.

 When will Tomotaka-sama come? I was uneasy but, there’s still no sign of him coming.
Seeing that Yui-chan’s work has reached a stage where she can take a rest, I softly call out.

“Hey hey, Yui-chan, is there something you want to try doing when you have a lover?”
“Something I want to try?”
“Un.”Translator: nakimushitl

 The Yui-chan sitting in a chair looks at me curiously.
I sit next to Yui-chan, place my elbows above the desk, and rest my head there.

“Because I finally became lovers with Yui-chan. If there’s something I can do, I’ll do anything.”

 Yui-chan and I were friends till fairly recently.
That’s why, it’s unclear what place I have in Yui-chan’s heart…
Casually, I slip in the word『lover』, and appeal to Yui-chan.
… Because it’s quite, you know. An opportunity, is hard to find.

“Well…”Translator: nakimushitl

 Yui-chan’s deep green eyes roam around restlessly at my words.
Yui-chan seems to have thought of something, she put her hands together tightly above the desk.

“Unreasonable… it may be but. That, things like a prin, cess carry…”

 The voice somewhat close to disappearing tells me her wish with difficulty.
As Yui-chan is sitting on the chair with a good posture, the me with a lazy posture is looking up at Yui-chan.
When I look motionlessly at the deep green eyes, I somehow sway a little…

 What do I do.

“I see. I can totally do it. Alright, let’s do it, let’s do it!”

 She’s cute.

 While Yui-chan is still not vigilant towards me, I stand next to her, and smoothly pull the chair she’s sitting on.
Putting my right hand through the bottom of her knees, I softly place my left hand on her back.
Yui-chan who still can’t move due to surprise, is held up by me without any resistance.

“How is it? Yui-chan?”

 She probably didn’t expect to be held up so swiftly.
Yui-chan clenches her right hand tightly in front of her chest, while her left roams, aimlessly in the air.
… That hand should grab me instead.

“…”Translator: nakimushitl

 Only, I know that Yui-chan is holding her breath a little.
Those cheeks are slightly red…

 ――My lover is extremely cute.

“Chako, is strong huh…”
“Un. Because I’m male.”

 You feel a bit conscious right?

 When I laugh “Hihihi”, Yui-chan hardens even more.

“Because phantoms are stronger than humans.”

 Breaking the atmosphere of me being alone with Yui-chan, is a pretty voice despite being a guy’s.

 … The mood was good.

 Still hugging Yui-chan, I turn to the door of the Student Council Room. Tomotaka-sama is there.

 …Translator: nakimushitl

“Please read the atmosphere, and leave.”
“Chako, this is the Student Council room, you know? I’m the Student Council President. And Naba-san is the secretary.”

 Smiling like he’s truly happy, Tomotaka-sama enters rudely, and sits in his own seat.
I fully understand that those words contain the meaning『You’re the outsider, so you leave』.

 … I understand.
I do understand, Tomotaka-sama.
However, I think it’s okay for now.

“Tomotaka-sama… a bit more…”

 I entreated Tomotaka-sama but, he easily returns a glittery smile.
Un… I wasn’t hit by a whip but, this tingling feeling.

“… Yui-chan, I’m putting you down.”

 I quickly lose to Tomotaka-sama’s pressure.
Since I called out to Yui-chan, I gently put her on the ground.
Yui-chan is clearly relieved, when her feet are placed on the ground.
Her right hand is still, clenched tightly at her chest.

“Well then, Yui-chan, I, will be waiting at Director’s house.”
“U, n. Un.”Support the translator and read on the translator’s site!

 Yui-chan nods awkwardly.
Somehow, when I see such a Yui-chan, it becomes difficult to part and I end up staring.
… Don’t wanna go, I want to stay with her a bit longer.

“Naba-san, can you look at these documents?”
“Ah, yes!”Translator: nakimushitl

 Although I was looking at Yui-chan regretfully, Tomotaka-sama called Yui-chan.
When he did, Yui-chan takes a breath like she’s relieved, and goes to Tomotaka-sama’s side.
… It’s somehow vexing.

 ”Wu wu” I groan but, Tomotaka-sama smiles like he’s truly happy.

“Chako, should I tell Naomi-san to cook dishes with carrots?”
“Bye! Yui-chan, see you later!”

 Waving byebye with my right hand, I immediately leave the Student Council room.
Although I hear Yui-chan thanking Tomotaka-sama behind me, I can’t go in anymore.
After shutting the door, I realise I forgot my jacket but, there’s nothing I can do.
Well, Yui-chan will surely bring it for me.

 While walking through the nice and warm corridor of the school building, I recall the Yui-chan just now.

 The surprised face because of the sudden happening.
The warmth of the back I touched and her delicate legs.
The right hand she clenched tightly was small…

 The days with Yui-chan.
So that I absolutely not forget them, I firmly etch them into the album of my heart.

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