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(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 16

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Various Anecdotes After the Main Story
Chapter 16 – Chako and Tomotaka Eat Pizza

Tomotaka’s POV.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 It’s a nice, sunny morning on a day off.
As there’s also no school work, I’m reading at home for the first time in a while.
I’m sitting on the sofa, while Chako is leaning back on it and watching the television.
The light shining in from the window feels soft.

 There’s nothing worthy of special mention, it’s an ordinary day.
As we spend time like that, Chako suddenly stands up from the floor just after 11 o’clock.

“Tomotaka-sama! I, want to eat delivered pizza!”
“Pizza?”Translator: nakimushitl

 I remove my gaze from the book at Chako’s words, and look up at the Chako standing up.
Chako receives my gaze, and nods.

“Yes. The food Naomi-san makes is good too but, it’s Naomi-san’s day off and I want to eat junk food, like this.”

 Chaco, who makes a fist with his right hand, speaks brightly with serious eyes.
… Come to think of it, there was a CM about pizza on the television just now.
Probably, having seen that, he can’t help wanting to eat it.
As it’s the day off of the housekeeper Naomi-san, we’ve to think about our meal ourselves so, that may be okay.

“You’re right. Should we have that?”
“Hooray! In that case I, will go and get a flyerー”

 Happy at my reply, Chako leaves the living room.
I don’t know where he was storing them but, bringing some flyers, he spread them out in front of me.

“Which store is good? There’s a lot but… Tomotaka-sama, you’ve never had delivered pizza right?” 

“Alright! Then, we’ll go with my recommendation today.”

 Taking one sheet of the spread out flyers, he hands it to me with a “Here”.
As I never deliberately looked at something like a pizza flyer, I end up staring at it because it’s somewhat new to me.Support the translator and read on the translator’s site!

“Any of their pizza is good, y’know? Please tell me when you’ve decided what you want to eat.”
“… This, Happy4 or Kid4, what are they?”
“Ah, this you see, is the You can eat 4 varieties of pizza in one! type of happiness.”
“But, if Tomotaka-sama and I order it, because there’s only 1 slice each, it’ll be the type of irritant play where we can’t eat the same thing again even if we like a flavor.”
“Irritant…”Translator: nakimushitl

 It seems there’s also a lot to pizzas.
I don’t quite get it and, I’m okay with what Chako wants to eat but, because I might as well, I look at every nook and corner of the flyer thinking what to choose.
Among the many dishes, a dish suddenly catches my eye.

“Teriyaki pizza?”

 When I unconsciously, let my voice out, Chako replies “Ah, that’s yummy huh”.
However, I’m unable to imagine what flavor that will be…

“Teriyaki is a seasoning of soy sauce and sugar right?”
“Yes, that’s right. It’s the type where teriyaki sauce is painted on the pizza dough, and it’s baked with the ingredients and cheese placed on top. The mayonnaise it’s covered in is yummy.”

 Un un, Chako nods while explaining.
… It’s strange.

“Pizza is an Italian food but, Japanese sure do make everything Japanese-style huh.”
“Well, that’s the inquisitive spirit Japanese people have towards food right? … Rather, have you never had teriyaki pizza?”
“… That, and teriyaki burger?”
“Nope.”Translator: nakimushitl

 In the first place I hardly had burgers.

 When I reply while chuckling, Chako says “Ah” and looks up at the ceiling.

“Understood. Then, let’s have this today. Tomotaka-sama should experience the flexibility of the teriyaki flavour.”

“The flexibility of teriyaki, you say… What are you having, Chako?”

“Ah, I’ll have this Karubi grilled meat.”

 Chako stoops beside me, and points at a dish in the flyer.
There’s a pizza covered in lots of meat.

“One each?”
“No, that would be too much. Tomotaka-sama, there’s this amazing thing called half half, for delivered pizza.”
“Half half?”
“That’s right. You can have half of each flavor in 1 pizza dough, it’s double the deliciousness in one grain[1].”
“Double the deliciousness in one grain…”

 As Chako makes a face as though he taught me valued information, I unconsciously almost laugh.
Somehow today is a day I come to know of various things.

 In this manner the menu is decided, Chako immediately orders them and the pizza reaches 40 minutes later.
Putting the paper box that is still somewhat hot on the dining table, Chako brings small plates.
In the time it took for the pizza to reach, Chako quickly made salad and put them at my and Chako’s seats.

“Then, let’s eat at once. Here, Tomotaka-sama, please open it.”

 Chako laughs Hihihi while looking at me.
I suppose, because I said this delivered pizza is my first, he’s letting me do things like this too.

 … Somehow it feels fluffy in my heart.

 Since I’m already a high school student, I won’t be moved, just by opening a pizza box.
However, because Chako urges me “Here, here”, I open the box without a choice. The smell of the pizza spreads inside the room in one go.
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“… There’s a lot of garlic huh.”
“That’s right. Because Karubi grilled meat, is full of garlic. Come, Tomotaka-sama see, you take it with your hand like this, chomp and chew.”
“… I know that much.”

 Chako lectures on the eating method while grinning and eating the pizza.
I reply “Good gracious” to that and taking the teriyaki side of the pizza, I put it on the small plate temporarily.
Then, carrying that to my mouth…

“… Delicious.”
“Right? Teriyaki and cheese are the best huh?”
“You’re right. The salty-sweet flavor and the cheese’s salty seasoning, fits well with the pizza dough’s filling.”

 Swallowing the food in my mouth, I tell Chako my impression.
When I do, Chako laughs like it can’t be helped.

“No, even an impression of a delivered pizza? You sure are earnestー…”
“… Is it?”Translator: nakimushitl
“Well, I think it’s fine since it’s like Tomotaka-sama.”

 Chako laughs “Hihihi”, and enthusiastically eats up the pizza he’s holding.
Then, looking at him reaching for a new pizza, I carry my pizza to my mouth too.
That of my second mouthful is also delicious, and I think “I want to eat this again”.

“I’m glad Tomotaka-sama likes it. We’re in the delivery range of 3 pizza shops, y’know? Every shop has teriyaki pizza so, let’s order it on Naomi-san’s day off again okay?”
“… Yeah.”
“I wonder which pizza shop is good. Isn’t it exciting?”

 Saying so, chomp chomp, he eats the pizza in front of me, and bites into the roast chicken he seems to have also ordered.

 … As expected, it feels fluffy in my heart.

 “I want to eat this again” although I didn’t say that, Chako arranges for the next meal like it’s natural.

“Ah, let’s go and eat teriyaki burger too. Yuusei-chan seems like he probably hasn’t eaten that too and, it may be good to go with the high school student group.”
“… Yeah.”

 Chako’s always abrupt.
He brings me lots of things I never knew.

 It’s nothing special.
It’s something normal, that is everywhere.

 Ordinary times.
He changes it to something warm.

“I wasn’t interested in teriyaki but, it’s delicious when I try eating it like this.”
“Then after this, “What do you like?”  if you’re asked that, please reply “Teriyaki pizza” okay? Everyone will be shocked.” 

 Chako laughs Hihihi.Translator: nakimushitl

““Eh? Unexpectedly, his taste in food is like a kid’s?” they’ll be like that. I can’t wait.”
“… I didn’t agree to answer that right?”
“Eh. Please say it.”

 Boo boo, Chako tapers his mouth but, I ignore that and eat the pizza.
No matter how many mouthfuls I eat, it’s delicious.

 Chako’s just teasing me.
That’s why, if I’m asked “What do you like?”, there’s no need to answer “Teriyaki pizza”.
There’s no need but…

… If, now.
I’m asked “What do you like?”

 I think I’ll answer “Teriyaki pizza”…

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[1] Catchphrase for an almond and caramel snack.

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