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Renai Kakumei Onii-chan – Doggy In Puberty Chapter 1.1

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Doggy In Puberty Soutarou-kun’s Jealousy・First Half ~SoutarouxMakoto←First Term~ [Part 1]

Translator: nakimushitl
Please read at the translator’s site

 My name is Sakurai Makoto. A 17 years old enrolled in Izumino School’s High School section’s Year 2 Class A.
 I’ve always had the gender called female for 16 years but, for some reason I was transported with my gender changed into the otome game my good friend Yurino Subaru made「Heart Throb Love Revolution」 ――nicknamed LoveRevo. That’s why my current gender on the register is male.
 In the world I was transported to, I’m playing the role of the heroine’s older brother.
 My twin imouto Mitsuki is, an otome game heroine with pink bob hair and big, round eyes. She appeared plain at first but, due to raising her parameters, she transformed into a homely and charming beauty by endgame. I can’t deny her somewhat, natural airheadedness and feeling of being unable to read the atmosphere though.
Translated by nakimushitl
 For the sake of that cute, bright and transcendently lovely Mitsuki, day and night, I endeavored in raising parameters and raising favourability. However Mitsuki, knew various things better and was sharper than I thought. She properly grew without my knowledge, and had someone she liked.
 Mitsuki had at some time, reared a romance with the student council vice president Takayanagi Yasuchika.

 And I too, had love growing in the depths of my heart without noticing.
 I didn’t know when I began liking one of the LoveRevo capturable characters, Tsubaki Soutarou, a lot.
 I’ve always wanted to return to reality. I’ve come to like Soutarou so much, that my feelings of wanting to go back to being Endou Makoto, has grown hazy.Translated by nakimushitl

――I don’t care which or what kind of Mako you are. I want Mako. I want you because you’re Mako. You promised me at the shrine, in front of kami-sama, so, you must stay with me, always.

 I nodded to Soutarou’s words, and decided to stay in the world of LoveRevo.
 Naturally I didn’t give up my family or friends in the real world. That’s why even now I’m searching for a method to come and go from reality to LoveRevo while I’m in the world of LoveRevo.

 The male me, has short black hair and mediocre, unremarkable looks. I don’t think my brain is that bad but it’s not good enough to make special mention of. Sports too I can handle them rather flawlessly but again I’m not good enough to make special mention of. My personality is also not extraordinarily good, I’m not an indispensable existence in the class. That one person that seemed to be in the class, the one you can do with or without, that was the position I always kept for 17 years.
 That’s how I am but, for some reason I’m friends with the upper caste of Izumino School.
 The bright and energetic high specs guy, Fujisaki Kaname. With a huge body and famous for being cute and doggy-like although he’s manly, Tsubaki Soutarou. And the most popular prince-sama of the school, Kiritani Riku. I’m friends with these three so, I’m called out when someone wants an intermediary when confessing.Translated by nakimushitl

 As such even if girls call me out, I’ve never been confessed to but, for some reason it seems I’m excessively popular among a particular camp of guys. I’ve never been confessed to even once when I was a girl and, I’ve never received praises like cute and such. So much that I’ve always been a cold-shouldered woman for 17 years. Unpopular. Totally unpopular. However having come to this LoveRevo world, I’m for some reason receiving good will from others beginning from Soutarou.
 According to Subaru, it was because from the standpoint of the program, there’s a setting that the heroine Sakurai Mitsuki is their preferred type so her older brother, me, may easily receive good will and, compared to the time I was female, I’ve been putting more effort to become a lovely older brother for Mitsuki. I see, I think it makes sense.
Please read at the translator’s site
“Hey, it’s rude having ya head in the clouds when ya talking to someone.”

 Today it became that I’m having dinner with Ichigo-chan at the usual family restaurant.
 Ichigo-chan is eating plenty of meat. Just looking almost gives me heartburn but, I’m also the type to eat only meat so I can’t say anything about Ichigo-chan.

“Ah, sorry. I was thinking life never goes well, doesn’t it?”

“The heck is that. I don’t understand.”

 Unable to stand it, Ichigo-chan laughs “Kukuku”.
 Ichigo-chan or Kaburagi Kazutoki is Kuzuha Minami Technical High School’s 2nd year, a delinquent-like sharp eyed youth with very short black hair that has red streaks. His height is about 10 centimeters taller than me who’s 179 and he’s big and well-muscled. The male me already feel this much intensity so, I think I’ll definitely be a bit scared if it’s the me around 160.
 It’s embarrassing to say this myself but, Ichigo-chan apparently likes me. Expressing his feelings of love with all his power in a way different from Soutarou, to me he’s a person I can’t let my guard down around.
 The recent Soutarou pushes me down with no warning, or rides on my waist, or while distilling a smile smile~sparkle sparkle~aura, chomp! he eats me up in one go when I let my guard down. However Ichigo-chan isn’t like that. Ichigo-chan doesn’t act to make me let my guard down. He suddenly bites. Bites and doesn’t let go. He’s the type to continuously bite until his spoils stop resisting.Translated by nakimushitl

“That watchdog is having club activities?”

“Watchdog? Are you talking about Soutarou? If it’s Soutarou, he’s having club activities.”

 Wifey or wife or mother, or watchdog. Soutarou has it tough with many nicknames.
 Eating the Japanese-style hamburger in one go, I fill my mouth with rice. My appetite doubled after my body turned male but, my body weight doesn’t increase at all, rather I’ve become thinner.

“Oh, aren’t you lonely?”

“We get in touch every day. I don’t particularly feel lonely.”

 Soutarou’s busy with club activities so it’s difficult to meet frequently. However we’re in the same class and get in touch every day so I don’t feel lonely much. Besides, he entangles me to a great extent whenever we meet.

“Really, if it’s me I’d always be by Makoto’s side. Is there something more important than a lover?”

“Who knows. For me, Soutarou’s my first lover so I don’t quite understand.”

 Am I or your work more important? Is often heard in dramas and such but I think it depends on time and situation. I’ve never had a lover before now so I can’t say this arrogantly but, I’m plenty satisfied with my current relationship even without Ichigo-chan saying.

“Makoto never had a lover before now?”

“Is it so strange to not have a lover before now? I’m still 17 y’know.”

“Oh, virgin?”Translated by nakimushitl

 I’m a little annoyed at the Ichigo-chan with zero delicacy who smoothly asks about worldly matters. Ichigo-chan is from a Technical High School and is surrounded by only guys so, I’ve a feeling the contents of his conversation aren’t intended for girls. I wonder what face Ichigo-chan will make if he knows I’m a girl.

“Shut up. It can’t be helped because I’m not popular.”

“Fūn… can I stay at Makoto’s house today?”

“Eh? You can’t.”

 Several seconds of silence.

“Why. I can, right?”

“Can’t.”Translated by nakimushitl

 I’m not stupid. If Ichigo-chan stays at my house it will result in danger for my chastity. I’ve steadily come to understand that much.
 Ichigo-chan smirks seeing my reaction. I’m considerably bewildered because I don’t know what’s his intention for smiling. I’m troubled that it’s been hard to understand his emotions since the time I met him.

“That so. It doesn’t really matter.”Translated by nakimushitl

 I’m bewildered but, it’s good if he gives up.
 Having finish eating the Japanese-style hamburger set, I firmly place my hands together and say “Thank you for the meal”. I leave the family restaurant with Ichigo-chan who finished his meal even faster than me. I wanted to eat dessert too but there should be the cheese cake Mitsuki made at home so, I’ve got to leave a little space in my stomach.
 But I might have become slightly late. Mitsuki should return at 1900 so if I don’t hurry, Mitsuki will be alone in the dark house. Older brother can’t, leave Mitsuki alone in a cold and dark house. The one who stops me who starts to half run with these thoughts is Ichigo-chan. Ichigo-chan is grabbing my arm. The street is dark and I can’t see his expression.

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