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Renai Kakumei Onii-chan – Doggy In Puberty Chapter 1.2

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Doggy In Puberty Soutarou-kun’s Jealousy・First Half ~SoutarouxMakoto←First Term~ [Part 2]

Translator: nakimushitl
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“Ichigo-chan, what? I, am in a hurry. Mitsuki will return anyti――”

 My grabbed arm is pulled with all his might, I unconsciously stagger towards Ichigo-chan. Along with a light impact it became that he’s hugging me with my forehead against his chest. Squeeze, he hugs me with all his strength, making me very distraught.

“Oi, what is it suddenly! Even as a joke this is bad-natured!”

 I push Ichigo-chan’s chest with all my strength but, he doesn’t budge at all. Well I didn’t think Ichigo-chan was so weak that that the strength of the puny me could do something about him but, to think I can’t do anything about him to this extent. I want to cry when I feel a fear that quickly chills the top of my head to the tip of my toes.
 Both my wrists seized, I’m thrown against the concrete wall like that. Kabedon, it’s called. The wrists that are raised to about my shoulders are pressed against the wall, a knee breaks into the space between my legs. A groin slam on top of a wall slam. I can’t even move so I merely remain half-smiling with a shivering voice, vomiting words like I’m acting strong.Translator: nakimushitl

“Ichigo-chan? Stop if you’re joking.”

“Joking? … Huh? I’ve always been saying I like Makoto but, you talked only about Tsubaki so, the one making me jealous is you right? I don’t know what Makoto’s intentions were but, I, was quite, hurt.”

“That’s your circumstance right… I… don’t know that…”

 Which stupid starry-eyed woman said that the chest will tighten when kabedoned? There wasn’t even a particle of tightening. It was simply nothing but, scary. Having a guy bigger and stronger than myself doing what he likes to me. Do the starry-eyed people know what a scary thing it is? The me who’ve come to know that now, is unable to permit a kabedon.
 I’ll declare here and now. That, I’ll absolutely not kabedon a guy or girl shorter and weaker than me!
 As a sign of resistance towards the Ichigo-chan who’s probably smirking, I raise my head and glare at him.

“――…… Don’t know, don’t say that.”

 Ahead of my looking up is Ichigo-chan with a calm expression. Calm but he’s lightly biting his lips.
 Does Ichigo-chan get hurt from my words too?

“Ichigo-chan.”Translator: nakimushitl

“You don’t know my feelings, is precisely something you shouldn’t say even as a joke. I’ll apologize if my speech and conduct gave Makoto bad feelings. I’m insensitive to the subtleties of people so, I may still make Makoto feel bad from now on but, even then I like Makoto. Like you very much.”

 I really don’t know what part of me he likes so much. I’ve said this many times but, my face is normal and my atmosphere is plain, they’re, not at all, components to fall so much for. If it were me I’d never think of wanting to go out with Sakurai Makoto.
 However saying just that, Ichigo-chan looks at the silent me. The pair of red eyes that are so earnest you can immediately tell he’s serious, seizes my eyes and won’t part.

“Break up with Tsubaki. Go out with me.”

“I’m happy about Ichigo-chan’s feelings but, that’s impossible. The one I like is only Soutarou.”

 It’s not that my heart didn’t shake at the earnest gaze and words of love. It’s not that I didn’t make merry at the words of love from an ikemen. How much the heart chokes at merely a single word「like」, I already know.
 However the one I like, is only Soutarou.

 Our first meeting was at the station toilet, he confessed to me in front of the shrine toilet. He’s a guy without a fragment of romanticism but, he’s unmistakably my important person. I don’t want to make such a Soutarou sad.

“I know. I’d give up if Makoto’s heart moves from my single word. But I want you even more if you take on such an attitude y’know? I won’t give up. As expected I want Makoto.”

 I wonder if it is a beast’s instinct to chase an escapee?
 Ichigo-chan seizes the nape of my neck, strongly opening the joint of my shirt. He buries his face in the nape that’s exposed. The thin skin is sucked along with a pricking pain. He’s probably distinctly and clearly placing a mark. He did the same before so I don’t have to see to know.

“That’s enough. I’m already Soutarou’s boyfriend. That’s why it’s troubling if you do things like this. I won’t meet you again if you repeat things like this. We also can’t be friends.”

“Why.”Translator: nakimushitl

 I don’t know what meaning this「Why」holds.
 Is it why, it’s troubling to have things like this done to you?
 Is it why, we also can’t be friends?
 Is it why, did you choose Soutarou? Also why won’t you, choose Ichigo-chan?

“Ichigo-chan, you know I”

“Don’t say anything else. Don’t talk about anything else.”

 A shadow falls on my face. The light smell is the smell of a male who’s not Soutarou. Soutarou’s is perhaps an antiperspirant smell, a little sweet within the freshness of tangerines, it’s a gentle smell.
 However this smell I sense now is in no way sweet. This is a musk aroma spicy enough to notice that it’s the smell of a male.
 I want to escape. But I’m not able to move even 1 millimeter.

 I’m going to get kissed. Before I just didn’t like to be kissed. However now I don’t want to see Soutarou’s sad face. I don’t want to be kissed by someone other than Soutarou even as a joke.

“Stop, really…!”Translator: nakimushitl

“Hey, Kaburagi. What are you doing?”

 When I raise my face at the familiar voice, in front of my eyes is Ichigo-chan whose mouth is blocked by a large male hand. Behind him is unmistakably Soutarou.

“So, Sou… Soutarou…”

“Hey, Makoto too, what are you doing?”

 I shiver at Soutarou’s voice that has no temperature.

“Soutarou… that, eh… this is… not…”

“Tsubaki, don’t frighten Makoto. You’re too jealous, we’ve only kissed.”

“We didn’t! Really, really, didn’t”
Please read at the translator’s site
 I’m frightened by the eyes that one can’t feel any emotion from, which is unlike Soutarou.
 We fought before but, even at the time he didn’t have such a face that makes one shiver. I’ve been able to see sadness or anger, backgrounds like those. But I can’t see anything now. To think that I totally can’t tell what the Soutarou whose thoughts gush out, is thinking.

“Ah, I see. I see how it is. Makoto, I’ll send you home.”

 Soutarou’s smile is an unnatural fake.

“Soutarou, I really…!”

“Be quiet. I’ll hear your excuse later.”

 Scary. Soutarou is scary.
 However, more than that, I’m much much more scared, of being hated by Soutarou.

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