Q: Do you have a schedule?
A: Nope. Series are usually updated whenever I’m done with the chapter. I try to update around 4x a month overall. Might be more or less depending on RL circumstances and motivation. Unless I’m tired of a series or if I see the need for continuity, I translate them in a rotational basis (e.g. RKO c40 > Villain/Heroine c5 > TiC c15 > EGP c8 > RKO c41) and so on.


Q: What’s your gender?
A: Female.


Q: How do you translate?
*Note: I’m still learning how to read actual Japanese characters at a-pace-slower-than-a-snail’s; at the moment I can only understand romaji

Google Translate double check romaji ‘cos some words have different romanizations and nihongo.j-talk may choose the one that the author doesn’t mean. Can also be used to check meanings of words or give an idea of how to structure your translated sentences

jisho senpai recommended this to me, arigatou! A Japanese-English dictionary. If you can’t find the definition of certain words from nihongo.j-talk or GT, jisho would be a good place to go.

Google-sensei Strange terms you don’t understand (eg. atarimaeda no cracker) and for the life of you have never heard of? Google. Unsure of how to translate made-up words or slang? Google. Unaware where a certain reference came from? Google! Sensei, what will I do without you?

thesaurus synonyms


Q: Can I pick up (insert series name) or continue from where you left off?
A: Feel free to do so for the ones under Teaser. Those are meant to introduce the series and encourage translators to pick them up. As for the others, please consult me beforehand.



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