Q: Do you have a schedule?
A: Nope. Series are usually updated whenever I’m done with the chapter. I try to update around 3x a month. Depending on RL circumstances and motivation.


Q: How do you translate?
*Note: I read romaji better than Japanese characters

jisho senpai recommended this to me, arigatou! A Japanese-English dictionary. If you can’t find the definition of certain words from nihongo.j-talk or GT, jisho would be a good place to go.

Google-sensei Strange terms you don’t understand (eg. atarimaeda no cracker) and for the life of you have never heard of? Google. Unsure of how to translate made-up words or slang? Google. Unaware where a certain reference came from? Google! Sensei, what will I do without you?

thesaurus synonyms


Q: Can I pick up (insert series name) or continue from where you left off?
A: Feel free to do so for the ones under Teaser.



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