Short Stories

[You Know Too Much] One-Shot

*puts on a look that says: “Praise me, praise me ≧∇≦”* I’ve been secretly working on this~

Fufufufu…. REJOICE! Dear fujoshi and fudanshi, I present to you the first legit BL translation on NakimushiTL! Continue reading “[You Know Too Much] One-Shot”

Short Stories

Anyone Can Write! Annulling the Engagement!

Good friends and readers, y’know how ‘Annulling the Engagement’ stories have been so in lately? And so! Today! I bring you an absolutely serious…… yes very, very *cough* serious oneshot by momoyama-sensei, who writes short stories on Syosetsuka ni Narou. Let’s learn how to casually write an engagement annulling story! There’s also a short story near the end!

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