Takamura-kun is Cursed.

Takamura-kun is Cursed. Chapter 12

Funny enough, both RKO and TiC are at the staying over bit in the translations and the similarities of the chapters just struck me… well, both are written by Tachimori Asahi-sensei after all. Anyway, the next two chapters will explain a lot of Sunohara’s behaviour^^.

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Takamura-kun is Cursed.

Takamura-kun is Cursed. Chapter 11

Sorry guys, jet lag and tying up post-school trip loose ends sapped all my energy.

It’s been a while since Sunohara-kun turned up! Expect the unveiling of crucial plot info in a couple of chapters. Hurhur, there’s actually a hint/foreshadow in this very chapter if anyone catches it. Also, Mahiro (probably) doesn’t realise it but her thinking is unusual too.

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