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Memory refreshing. May contain spoilers.

Torida Kii 鳥井田黄衣
Capturable character. Regains memories of a past life and remembers that this is the world of a galge. First year. Friday.

Komatani Akari 小馬谷赤里
Capturable character. Student-teacher in training. Monday.

Tatsumino Shiori 辰巳野紫織
Capturable character. Third year. Kii admires her. Tuesday.

Nekoyashiki Midori 猫屋敷翠
Capturable character. Second year. Athletic, Aoi’s classmate. Wednesday.

Hitsujino Mashiro 羊野茉白
Capturable character. Intellectual. First year. New character in the revised version. Thursday.

Kagurazaka Aoi 神楽坂葵
Protagonist. Second year.

Itou Eita 伊藤英太
Classmate A. First year.

Glasses background character
Unnamed until the end, Eita’s good friend. First year.

Kanagi 金木
The class representative of Eita’s and Kii’s class. First year.



Extra FYI~ Hiya, I noticed an interesting trend in their names so I thought I’d share it! :3

Name Being (surname) Place (surname) Colour (given name)
Torida Kii Bird 鳥 Well 井 Yellow 黄
Komatani Akari Horse 馬 Valley 谷 Red 赤
Tatsumino Shiori Dragon 辰 Field 野 Violet 紫
Nekoyashiki Midori Cat 猫 House 屋 Green 翠
Hitsujino Mashiro Sheep 羊 Field 野 White 白
Kagurazaka Aoi God 神 Slope 坂 Blue 青い (homonym)
Itou Eita Wisteria 藤
Kanagi Tree 木 Gold 金 (from her surname)

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