Table of Contents

Main Story Complete
Doggy In Puberty Complete


Main Story

The Transfer Student and the Dad and the Mum
Chapters 1-2 (by HaruPARTY)
Chapter 3

The Natural Flag-raiser and the Saviour and the Prince
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

The Training Camp and the Moonlight and the Palpitation
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

Gossip: Yurino Subaru’s Creation Data
Chapter 11

The Student Council and the Solicitation and the Frightened Rabbit
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14

The Hide-and-Seek and the Darkness and the First Love
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17

The GW and the Part-time Job and the Ojou-sama
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22

Gossip: Yurino Subaru’s Delusional Talk
Chapter 23

The Third Wheel and the Knight and the Princess-sama
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27

The Sports Festival and the Odd-Jobber and the Staying Over
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33

The Quarrel and the Dog and the Wolf
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37

Gossip: Yurino Subaru’s Creation Data ・ Vol. 2
Chapter 38

The Kiss and the Dog and the Wolf
Chapter 39
Chapter 40
Chapter 41
Chapter 42

The Summer Break and the School Camp and the Revision
Chapter 43
Chapter 44
Chapter 45

The Sea and the Distress and the Pairing
Chapter 46
Chapter 47
Chapter 48

The Fireworks and the Realisation and the Stalking
Chapter 49
Chapter 50
Chapter 51

Gossip: Yurino Subaru’s Doujin Making
Chapter 52

The Cultural Festival and the Butler and the Café
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55
Chapter 56
Chapter 57

The Winter Vacation and Christmas Eve and the Doujin Activity
Chapter 58
Chapter 59
Chapter 60

The Winter Vacation and Christmas and the Imposed Love Activities
Chapter 61
Chapter 62
Chapter 63

Mitsuki and Makoto and the Truth
Chapter 64
Chapter 65
Chapter 66

(title redacted)
Chapter 67


Doggy In Puberty Soutarou-kun’s Jealousy ~SoutarouxMakoto←First Term~

First Half (Part 1) (Part 2)
Second Half

15 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. wait wait that last chapter make my heart breaky yoou know…
    I don’t like she just one side pick character… ( I hope what I see is ilusiooonnn!!)
    I more like she was in harem ring… sigh…
    buut thank you for translating it 😀
    I can draw the character for you, The character look so interesting to draw, plus with their dere acting ( but still my heart is breaky after I see that last chapter with googlo translate, I musn’t read it… hiks… I feel super guilty now)
    but In June that was my long holiday, not now …

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Actually I’m extremely surprised that this story doesn’t have any(?) art yet. xD Considering this is such a fulfilling story, and whoops, I did peek on the title of that last chapter hahahaha xD

    Anyway, I’ll probably draw some headshot/bust shot for the characters. As you’re the translator, could you probably give me some direction? I want to make sure my headanon on how these guys look doesn’t stray too far, especially since I’m not exactly aware of the terms and if they were perceived i some specific way ; – ; (I was holding back because the person above me said they would, but it’s already May and I want some kind of preview of their looks arrrrgghhh)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so sorry, have no idea how I missed this comment >< You could post it elsewhere (photobucket, google drive, etc.) and comment here with the link, I’ll make a page for it 🙂


  3. thank you very much for your translations work on this series. I read all of your translated chapters very quickly, this series is hilarious and great and I’m grateful that you’ve taken the time to translate it. youre translations are excellent, I appreciate how well it still flows and how much effort you put into keeping the original content clear with your translation notes. thanks again.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hello

    Nice to meet you, I wanna ask for your permission to translate this novel in thai. I don’t know what to do because this is the first time for me to translate novel and sorry about my bad english


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Is it fine to ask if she turned back into a girl or if Mako became a girl and then back to a boy or if he stayed as is… and did they return to their previous world or something? please spoil this for me somewhere!! I’m begging you!!(novelupdates was decidedly unhelpful in this regard)


    1. *****SPOILER ALERT*****
      *****SPOILER ALERT*****
      *****SPOILER ALERT*****

      Makoto turned back into a girl, then to a boy again. They remained in that world.


  6. Nakimushi~i beg you to translate the rest of the chapters~i really want to know the ending😢google translate is no good


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