Takamura-kun is Cursed.

Takamura-kun wa Norowarete Iru.
Takamura-kun is Cursed.

R15, BL NL, Romance, School Life, Gender Bender, Modern, (a teeny bit of) Supernatural (not the horror kind)


by Tachimori Asahi (author of RKO). 17 Chapters, completed in country of origin.


A curse was cast on a girl called Takamura and on her 17th birthday she will turn into a boy. The only way to remove the curse, was to kiss her ouji-sama (lol). While thinking it’s absurd and an inconvenience to kiss the ouji but I don’t want to become a guy, I lived a somewhat peaceful school life. But for some reason, the most popular guy in school – Sunohara Chiharu started to consult me about love matters. Even though I don’t have the time to support other people’s love, well, it’s okay as long as it doesn’t become troublesome. But when I went at it with such light feelings, I got more and more embroiled.

It seems that Takamura-kun really is cursed.


11 thoughts on “Takamura-kun is Cursed.

  1. I actually like this more than Renai Kakumei Onii-chan, the setting is more acceptable to me, ’cause with the mc being gender-bend and (girl-to-boy), I’m getting headache with Renai Kakumei now with its character interactions, settings, twist and turns, and with me thinking that, I feel that I can relax and enjoy this better.

    — Thanks for bringing this out.!~

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    1. ***** SPOILER ALERT *****
      ***** SPOILER ALERT *****

      Congrats, there are more Chiharu & Mahiro moments to come^^. In my opinion, the ending is kind of open-ended; Mahiro doesn’t exactly end up with anyone, though Sena and Chiharu continues to pursue him/her.

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      1. Thank you very much for replying my comment. May I ask what is the schedule of update for this novel, Is it weekly or once a month?hehe Im hoping for more chapters.


      2. Np^^ Hmm I don’t really have a schedule for any of the novels here, I usually translate them on a rotational basis … Well, at any rate, weekly is super unlikely for this novel^^;

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