Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 34.1

We learn about Gramps and Chako!

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 34 – The Beast of Black Miasma 1 (Part 1)

Translated by nakimushitl
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 There was something I always found strange.

 It’s regarding Chako.

 Being by my side every time.
Always smiling next to me.Translated by nakimushitl

 No matter how many times I repeat, Chako shoulders something and disappears in the end.
Wanting to save Chako, wanting to know that secret…
I approached various people, and got to know various information.

 Chako was originally human.
And is Tomotaka-senpai’s familiar.Translated by nakimushitl

 Unlike normal phantoms, Chako doesn’t have a totem, and the miasma swirl is Chako’s actual body.
Able to change forms variedly, and preserve an ego even if phantoms are consumed.
Being a phantom that was improbably born from nature, living quietly in the mountains.

 I was finally able to learn that much.
Even then, I wasn’t able to wipe away a feeling of peculiarity…

 The day of the Cultural Festival.。
Learning about the mountain cherry phantom and the details behind becoming Tomotaka-senpai’s phantom from Chako, I finally saw an answer.

 Chako wasn’t a phantom born from nature.

Translated by nakimushitl

 ――Isn’t Chako a phantom that was made?

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Translated by nakimushitl

 After the Cultural Festival, holding the treasure chest key from Chako, I climbed the mountain.
It was the mountain the Photography Club hiked, where Chako told me she was a human.
The cherry tree near the summit, was unchanged from the day Chako and I looked up at the sky together…
However, when I firmly turned my consciousness towards it, the spiritual energy was small but it was clad in it.

 Tomotaka-senpai, had chipped the spiritual energy to its limit.
Translated by nakimushitl
 When I softly placed my hand on the tree, I could feel a small breath.
I breathed out, and chewed my lips.

 To resurrect this phantom, the power of the Priestess of Ominous Cloud must be used.
Even though I trained with Yuusei-kun, and had become able to control my power, I probably can never turn back time again if I use the power here.

“… It will be fine… It will be fine…”
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 I slowly spilled the words to encourage myself who was about to be terror-strickened.

 Kousuke-kun was granted power.
Tomotaka-senpai is probably still fretting but, he’ll surely let her hand go.
Sensei can live long, Yuusei-kun made friends, Tomoyuki-san is spending time with everyone.
No one is left out.Translated by nakimushitl

“It will be fine.”

 Only Chako was left.
If Chako moves forward, there would be no need to turn back time.

“Tree Spirit Grandpa… I heard, from Chako.”

 With my hand still placed on the tree trunk, I talked.

“Chako was the phantom who lived in this mountain with Tree Spirit Grandpa… Now, she became an onmyouji’s familiar, and is going to school with me… I want her to live in this world but, it is rather difficult.”

 Disappearing, no matter how many times I turn back time.

“I hope you can lend me your strength.. I, am the Priestess of Ominous Clouds. I have the power to resurrect Tree Spirit Grandpa. Do you mind listening to what I have to say?”
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 It was scary to use my power, and not be able to turn back time.
However, I thought this mountain cherry tree could teach me something important to Chako.

“… The power, I will be pouring it.”

 There was no reply from the sleeping Tree Spirit Grandpa.
Even then I softly placed my lips on the tree trunk.
And, poured enough power for the mountain cherry tree to take the form of a tree spirit.

“I am…”Translated by nakimushitl

 After pouring the power, I separated my body from the tree trunk.
When I do, a grandpa about the height of a child appeared in front of the tree trunk.
As I forcibly woke him up when he was sleeping, he probably didn’t have a clear cognizance.
The grandpa with white moustache growing on his face, opened and closed his sinewy hand in wonder.

“Nice to meet you.”
“… What didst thou wish to hear from me?”

 At my words, the grandpa turns clouded, light brown eyes without sclera towards me.Translated by nakimushitl

“The small wolf that you lived with here… Was it grandpa who made that child?”

 I gently matched gazes with Tree Spirit Grandpa who has a body smaller than me.
Tree Spirit Grandpa gave a small sigh, closed his eyes, and nodded slowly.

“… Aye. I made that child.”

 Pain ran in those words.

“――Whom I killed.”

Translated by nakimushitl

Support the translations by reading at nakimushitl! If you read this not on the translation site, this has been stolen. 

 And so I heard from Tree Spirit Grandpa about the Chako up till now.

 The mountain grandpa lived in was originally, a place where miasma gathered.
Although that miasma darkened the surroundings, and contravened the hearts of humans that passed by, that was it.
Grandpa knew about the gathering miasma, but wasn’t interested in it.

 It seems that the mountain cherry tree phantom Grandpa became a phantom when the mountain cherry tree’s age crossed 500 years.
As there were many phantoms at that time, there were naturally phantoms in the surroundings of the Grandpa who lived in the mountain.
However, the phantoms decreased before he knew it, and he says that the time in which he lived alone increased.
Translated by nakimushitl
 Grandpa has an ego.
However, he was unable to take on a perfect human form like powerful phantoms, and wasn’t able to get mixed among humans and live.
Accordingly, as he lived 10, 20 years alone, Grandpa started thinking.

 ――That, if miasma is gathered, isn’t it possible to make a phantom?

 Apparently, Grandpa first tried to put the stagnant miasma that already existed into something likely to become a totem.
Raccoon dogs and foxes that lived a long time, and the currently extinct Japanese wolves.
Rabbits, birds.
Dolls, stuffed toys and mirrors that were treasured.
However, they perished within the miasma, disappeared, and although the miasma became thicker, they didn’t become phantoms.
Translated by nakimushitl
 The grandpa subsequently thought, if phantoms without ego enter the miasma, won’t they come to gain an ego?
He put moderate phantoms without egos into the miasma, and let them absorb it.
However, the phantoms were annihilated, and as expected it only thickened the miasma.

 Next, Grandpa made the miasma thicker.
Attacking humans that come to the mountain, making them bear resentment.
Thinking that their thoughts of wanting to remain in this world might become some sort of provision, it seems that he killed a number of humans slightly before Chako was born.

 I close my eyes, and give a small nod at Grandpa’s confession.

“… I heard a little about it. That there was a time this mountain frequently had falling rocks.”

 When I climbed the mountain in the 3rd round.
Sensei told the Chako who was afraid of falling rocks.[1]

 『There was something like that some time back.』
 『The roads are being maintained and the construction of a rockfall barrier is completed so there won’t be any accidents.』
Translated by nakimushitl
 Accidents of falling rocks. They were what Grandpa caused to produce Chako.
The road’s maintenance and the rockfall barrier fences were probably important too but, the root of incidents no longer happening was because Chako was born, and the need for Grandpa to kill humans disappeared.

“Tomotaka-senpai… the onmyouji came to exterminate Grandpa, because you killed humans.”
Support the translations by reading at nakimushitl!
 Chako said she didn’t know why Tomotaka-senpai went to the mountain.
However, Tomotaka-senpai is an earnest onmyouji. He wouldn’t destroy phantoms without a reason.
Although there was a gap of time between Grandpa’s act and the onmyouji’s sanction, as a dangerous phantom, Grandpa had probably become a target to destroy.

“When the onmyouji cometh, I thought it couldn’t be helped… Rather, I wast glad I hath spent a year with that child…”

 Originally, one would immediately be found by onmyouji if they killed even one human.
As Grandpa didn’t do it to take life energy for himself, but to make the miasma on the mountain, the detection may have been slowed.
Translated by nakimushitl
“I didn’t mind being destroyed by the onmyouji… I knew that what I did wast unforgivable for the humans… Only, I hath felt apologetic to that child who’d be left behind.”

 Saying that, Grandpa tightly pressed down the space between his brows with a sinewy hand.

“They[2] stayed on the mountain because of mine selfishness… Even though that child could changeth into a human, and lived with humans.”

 I bite my lips tightly at those words oozing with pain.

“… I didn’t teach them that, and hath continued to keepeth that child with the body of a small wolf by mine side. Not allowing them to cross other phantoms, I hath continued to hide that child.”

 Saying just that, Grandpa takes a breath “Haa”.
As though to calm himself down, he forcefully rubs the space between his brows, and starts to speak again.

“Even though that child is a phantom, they wanted to eat, and hated to scare humans… Their true nature wast human.”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Grandpa closed his eyes, and although, at times he’d bite his lips, he continued to speak.

“That child wast likely… among the humans I hath killed.”

Support the translations by reading at nakimushitl!

[1] Chapter 10.2
[2] Most sentences in this novel don’t have gender pronouns… but that wouldn’t work in English. For Gramps, I’ll be using “they” when he refers to Chako.

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  1. Well, on one hand we finally see Gramps again, on the other hand I wasn’t expecting something this heavy to drop…. Gramps….

    Also, Yui used the last of her powers! Trading Priestess of Ominous Clouds blessing for Grandfather in-law’s blessing huh. Nice.

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  2. Now i hope that the hostility against Tomotaka will decrease because in the first place he was there because of Grandpa’s actions. Tomotaka deserved to be redeemed and he deserves another chance bec he’s clearly misunderstood.


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