Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 35.1

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 35 – The Beast of Black Miasma 2 [Part 1]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 Without telling everyone, I lived my usual life with an innocent look.

 I’ll work hard alone.
I’ll do it alone.

 The day Tomotaka-senpai let go of Chako’s hand, on the day that finally came, I tried to be frank with Chako about everything.

 About the ability to stop being a familiar.
About Grandpa who’s resurrected, and is making Chako’s body.

 And, I wanted to say.

 ――Be reborn, and live with the person you like.

 I thought she’d surely live.Translated by nakimushitl

 If at a time when Kousuke-kun and sensei were saved.
If at a time when Tomotaka-senpai had let go of Chako’s hand himself.
If at a time when Yuusei-kun and Tomoyuki-san were there… and did many fun things.

 However, Chako left flying.

 The road I desired for Chako’s sake.
Chako said she didn’t need that and turned her back.
She said she’d walk on her own road, and flew away.

 I alone couldn’t be Chako’s hero…

 Finally making the resolution to convey everything, I told everyone.

 They might thrust me away. They might condemn me. They might insult me.
However, when I informed everyone of the things I hid, everyone kindly accepted them.
Including me resurrecting Grandpa――a phantom who killed humans, including him being in the middle of gathering miasma right this minute.

 Everyone simply, moved solely to save Chako.

 Yuusei-kun immediately went to meet Grandpa, and the two talked about various things.
Tomotaka-senpai captured the phantoms he was scheduled to exterminate, and carried them to the mountain to thicken the miasma.
And, as the occasion of erasing Chako’s body might turn into a battle, sensei and Kousuke-kun planned strategies, and practiced.
In order for such actions of ours to not become targets of criticism, Tomoyuki-san did everything in his power so that we were not conspicuous.
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 Tomotaka-senpai was there so, we could have recalled Chako, and told her everything.
However, I didn’t want to forcibly stop Chako’s road.

 Because, Chako always assented to me.

 The me who chose a road selfishly.
Should have caused Chako lots of trouble.
Even then, Chako always looked at me with gentle eyes.
『Don’t overdo it alright?』she said.
『It’s fine as long as Yui-chan has fun』she said.

 Chako walks straight on the road she chose herself.

 However, with that alone Chako will disappear.
That’s why, I’ll wait for Chako ahead of that road.
When Chako goes to the place she decided to be her goal, I’ll pull Chako’s hand.

 Everyone listened to even such selfishness of mine, and cooperated.
Spoken so harshly to by Chako, Kousuke-kun and sensei should have been pained but, they moved to erase Chako’s body.
Yuusei-kun constructed a new spell so that Chako’s will wouldn’t lose its way, and opened the road from school to the miasma swirl.

 Tomotaka-senpai surely, had to endure a lot.
I told him the method to release the familiar contract.
He knew that when Chako’s body disappears, she won’t be a familiar anymore.
He shouldn’t have wanted the bond with Chako erased but, Tomotaka-senpai motionlessly bore it, and stayed there.
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 And now, Tomoyuki-san’s looking after the wounded Kousuke-kun and sensei.
Everyone is waiting for Chako’s return, at that house.

 I couldn’t have done it alone.
I think Chako opened her eyes at the end, because everyone was there.

 Surely, Chako went straight on the road Yuusei-kun made.
As Grandpa should be waiting at the miasma swirl, the two may be talking at this time.

 Is Chako surprised?
Is she happy to meet Grandpa?Translated by nakimushitl

 I think back to Chako’s smile, which I like very much.

 I want to see her quickly.
I want to hug that warm body quickly.

 In the car heading to the mountain Grandpa lives, alone, I clench my fist tightly.

Translated by nakimushitl

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 The car finally reaches that mountain. Talking a little with the driver, I get down from the car.
The full moon shines on the mountain road I’ll be climbing now.
However, when I reach that mountain road, as trees are growing on both sides, the light is interrupted, and I can’t see ahead.

 The pitch black road fans my fear.

 … Did it really go well?
Didn’t Chako disappear after all?

 Anxiety spreads in my chest.
To escape from that anxiety, I produce light using the power of an onmyouji.
The light I became able to produce after training with Yuusei-kun.
Besides the power of the Priestess of Ominous Clouds, I also had the power of an onmyouji.
The power of the Priestess of Ominous Clouds is lost but, the power of an onmyouji remains.

“Chako… I’m coming at once.”Translated by nakimushitl

 Light shines on the pitch black road.
Faster, faster! I continue to move my feet desperately.
As I do, I become out of breath, and sweat flows.
When I continue to climb using a brisk walk, a slight taste of blood comes from my throat before I know it.

 Only the sound of stepping on earth and the sound of leaves rubbing because of the wind.
And, my rough breathing are resounding on the mountain road.

 At the end of my moving forward without a single stop, is my destination.
When i desperately concentrate my eyes in the pitch darkness, there is――

 ”… Chako!”Translated by nakimushitl

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