Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 36.1

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 36 – The Beast of Black Miasma 3 [Part 1]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 ――I’m properly here.

 The words I’ve always wanted to hear.
The words I wished for.

 I’ve finally arrived here.
Having everyone move forward, pulling Chako’s hand, I’ve arrived here.

 This is the top of the mountain.

 … Where I stop pulling Chako’s hand.

Translated by nakimushitl

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 The warm body in my arms.
After squeezing it strongly once, I softly pat its head.
The fluffy fur is soft.
The small wolf accepts my hand, narrowing its eyes comfortably.

 … I’ll let go too.

 That was something decided a long time ago.
However, now that the time has come, it’s difficult as expected…

 I don’t want to.
It hurts.Translated by nakimushitl

 I can’t live without Chako.
I’m the one who saved Chako so continue to stay with me.

 I want to continue to tie the warm body to my side, in my arms.
I want to cling to the gentle Chako.

 … Surely, Tomotaka-senpai felt this way too.

“What’s wrong? Yui-chan?”

 It probably was curious, because I was quiet.
The small wolf peeks at me with its golden eyes.

“No. Nothing.”

 Smiling at those golden eyes, I close my eyes briefly.

 … Even then, Tomotaka-senpai let go of her hand.

 I recall the ramrod straight back of Tomotaka-senpai.
Shouldering all the painful feelings.
Even then, Tomotaka-senpai let go of Chako’s hand for her sake.
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 That’s why, me too…

 I lift and put the body of the small wolf I’ve been hugging onto the floor.
The small wolf looks up at me curiously.

“… Chako. I’m happy that Chako is willing to live.”
“Un… Ah. Somehow, it feels late, and is terribly embarrassing.”

 ”It’s already my 3rd year in this world” the embarrassed small wolf scratches its neck area with its hind foot.
That action is so cute, I unthinkingly chuckle.

 Un. It’ll be okay. I was able to laugh.

“… You know what, from now on, Chako can decide how Chako wants to live.”
“… Un.”
“It’s Chako’s life so… Chako should decide.”
“Un.”Translated by nakimushitl


“I thought it’d be good if you live on this mountain if Grandpa is alive but…”
“Ah, un… If possible, I may want to live with everyone in that school, again.”
“Got it.”

 Persist, me.

“… Everyone’s waiting. Everyone’s waiting at that house even now.”
“I see… Man, I feel rather ashamed.”

 The small wolf tilts its small head in a troubled manner.
I want to pat that head…
To endure that, I tightly seize my right hand with my left hand.

“Chako, remember what I said before? … That I didn’t choose anyone. It’s the same even now.”

I won’t choose everyone.

“You don’t have to restrain for me. Chako can decide.”

 I want to look her properly in the eye but, I hang my head against my better judgement.

“… With the person Chako likes, you can――.”
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 ”Live”, I said.

 Saying that, I bring out my courage and try to look at the golden eyes.
I said I’d let go of Chako’s hand properly.

 My heart is being torn off.
But, I’ll do it properly.

 Resolving myself, I look at the small wolf.
However, the small wolf has a shocked face for some reason…

“… Chako?”

 They were words filled with my resolve but, the small wolf’s reaction is somehow strange.
The small wolf’s golden eyes are widened, its mouth open in shock.

“… Wow. Now, it’s been a long time since I’ve been shocked.”

 The small wolf lets out a grazed voice exasperatedly.

“Well. Un… Sometimes Yui-chan, would say shocking things huh.”

 ”Good grief”, its voice sounds troubled.
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“This late in the game, you don’t have to hand over your heroine role…”
“… I’m not trying to do something like handing over the heroine role, I’m just…”

 The golden eyes look at me as though it’s exasperated from the bottom of its heart.
My eyes roam around momentarily at those eyes…
I glance at the small wolf.

“… Because, Chako, you’ve someone you like right?”
“Eh?”Translated by nakimushitl

 At my small voice, Chako’s eyes widen again as though she’s truly shocked.

 … As expected, there’s someone she likes.

 That reaction reveals the reality of that…
That’s why, I try my best to smile, to tell Chako “It’s fine”.

“You like Tomotaka-senpai right?”

 Un. I know.
Chako likes Tomotaka-senpai.

 They are words I said, filled with confidence.
However, the small wolf raises a loud voice “EHH!”

“No, no, hang on, Yui-chan. Just now, we had a talk about seeing him as a steak right?”
“… Un. It was a talk about you liking Tomotaka-senpai so, you couldn’t eat him right?”
“No, no. That’s it, but that’s not it. You know what, I don’t want to eat even if it’s not Tomotaka-sama! I don’t want to eat any human!”

 The small wolf shakes its head “No way no way”.
Although surprised, I look hard at that appearance.
The small wolf’s words and attitude, doesn’t seem to be a lie.

 … It’s not Tomotaka-senpai?

 That was something I didn’t expect…
Various things happened but, even then, I thought Chako likes Tomotaka-senpai.
But. That’s wrong?Translated by nakimushitl

“Then, Kousuke-kun?”

 If it’s not Tomotaka-senpai, it may be Kousuke-kun.
Un. The Chako with Kousuke-kun seemed like she had fun.

 Thinking so, although awkward, I laugh aloud softly.
However, the small wolf looks at such a me with tired eyes.

“No. No, not at all… Just now, I beat him up and rejected him. Yui-chan also heard right?”
“… That’s, something Chako did for my sake… It’s okay. Everyone didn’t take it seriously. If Chako conveys your feelings, surely Kousuke-kun will also…”
“Noo. Feelings you say…”

 The small wolf hangs its head as though it received a shock.
And, after looking at me reproachfully, it sighs.
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“Yui-chan, it’s a bit hard to talk, with this appearance right?”

 Unable to follow the abrupt change of topics, I go “Huh”, at a loss for words.

 This appearance… She probably means this appearance of a small wolf.
Certainly, it may be slightly strange to sit down alone with a small wolf in the mountain and talk.

“Un. It may be slightly strange.”
“I know right… I’ll turn human. Just a minute.”

 After the small wolf nods with satisfaction at my reply, its golden eyes fill with power.
A moment later, a black haze-like thing rise from the small wolf’s body.

“Alright, this is about it.”

 The black haze constructs a form in a moment.
A moment it takes to blink.
The small wolf that was sitting small and quiet before my eyes has, changed to the appearance of a human.
“Fufun” sticking out the chest, golden eyes shining proudly.
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“How is it? Yui-chan. You can’t have those talks with me like this now.”

 It’s completely different from the Chako I know.

 The soft-looking light brown hair is in a short mash bob[1] that shows the ears.
The golden eyes smile gently, the corners of the thin lips rising in a grin.

 Not long black hair and deep blue eyes.
The face too, rather than saying it’s a beautiful girl’s, is a face that gives a soft feeling.
Different from the Chako up till now.
The colour of the hair,the colour of the eyes, and the face.

 But the most different is…

“… Eh? … Male?”Translated by nakimushitl

 The solidly built shoulders, and the moderately tight body is clad in a male school uniform.
The necktie is slightly loosened, and a lovely collarbone can be seen from the gap of the casually worn uniform.

 I don’t know.
Such a Chako, I don’t know.

“Well, my original body is the miasma swirl you see.”

 The eyes of the boy sitting cross-legged on the ground with his uniform are shining mischievously.
That voice is low like a boy’s but, gentleness can be felt somewhere in it.

“I can turn into both male and female. Well, depending on my form at the time, my contents get influenced slightly though.”

 A boy I don’t know laughs “Hihihi” and explains for me.
I look dumbfoundedly at that grinning figure.

“Why is…”Translated by nakimushitl

 Chako male?

“Because, Yui-chan asked me to choose everyone. You won’t say such a thing now right? I said “watashi” until now but, I’ll use “ore” from today.” [2]

 He laughs “Ehehe”.
That way of laughing is as expected Chako…

 But, that’s no good.
Because, if so…

 Translated by nakimushitl

[1] A type of bob hairstyle
[2] They are first person pronouns. Both genders can use watashi but females use it more. Ore is used by males.

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