Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 37.1

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Played the Role of a Villain
Chapter 37 – Benefactor and Friend [Part 1]

Translated by nakimushitl
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It will be Chako’s POV from here on.


 Before I knew it, I’m inside a white haze.
I sit absentmindedly with the body of a small wolf.

『Have thou been well?』

 The voice resounding from somewhere is that nostalgic voice.
Surprised, and becoming happy, I unconsciously raise my voice.

“Gramps!”Translated by nakimushitl 
『Oh, you seem to clearly have a proper ego』

 A hoarse, but kind voice.
I look around trying to see his figure but, I don’t see the Gramps’ figure there.

『Sorry but, I don’t have a body… Oh, do you know why you came here?』
“Ah… un. For Yui-chan’s sake… I beat everyone up, and used up the miasma in my body.”
『Aye. That’s why you came all this way.』
“… Un.”Translated by nakimushitl 

 Because Yui-chan said she turned back time.
Yet she said this is the last.

 Somehow, it felt regrettable to disappear, so I came here against my better judgment.
It’s uncool even if I do say it myself.
I think that was the time to coolly say, “Be happy okay?”, and disappear.

『…  There’s not much time… I ought to apologize to thou.』

 As I’m feeling embarrassed, and my gaze loiter around restlessly, Gramps lets out a voice of suffering for some reason.

『Something Gramps wants to apologize for? Did something happen?』

 Let me see, I tilt my head but, I don’t really get it.
When I do, Gramps seem to sigh, and the atmosphere gets somewhat heavy.
… I’m bad with things like this.

『I’d been hiding this from thou but… I’d been trying to make a phantom, using miasma deposits. And, thou was the one born.』
“… Ah. In short, Gramps was the one who made this phantom body right?”

 Rustle, I scratch the area around my head with my hind foot.
Gramps’s serious tone somehow made me lose my cool.

『… I killed humans. The onmyouji who made you a familiar didn’t make a mistake… It would’ve been fine if he destroyed me.…』
“… Well, I did notice that Gramps might have done something. Tomotaka-sama, ah, that onmyouji. As I lived with him. Tomotaka-sama is earnest so, I thought there was some reason he came to exterminate Gramps.”
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 So he killed humans…
Makes sense an onmyouji came huh…

『… I caused falling rocks to kill humans… I killed thou.』

 Gramps lets out a voice of suffering.
“I’m sorry”, his apologizing voice sounds really pained…
Not wanting him to suffer in such a manner, I answered Gramps in a voice as cheerful as possible.

“Huh? Gramps, haven’t you heard? It wasn’t like I was in this world. I came from another world y’know?”
『Aye. I heard that. But thou died from falling rocks right? … The things I did in this world must have went to that world as backwash.』

 Nahー… I don’t think the influence would have crossed over worlds.

『I killed thou… and forcibly pulled thou to this world…』
“Ah, wait, Gramps. Enough with that story.”
『… Howbeit.』Translated by nakimushitl 

 Gramps seems to want to make it his responsibility no matter what.
I interrupted his words but, he’s still trying to continue the story.
It can’t be helped, I sigh “Good grief”, and slowly search for the words.

“Ah, how should I say this… you know what, I think the truth is something we don’t know, un.”

 Yes. We don’t know.

“Well, it may be as Gramps says… But, I don’t think so.”

 That’s why, I’ll believe in what’s convenient for me.

“My human body died in an accident by chance. Then, it should’ve ended there but, Gramps guided me to this world.”

 After all, this could be the truth.

“In short, Gramps is my life benefactor.”

 ”Hihihi” I laugh mischieviously.

“Since we don’t know the truth. I’ll believe so. Yeah? That’s why this talk ends here. Try to believe so too, Gramps.”
『… Is that fine?』
“Un. Ah, in the first place what’s a guy who was trying to disappear up till some time ago saying huh.”

 Really.Translated by nakimushitl 
Even after Yui-chan turned back time again and again and finally arrived here.

『… The body I made may be difficult for the human thou to live in… Thou may also suffer… That child surely knows this… That child hath always been talking only about thou.』
“That child?”
『Aye. The Priestess of Ominous Clouds.』
“Ah… it’s Yui-chan.”

 That’s right. Gramps’s spiritual energy was chipped by Tomotaka-sama, and he was sleeping. Us talking like this means someone granted power to Gramps.
The one who can do such a thing is only the Priestess of Ominous Clouds.

“As expected, was it Yui-chan who revived Gramps?”
『Indeed… Wanting to save thou. Solely for the sake of that.』

 It was during the cultural festival that I told Yui-chan about Gramps.
… Perhaps, had she always been working hard alone from then?

『Irresponsibly making thou, and not giving thou knowledge, letting thou be a familiar. I may not have the right to say this but… Even then, I, too, wish for the same thing as that child.』

 Gramps’s hoarse and kind voice resounds.

『I want thou to live… Thou can forget my story. Will thou listen to that child’s story?』
“… Un. Understood… I’ll properly listen to Yui-chan’s story.”

 I always didn’t want to listen.
Because it was fine just doing fun things.

『I’m lacking some miasma to make your body… Along with the power that child gave, I’ll make your body.”
“Nn? Body?”
『Aye, the familiar contract has ended. Your old body has completely disappeared… And, thou will enter a newly made body now.』

 The familiar contract has ended.Translated by nakimushitl 

 I’m surprised at those words.
“I want to do something about it” I did think that.
However, thinking there was surely nothing I can do, I didn’t do anything.

 How hard had Yui-chan worked, while I lived absent-mindedly?
Doing over again and again, turning back time…

『There’s already, not much, time to talk.』
“… So Gramps will sleep again?”
『Aa… I killed humans, and was punished by an onmyouji. I’ll accept the retribution… And, I want to see thou when I open my eyes again.』
“… That’s a little too far off.”
『Aye… Thou can decide, after listening to that child’s story.』
Support the translations by reading at nakimushitl!
 But, if Gramps sleeps, who do I reply to for this talk?
“It’d be nice if we meet, again” after that kind voice, my consciousness is blown far away.
And, I’m inside darkness before I know it. Sitting alone in the form of a small wolf.

 How many years later will Gramps revive naturally?
Tomotaka-sama said 200 years later, did he?

“It’s too far off…”

 When I sigh while muttering, my breath turns white.
The me who wasn’t able to reply Gramps at all was pathetic.

 ”I want thou to live”, Gramps said.
And, I’m not a familiar, I’ve a new body.

 With this body.
In this world.Translated by nakimushitl 

 The body Gramps made can be thought of as Yui-chan’s power, there’s something warm.
I don’t want to be alone in such a darkness but…
If there’s that warmth, I can think about working hard a little.

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