Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 38.1


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Played the Role of a Villain
Chapter 38 – Teacher and Family [Part 1]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 The Kousuke-chan who heard my words goes, “What’s with that” and knits his brows.
Then, Yuusei-chan comes walking from the dining room, laughing while sitting next to me.

“Always be friends. It has a nice ring to it.”
“Alfrens. Nice, isn’t it?”

 Exchanging glances with Yuusei-chan, we laugh “Hihihi” together.
Still lying on the sofa, Kousuke-chan looks at us who are laughing.

“… Doesn’t change.”
“Nn? What doesn’t?”
“… Chako really came back. I was thinking we’d continue to live like this.”Translated by nakimushitl

 Kousuke-chan’s kind of saying something cheesy.

“You’re right. Because, we’re friends in the first place. Gaming with Yuusei-chan, and Kou-chan joining in sometimes. The three of us will chat, and do lots of, stupid things alright?”
“Stupid things huh.”
“Un. Yuusei-chan, you like them right?”

 Yuusei-chan looks at me with an excited face.
It seems that Yuusei-chan didn’t do much of these with his friends, before getting to know us.
Whenever I say let’s do something, he’ll always approve.

“Mixing drinks at the drink bar[1] of a family restaurant, shooting rocket fireworks. Ah, something like mentos coke is also nice huh.”Translated by nakimushitl

 When I tell them the things I suddenly thought of, Yuusei-chan nods with satisfaction.

“They, sound nice.”
“Right? When the snow piles up, we can gather a lot of it, and jump down from a tall place and whatnot.”
“… Don’t do things that will cause others trouble.”

 Kousuke-chan throws a wet blanket on the excited us.
The usual exchange.
Although Kousuke-chan talks like this, when all is said and done, he’ll play with us when the time comes.
While observing so that Yuusei-chan and I don’t go over the top.

 The three of us chat about unimportant things.
Kousuke-chan’s body seems to be tired, enough that he, sometimes, speaks up.
But even then, he never said “Go away”.

 It feels good when us three are together.
I believe Kousuke-chan and Yuusei-chan definitely thinks so too.

“Ah, where’s Sensei?”
“If it’s the older Kuo, his is more severe than Kousuke so, he’s sleeping on the bed.”
“Ah I see. So the bedroom?”
“Yeah.”Translated by nakimushitl

 Yuusei-chan answers my questions.
Kousuke-chan still seems tired so, I make a blanket with miasma and put it on Kousuke-chan.
… I’ll pretend I didn’t see Yuusei-chan’s eyes shining beside him.

“Then, I’m going to see Sensei for a bit.”
“Yeah.”Support the translations by reading at nakimushitl!

 Leaving Kousuke-chan and Yuusei-chan there, I stand up, and look at the dining room once.
When I point towards the bedroom, the director nods, “You may”.
Because I’ve been at this house throughout summer vacation, I generally know this place.
I’ve got the director’s permission so, I head to the bedroom Sensei is in.

 Standing in front of the bedroom, I knock just in case.
Moderately because it’d be bad if he’s sleeping.
When I do, there’s a small response so, I open the door with a clack, and go in.

“Sensei. Are you okay? I am Chako.”

 There’s the figure of a person on the bed.
He seems to be trying to rise so, while stopping that, I hurriedly go towards the pillow side.
Then, I lean over at the pillow side and, my eyes meet with the amber eyes that are looking at me.

“You’ve finally come…”

 A grazed voice.
A tired-looking face.Translated by nakimushitl

“Aa, I am Chako. I’ve become like this.”
“… I see. Somehow this face is more natural than, your face up till now.”

 Sensei looks at me, giving a small smile. I reply with a nod to that.

 That could certainly be true.
Because up till now I’ve been changing my form, while thinking of a game character.
If you were to ask which is more natural, I think my current is overwhelmingly more natural.

“I’m glad, that you were able to come here properly.”

 Sensei sighs as though he’s truly relieved.
Support the translations by reading at nakimushitl!
… Ah. Sensei’s also speaking in this manner.
Even though I did cruel things.
Without condemning, or getting angry at me…
He simply says, that he’s glad I’m here.

“… I have come late. I did not know what I would do, if I am left behind by Sensei but, I have finally caught up too.”

 I was a little vexed, when we saved Sensei in this house.
Sensei who straightforwardly said he’d live was dazzling, and cool.

“… Tomonaga. Are you going to live with Naba?”

 Sensei’s amber eyes shoot through me. Not averting my eyes, I reply.

“Yes.”Translated by nakimushitl

 Sensei’s brows knit a little at that reply.
Then, after giving a small sigh, he looks firmly at me.

“… Humans are weak. They’ll definitely die before phantoms.”

 I don’t want to listen.
However, Sensei is probably talking even while knowing such feelings of mine.

“It’s going to be difficult for phantoms and humans to live together.”
“… There are more humans but they also go fast, don’t they.”
“… I can change my form. I’ll match Yui-chan, and take forms of the same age.”
“… I see.”Translated by nakimushitl

 In the time Yui-chan’s here, I want to live like a human, just like Yui-chan.

“… I don’t want Yui-chan to die first but. If possible I’d like to turn away from things like that but… But, as expected, Yui-chan’s important. I am thinking of living together with Yui-chan.”

 I’m glad I can change my form. If only Yui-chan ages, and I remain like this… Surely, it’ll be difficult for both Yui-chan and I.

“… Yui and Kamo and Yuusei… they’ll die before you.”
“… Yes.”
“I don’t know about the director but, he might die before you.”
“Yes…”Translated by nakimushitl

 Everyone in this house, now.
Surely, there will be many people who’d die faster than me.
Perhaps it’s only now that everyone can be together.

“… However, Kousuke and I are here.”

 Sensei’s low voice resounds.

“You and Naba saved us. Us brothers will not leave you behind.”

He can say such a line without being embarrassed.

 I unconsciously laugh at that voice of Sensei.
Sensei doesn’t get angry even towards the me laughing as though I’m poking fun…

“Then… when Yui-chan disappears…”

 The people I know will die faster than me.

“… If I don’t know what to do, please show me what’s ahead again.”

 Say “We’re moving ahead.” And show me the future.

“Yeah, leave it to us.”

 Amber eyes that shine with strength and tenderness.
His body is worn-out and even his expression looks tired…
But, a look like that is cool too.

Support the translations by reading at nakimushitl!

[1] Not the alcoholic stuff, it’s an area with soft drinks and sweet drinks dispensers where you can fill your cup.

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4 thoughts on “Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 38.1

  1. The author is almost trying too hard to make it all straight now that it’s the end LOL. I mean, we already knew that Yui was ready to risk it all even when she thought Chako was a girl lolololol

    I’m mostly joking trying to keep the tears in rn

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  2. LMAO I’ll bet… Kousuke and Sensei will say when the human side died, that they will have Chako turn back into a girl… Sensei really is lowkey looking for the girl Chako ehhhh


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