-Welcome to Nakimushi’s Fan-made Supplement!-

Memory refreshing. May contain spoilers.


东方家 Dongfang Clan
辰逸 Chenyi – Protagonist. Previously 楚俊楠 Chu Junnan.
梦蝶 Mengdie – Chenyi’s female cousin, uses a sword.
紫晴 Ziqing – Chenyi’s female cousin
炎 Yan – Mainly a parody of Xiao Yan from BTTH.


玄真神剑门 Xuan Zhen Divine Sword Sect
许轩 Xu Xuan – male disciple
楚纤纤 Chu Xianxian – female disciple
楚余天 Chu Yutian – CXX’s parent


Lin Clan
Lin Yiyi – Mengdie knows her, level of their relationship unknown as per current translated chapter.

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