Table of Contents



Volume 1
For ‘Genius’ to be the Starting Point, Isn’t There a Mistake Somewhere

Chapter 1: This is How I Crossed Into a Wuxia World
Chapter 2: Sure Enough, I’m Not Really Used to Being a Genius
Chapter 3: I’m the One Who’s the Protagonist, So Why Isn’t It Happening to Me
Chapter 4: I’m the Protagonist, but the Cheat was Snatched Away by the Supporting Character
Chapter 5: How Can You Beat Your Son Like This!
Chapter 6: To Think My Life’s First Time Will, In This Manner…
Chapter 7: Sorry, I’m a Wuss
Chapter 8: The Customary Standard Plot Is Still There, But Something Seems Odd?
Chapter 9: To Think the First Love Letter of My Life Is Actually…
Chapter 10: Every Korean Drama Has an Amnesia Phenomenon
Chapter 11: Isn’t Having a Poser in Inter-Clan Assemblies a Definite Event in Novels?
Chapter 12: The Protagonist’s Presence is Very Faint In This Chapter
Chapter 13: I Did Not Appear Much Last Chapter, So I Must Posture In This Chapter!
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15: Beginning to Enter the Main Plot?
Chapter 16: Here Comes the Awkwardness of Having the Protagonist Beaten Up
Chapter 17: Lord, I Feel That Something is Off Regarding This Matter!
Chapter 18:
Chapter 19:
Chapter 20:
Chapter 21: The Truth?!
Chapter 22: Decrypt, Escape, and Then…
Chapter 23: My Little Sister Can’t Be This Understanding[1]
Chapter 24: The Daily Life of Living Together with Two Girls
Chapter 25: A Long Talk at Night
Chapter 26: How Can A Protagonist Not Be Willful?
Chapter 27:
Chapter 28: Entrust Your Back to a Party Member
Chapter 29: Facing a Big BOSS
Chapter 30: You Did Not Expect Right, That I Can Also Gain a Cheat
Chapter 31: Unexpected Reinforcements
Final Chapter: The Things I Want to Do

Volume 2
My Martial Sect Cultivation is Wrong as Expected
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2: The Arrogant Dude Got Beaten Up!
Chapter 3: A Protagonist Must Encounter Robbers on the Road
Chapter 4: Every Novel Must Have a Headstrong Princess
Chapter 5: It’s Really Hard to Get Along with Arrogant Dudes
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7: Celestial Big Sis! Celestial Big Sis is Broken!
Chapter 8: I Won’t Be Leashed So Easily!
Chapter 9: I Have Never Seen Such Brazen Acts Before
Chapter 10: Carefree Sect is Very Carefree
Chapter 11: Induction Banquet!
Chapter 12: I’ve Started Practicing Too
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15: Even Second Martial Brother Can Be Chivalrous

[1] Reference to My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute
[2] Reference to My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as Expected.

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