Table of Contents

Picked up and continued by T.T. Translations!


Main Story

00   Reiryuu’s Five Leaders and Mediocre Girl
※Episode1   Physical Fitness Test and Executives
Character Setting Data

Encounter Arc
01   Student Handbook and Candy
02   Penalty and Excuse
※Episode2    Dodgeball and Lucky Girl [Part 1] [Part 2]
03   Soda and Skirtchase
※Episode3    Average Point and Nickname (T.T. Translations)
04   Glasses and About-face (T.T. Translations)
※Episode4 Requested and Committee (T.T. Translations)
05   Umbrella and Othello


*’Episodes’ are supplements added at a later date by the author. ie. The 5 original chapters of Encounter Arc were uploaded in 2012 while ‘Episode’ chapters were added in 2014.



Theme Songs

Pitter-Patter Othello Mishiro Hayate Route
Candy Drop Smile Rengetsu Fuuga Route《Spring ver》



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