Note: I’m not very proficient in Chinese/Mandarin so these are roughly translated. More tags will be added if I ever read any of these. Please at least credit or link back if you use my teaser translations.

Ace Deliverer by Shadow·Wind Swift
324 chapters + extras, completed.
< fantasy, action >

We live during the end of times. In a world where the weak are prey to the strong, enemies are everywhere in sight. This is the tale of a youth who searches for the final vestiges of the sun in the darkness.



to think.jpg

Who Would Think I’d Be A Brave Like This! by NightNightNightNightNightNight丶
329 chapters + epilogues, completed
< brave, different world, gender bender, comedy, loli, harem >

Q1: Can a crossdressing boy really be cuter than real girls? Q2: The cause of death, can’t it be something other than death by constipation?  Q3: What use is there to a brave other than for beating up the demon king? Q4: Even though I’m cute, I’ll attract death… what the heck is this? Q5: Well well, this sure is one serious and decent novel. Q6: Harem? No! What I want is ‘Ha…




Haughty Male Deity Lives In My House: Say I Love You 99 Times by Ye Fei Ye
1091 chapters, completed
< romance, slice-of-life >

When he spent a night at her house, he also accidentally slept a night with her body. Ever since, she became entangled with him. The him before marriage wondered how to force a marriage, the her after marriage wondered how to leave a marriage. “Male deity, I don’t want this marriage! I don’t! I don’t!” When she finally repeated the important matter thrice, he actually threw her a divorce certificate. Initially she thought she was finally freed, but she didn’t expect… the him after divorce, transits into her room all day and night, clinging to her… eventually, she could no longer stand it: “We’re already divorced!” He gave her a calm glance and threw the divorce certificate before her. The words on it were: The car belongs to her, the house belongs to her, the children belongs to her and he… also belongs to her?



I, the World’s Strongest, Can Only Be a Normal Person by Xi Hao Li Hai
86 chapters, ongoing
< magic, romance, student >

Logically speaking, with me, who has the strongest combat abilities in the world, as the protagonist, this book should already be on an invincible and pompous route. If it’s me, even if I’m not set as the demon king of a RPG, I should at least be a brave or whatever, right? Or, in the worst case scenario, a Long Aotian* who steps on others? However, I, who is precisely this strong, can only keep a tight lid…

(*T/N: Something like a Chinese equivalent of Gary Stu.)




Regarding My Abnormal Life After Turning Into a Monster by Jackdaw
621 chapters + extras + afterword, completed
< action, modern >

You’ve come to live in the unfamiliar and large city, but you probably didn’t expect… on the first day, you’d already have half a foot in hell and half a foot on the edge of the abyss. The exceedingly quiet city conceals breaths of darkness and death, with signs of bloody slaughter being commonplace. Peaceful days will never again return and you’re on pins and needles everyday, with fear of turning into a headless corpse the very next second. The rest is up to you to reveal… for why would a normal youth…




Survival Records of an Antagonist NPC by LuoluoIsn’tGenerous
866 chapters + finale, ongoing
< different world(xianxia, transmigration), NPC >

I crossed worlds and became a NPC the moment I woke up? Moreover, a cannon fodder NPC? This is such a perilous, walking-on-a-tightrope tempo ah! Wanting to live, I rushed to hug the protagonist’s thigh and originally thought that I escaped the “coveted junior sister’s beauty is wasted and she lands in dire straits” fate, but what? This person is actually the antagonist BOSS?! Sob sob sob, I want to go home!




Quick Transmigration System: Male God Capturing Manual by Huan Chu
3679 chapters, ongoing
< quick transmigration, episodic, system, romance >

She was killed by the joint efforts of her husband and female bestie during her honeymoon! Perhaps because her resentment is too deep, at the last second before Qin Huanhuan dies, suddenly in her head: “Beep——The Male God Capturing System is officially launched. Please sit tight, host.” Since then, Qin Huanhuan begins to cross into different planes, stepping on the path of capturing male leads. Childhood Friend President/Sentimental School Hunk/Coarse General/Weak Chicken Scholar/Brokeback Lord/Demon Emperor/Cold Vampire/Undead King/Online Game God/Primitive Chieftain… there is only the unimaginable, never the undoable. Are you ready?



The Villains Are All Main Gods by Tang Mi
209 chapters, completed.
< quick transmigration, episodic, love interests are villains, romance, at least R15, all love interests have actual romantic relationships with only MC a.k.a. are ‘clean’, instances of captivity, MC always crosses into someone beautiful, 1v1 each world, beautiful MC >

Which of the so-called ‘villains’ are not ruthless and unfeeling?

As a dutiful Villain Capturer, Jun Ning must employ all her skills,
combining tsundere, adorkable-ness, frostiness, gentleness and majesty… in a single body.

Only this way can she let the icy hearts of villain male gods completely melt into a pool of spring water.

The cunning hostage prince from a foreign country, the cynical and warped top student, the scholar tolerant to humiliation, the ambitious and insincere film emperor, the overbearing CEO with dissociative identity disorder…

All kinds of male gods, there’s only what you can’t imagine, not one she can’t capture.

T/N: I translated the arc names too~
Added tags in brackets for easier reference!

1. Capture the Cunning Foreign Hostage (ancient)
2. Capture the Insincere Film Emperor (modern)
3. Capture the Ruthless Scholar (ancient)
4. Capture the Obsessed Ghost (modern)
5. Capture the Foolish Wangye (ancient)
6. Capture the Adorkable Huskie (modern, body switch)
7. Capture the Reborn Zombie (apocalypse)
8. Capture the Target of Infatuation Performer (modern-ish)
9. Capture the Online Game NPC (slightly futuristic)
10. Capture the DID CEO (modern)
11. Capture the Wild Cultivating Disciple (xianxia)
12. Capture the Galactic Killer (futuristic, interstellar)
13. Capture the Real World (modern)


Lord Husband Is So Clingy.jpg

Lord Husband Is So Clingy by Mo Sisi
2 volumes + extras, completed
< different world(ancient, transmigration), reverse harem, polygamy, romance, at least R15, a bit of wuxia & action, a bit of war, some slice-of-life, strong MC >

After an accident, she became the Limpid Princess Qingyan, carrying the worst reputation in the Country of Nanyue.
Not only is she unruly and ignorant, she’s also a foolish anthomaniac!
Facing the contempt of a group of beautiful men, she very considerately avoids them as much as possible!
Yet, who would have known…
The more she avoids, the more those men cling to her!
One, two, three…
Four and five!!!
The prince who originally refused to marry, refuses to marry anyone but her. The young master who originally had a beauty beside him, has a change of heart. The family head who originally had a poisonous and sarcastic tongue, says sweet nothings…
Her life… is facing a major upheaval!



Dying Within the Male Lead’s Arms Every Time by Ginger Fish
112 chapters, completed.
< different world(modern, transmigration), multiple transmigrations, supernatural, horror, suspense, deaths, a bit of gore, romance, age progression (ML), time skip, ML has character development >

The male lead Shi Qi of the supernatural novel《Affluent Ghost Master》is cruel and merciless. After Ning Meng’s deaths, she transmigrates into people around him.

The first time, when the male lead is 7 years old, she transmigrated into his biased and vicious grandmother.
The second time, when the male lead is 17 years old, she transmigrated into his money-loving female desk mate.
The third time, when the male lead is 21 years old, she transmigrated into his duplicitous love rival.
The fourth time, her entire person transmigrated into the novel.

Shi Qi secretly hid a small diary when he was young, recording his granny’s eccentricities.
Later he sees that the one who treats him well isn’t his real granny, but a wild ghost that possessed her.
After growing up, he notices that all these eccentricities appear on a certain person around him…


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