Green (“Safe”)

Please at least credit or link back if you use my teaser translations. I haven’t read some of these series so accuracy of the synopsis translations isn’t guaranteed.

Nation’s Saviour Lady Rose
Saintess Liliana Wants to be Killed
 by Ice Rain
15 chapters, ongoing.
< different world(otoge, reincarnation), villainess, misunderstandings >

A viscount’s daughter, Liliana Innocy, was dubbed the ‘Saintess’ by her surroundings and became the fiancée of her beloved His Highness. However, the person in question did not seem happy at all.
The despair of her, who should have grasped happiness from what appeared like a Cinderella story from afar, was largely related to the『Nation’s Saviour Lady Rose』otome game in her previous life.
This is the story of such a girl who lives only to fulfil the love from a previous life.

(T/N: Events from Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner and more, told from Liliana’s POV.)



Kimiboku ~ Refuse to Be a Villain!~ by Kujou Yuuki
30 chapters, completed.
< different world(otoge?, reincarnation), romance, age progression >

I reincarnated into the world of an otome game I played in my previous life as the villain…… it’s true, it’s not a joke. Falling to ruin・Getting expelled from school・Family breaking apart , I won’t let such flags be raised! With that in mind, I rapidly upped my parameters and before I knew it, I became the strongest high-specs girl. Then I realised. This world isn’t the stage of an otome game, but a real world that resembles it. The girl who realised and the girl who doesn’t try to realise, a clash that’s discordant in all respects begins…… even if you say that, the protagonist doesn’t act much. She’s simply watching the other high-specs ikemen make their move.



I Took My Leave According to the Storyline, So What Is the Matter Now? by Mayumirino
54 chapters, ongoing.
< different world(otoge, reincarnation), annulling of engagement, noble villainess, misunderstanding, siscon >

Receiving the annulling of engagement from His Highness the Crown Prince, Christiane departs the stage of the otome game.

She works as the commoner Chris at the inn-cum-diner in town, but for some reason His Highness the Crown Prince and his encourage are heading towards her…



don’t even feel like playing by Misuzu Sumire
47 chapters, ongoing.
< won’t become a reverse harem, different world(otoge, reincarnation), school life, romance >

In this otome game world, I’m the heroine, apparently. This spring, at my parents’ convenience I who came to freeload at my uncle’s place will, fall in love with the ikemen at the Hanazono Gakuen I’m transferring to, apparently. By ‘apparently’, I mean they’re what I heard from my male cousin who’s 4 years older than me. I’ve no interest in something like love. Honestly, it’s a pain. My male cousin, Suehito, is the support character who’s here to help with the romance, it seems.

“Since Saki doesn’t want to get involved with the capturable targets, then all the more you should rely on me. Isn’t it easier to avoid trouble if you know the favourable impressions and capturing hints?” “Well, that’s true.”

And so, while not getting involved with the capturable targets as much as possible, I’ll leisurely read a book or something.




The Glass Shoes Were Also Carried Away By the Mouse by Puni-chan
30 chapters, completed.
< different world(fairytale?, reincarnation), Cinderella, mouse, modern knowledge, the magician’s disciple, prince, DIY, love at first sight >

Reincarnated as Cinderella, Rira formed counter-measures against her stepmother and sister-in-laws with the animal (mouse) who’s her close friend.
However, on the night of the dance party, the glass shoes that Rira took off and left on the stairs――were actually stolen by the smug-looking mouse that’s always with her!

This is roughly the story of a magician’s disciple who fell in love at first sight with Cinderella and the events following that.

(Raw) Amazon



I’ll Break the Reverse Harem Flag. 《series version》 by Minase Yanagi
51 chapters, completed.
< different world(otoge, reincarnation), school life, romance >

You want my beloved nii-samas to be part of your reverse harem? Is that a joke? Of course I’ll stop you! A story that begins with the fighting spirit of a reincarnated middle school student.

(Omake: Summer’s Rainbow)



Doll of the Show Window by Rolling
110 chap, completed.
< romance, comedy, reverse harem, school life, modern >

“He~ey, Mika-chan. Mind being a mannequin?”

The request my older sister made out of nowhere. Was to be a replacement for the mannequin in the show window.
For I, Ichinose Mika, who loves the norm, to work in such a part-time job that’s so far from the norm!
Furthermore, older sister’s shop is, a lolita fashion shop――.

※ ※ With the protagonist who loves the norm as the focus, it’s a thrilling slapstick comedy with people like ojou-sama and butler, Student Council President and demonic okama-san jumbled in!
※ ※【Main story completed】currently, chapters such as the extra edition and special edition are being published.

(Sequel: Doll of the Show Window ・ New Semester)



I was Called Villainess but More Importantly the Charisma Beside Me is Scary【series version】 by YoshiYoshihiro
31 Chapters, ongoing.
< school life, 80% leisure, suddenly serious, different world(otome game, reincarnation), protagonist is teacher, reincarnation >

An unfamiliar bishoujo said I was a wicked teacher. Apparently ‘I’ am the villainess of a otome game, but more importantly my student, the capturable target’s Charisma・Cheat is frightening in many aspects. Heroine, run.

The newbie teacher who doesn’t know what’s going on, protects the capturable targets from the heroine who thinks she reincarnated, struggles to protect the heroine from the capturable target’s ( Charisma ), the one year in school has begun. You can say it’s a romance genre, but if I have to pick one, it’s closer to leisure everyday life. This is such a story.



The Anti-Story of a Hidden Magician by Saeki Yatona
25 chapters, completed.
< different world(fantasy otoge, reincarnation), romcom, master & disciple,  dense, protagonist is loved, swords & magic, hidden cheat, prince >

Philty reincarnated as a mob character in the world of an otome game. But at this point, the foundation of the story already became messed up…?

“Ah, am I the reason? ……… I’m really sorry, Heroine-san.”

Aah, but if I’m allowed to, I want to see, up close, the moments when the bishoujo (heroine) kyakkyahfufu with the ikemen (capturable characters)…! Then, why don’t I just put together an original but perfect stage!
So that’s why, the reincarnated girl will strike out spectacularly today too.

(Revised: 【Revising】Reincarnated Tale of the Court Magician-sama)



King of the Other World by Ikesaki Kazuya (Guardian of Peace’s author)
191 chapters, completed.
< different world(fantasy, summon), magic, medieval, country/citizen, romance >

Takimine Yoshito led a rather ordinary high school life. Surrounded by many friends, leading a fun day-to-day life. Today too, on the way home with his childhood friend Houjou Yuki and close friend Fujikura Shinobu… it’s about an other world summon with monsters, and magic.



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  1. These all seem so intereseting~
    Unfortunately, I’m doing one novel that is 72 chapters so I won’t be doing any new ones lol.
    Hopes someone picks them up~~~ ^^
    Thanks for doing these synopsis ^^

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    1. Ah! I’ve read Lady Rose’s raw and the story is good so I’m looking forward to your translations hehe. Thanks for your hard work.

      I hope someone picks these up too C:

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