(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 10

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 10 – Chako’s POV after “Attaining Everything 15” Anecdote

A/N: The story after Chako flew away.
Chako’s POV. Slight gore warning.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 In the dark forest.
Before the phantoms that bubble from the darkness, I swing my arm with my claws out.
After leaving a splitting sound and a sensation of cutting flesh, slide, the upper and bottom halves of the phantom in front of me divide.
My body warms quickly when I look at that which crumbles and dribbles onto the ground.

“Un. How nice.”Translator: nakimushitl

 Still unable to suppress the rising corners of my mouth, I jump to the front of the phantom diagonally to the right.
When I swing my arm at that phantom with only an eye which opens with a creak, he easily splits into two.
Dark red fluids spills in the forest faintly light up by starlight, and melt into the ground.

 This nostalgic place.
This is where Tomotaka-sama and I visited for phantom exterminating about a year ago.
It seems to be a place where it’s easy for phantoms to breakout, they will gush forth one after another if you leave behind even one.
Perhaps because Tomotaka-sama hit me with a whip back then so that I leave one phantom behind, several tens of phantoms are now squirming deep in the forest again.
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“Alright. I’ll eat ‘em all today without leaving any!”

 There’s, no one to stop me now.
Even until I’m full, and lay these guys to waste, no one will hit me with a whip.

“Really, I’m glad it doesn’t hurt.”Translator: nakimushitl

 While laughing “Ahaha” and chopping up the phantoms, I finish eating everything before I knew it.
The stink of the mold on wet earth and the oozing odour of rotting trees. There’s also the ammonia odour that seems to stab deep within the nose.
This is the smell of phantoms.
From that which can never be said to smell good, I sense the sweet aroma of freshly baked madeleines which tickles my nasal cavity.

I want more.

 My heated body isn’t satisfied yet.
I lick my upper lip and grasp my right hand tightly.
Clouds flow in the night sky, and at times, the waning moon reveals itself in the dawning sky.Translator: nakimushitl

“Well then, to the next place.”

 Light brown hair is exposed to the night wind, swaying.
I look around with my head which line of sight has changed, unlike the time I’m with Yui-chan’s group.
Then, concentrating power deep inside my body, I construct my appearance into a falcon’s.
Flap, my wings shake, soaring into the sky.

 I fly like that for a little while but, at a good spot there’s a radio tower painted in red and white.
Approaching that, I make my form into a human’s and stand on the steel frame.
I already, can’t see the school Yui-chan’s in at all but, I motionlessly strain my eyes in that direction.

 The Yui-chan who always worked hard.
Pulling everyone’s hands so everyone can go forward.
Yui-chan asked Chako to go too but…

“That’s, too pitiful for Yui-chan.”

 Always about everyone.
… Always about me.

 Like that, Yui-chan alone loses out.

“I’ll work hard.”Translator: nakimushitl

 I let spill the words to give myself courage.
Those words are carried off by the cold night wind, dissolving in no time at all.

 … I can’t pull hands like Yui-chan.
However, I can push backs.

 I look at the dawning sky.
The moon that has become half is in the night sky.
The time I’ll return to Yui-chan’s side, is when this moon disappears once, and becomes a perfect circle again.

“Wait for me okay? Yui-chan.”

 Breathing out white breaths, I softly mutter.
Then, whiff whiff I work my nose, searching for the rotting and musty ammonia smell――nonetheless an extremely good smell.
When I do, I sensed a sweet madeleine aroma when I face to the east.

“Food, detected.”
Support the translator and read on the translator’s site!
 As though drawn in by that smell, I kick the steel frame of the radio tower, dancing towards the night sky.
Then, I change my form into a falcon, spreading my wings, flapping them.

 No matter when.
No matter how many times it takes.

 This life, for your sake.

 ――The role of a villain, I’ll show you I can carry it out.Translator: nakimushitl

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  1. What is going on!? What is she thinking!? What is going to happen!?

    Damn it. That’s like a buffet straight to hell!


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