(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 8

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 8 – The Christmas 1 Year Before “Attaining Everything 13” Anecdote

An anecdote about Chako and Tomotaka’s Christmas 1 year ago.
Tomotaka’s POV.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 Finishing school, I follow the way back to the solitary apartment.
It was clear until noon, but clouds abruptly appear and the temperature drops.
Grabbing the entrance’s knob with my hand that grew numb with the cold, I open the door.
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“Welcome back.”
“Aa, I’m back.”

 The inside of the house is warm, and a lone girl waits in the corridor.
Fluffy, light brown hair and golden eyes.
This looks like a normal girl, but it’s a phantom.
I found it at the mountain in spring last year, and made it a familiar.
I normally have it take the form of a human like this and live with it.

 When I take off my shoes, that phantom talks to me nervously.
Translator: nakimushitl
“Is Tomotaka-sama… not returning home?”

 It’s rare for the phantom to be the one starting a conversation but, what is it asking?
Not quite understanding, I look at the phantom and it mutters softly… “Christmas”. 

“Ah… there’s nothing to be done even if I return. There’s no Christmas.”

 I’ll only get gripes if I return to the main house.
I’d always been training, so I had no connection with Christmas from young. 

“… Santa, had he never appeared?”

 The golden eyes glancing at me are amusing, and the ends of my mouth unconsciously rise.
A phantom said “Santa”?
Translator: nakimushitl
“Who would have expected? You were in the mountain, where did you learn such knowledge?”
“From the television…”

 For a phantom to watch Christmas on the television.
I let spill a chuckle when I think that this phantom, alone in its room, watched Santa on the television.
Imagining that scene, I laugh by myself and the phantom hesitates with an awkward face.
Then, “Excuse me for a bit”, it apologises and takes out a Christmas wreath.

“This, will disappear tomorrow. Can it stay just for today?”
“… What are you going to do with it?”
“Uh, I wanted to do one because I saw it on the television… should I not have?”
“No, I don’t mind but…”
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 Thinking that the green and red wreath the phantom is holding in its hands doesn’t match this house, wrinkles drop in on my brows.
However, this phantom seems to want to do the thing it saw on the television called『Christmas』and hurriedly decorates the front door with it after getting my permission.
Then, it goes to the living room and a large Christmas tree takes shape in the space next to the sofa.
Apparently, it’s transforming spiritual energy and producing various things with it.

 The phantom seems to start having fun as it decorates in this manner.
I’m not sure where it learned from but it starts humming Christmas songs and the house is coloured with Christmas before I know it.
Translator: nakimushitl
 Garlands of snow crystals hang from the ceiling, and the wall is decorated with the English letters『MERRY CHRISTMAS』.
The patio windows with their curtains open has Santa and reindeers drawn with snow spray.

“Christmas, good.”

 Finally, having made an enormous reindeer stuffed toy, it seems satisfied. The phantom goes “Un un” nodding all by itself.
The house coloured with Christmas somehow doesn’t seem like my house…
My chest feels strange, like it’s in pain, like it’s ticklish. I give a small sigh.
Then, I call out to the phantom that’s still looking around the house with glittering, golden eyes.

“Let’s have dinner.”

 The phantom seems taken aback when I call out to it. It enters the kitchen in a hurry and starts preparing the food.
The food lined up on the table is different from always, there are many types and looks wise many of them are brightly colored.

“It seems like Naomi-san made them in high spirits.”
“… Indeed.”
Translator: nakimushitl
 Naomi-san is the housekeeper.
It seems that the meal she made was more extravagant than always because it’s Christmas Eve.
Despite being a phantom, its (Chako) eyes glitter at the food and it seems very much happier about the food than me.
“Itadakimasu”, when I put my hands together and is about to eat the dinner, I suddenly feel a gaze in front of me.

“Merry Christmas.”
“… Merry Christmas.”
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 It firmly tells me even while wondering ”Will he get angry?”
I give a small sigh to that and reply likewise.
The phantom seems happy when I do, its mouth loosens slightly and it places the stewed hamburger steak in front of it into its mouth to cover that up.
Seeing that, I, too, place the food in front of me into my mouth.
The hamburger steak stewed in tomato sauce somehow feels more delicious than always.

“It’s snowing.”
Translator: nakimushitl
 The phantom suddenly looks out the patio windows with their curtains open, and mutters.
I see white things silently falling within the darkness.

 No wonder it was cold until I entered the house.
A considerable amount is falling, so it may be piled up tomorrow morning.

 Things like, I’d have to wake up early tomorrow.
Or things like, it’ll get troublesome if the snow piles up and my shoes get wet. I finish eating dinner while thinking such.
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“Tomotaka-sama, can I go out for a while?”
“How long?”
“Likely about 30 minutes.”
“Aa, I don’t mind.”

 The phantom calls out to me when I clean up the tableware at the kitchen and sit on the sofa.
We didn’t receive any work today so there’s no problem with it doing as it pleases.
Its head lowers, “Thank you very much” when I grant it permission and heads out from the patio windows.

 When the phantom heads out in this manner, I’m left alone in the house.
Thinking the me sitting on the sofa, alone, in a house coloured with Christmas is awfully laughable, I end up snorting.

 To think that a phantom will tell me Merry Christmas.

 ”Haha” my voice comes out.

 It’s idiotic.Translator: nakimushitl
Phantoms aren’t humans.
The wish of the Kamo family is the extermination of phantoms.

 That phantom is a familiar.
Familiars are tools.
I’m using it to make myself strong.
Only that.
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 Perhaps thanks to laughing out loud, the hazy thing I don’t quite understand that was in my chest until a while ago left to somewhere unknown.

Finally a bit refreshed, “Fu”, I Iet out a small breath.
Then, I kind of look up at the ceiling as I am.
The snow crystal garlands the phantom put up are swaying.
When I look at it absentmindedly, slide, the patio window opens.

“I have returned.”

 Saying just that, the phantom closes the patio windows again.
It’s apparently doing some kind of work at the veranda.
Curious, I stand up from the sofa and go to the patio windows. There, is the figure of the phantom squatting on the veranda floor.
In the phantom’s hands are――

“Snowmen?”Translator: nakimushitl

 Two snowmen which one can approximately hold in a hand.
The phantom leaves them on the veranda, opens the patio windows, and comes indoors.
Did it make the snowmen with bare hands?
Those hands have become red.

“It’s not really a present but. The bigger one here is Tomotaka-sama. The eyes are deep blue.”

 The phantom explains to me, who’s standing stock still in front of the patio windows.
Certainly, the bigger snowman has 2 deep blue stone-like things placed on them and they look like eyes.

“The smaller one here is me. It has ears.”
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 The slightly smallish snowman next to the bigger one is certainly unlike a snowman, there are 2 triangle things on top of its head.
This phantom tends to take the form of a wolf, so it probably used that as the image.
Perhaps it was in a hurry, that snowman doesn’t have eyes.
For some reason I feel, slightly, disappointed that it doesn’t have those eyes that shine gold.

“I see a phantom can make something like snowmen.”

 When I mutter quietly, the phantom tilts its head like it’s troubled.

“Santa gave them.”
“Santa did?”
“Yes.”Translator: nakimushitl

 Finding the phantom’s excuse amusing, “Fufu” my voice ends up leaking.
As if there’s a Santa who’d give snowmen.

“The Santa of phantoms sure gives strange things, huh?”
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 When I laugh while looking at the phantom, the phantom’s eyes roam around restlessly.
I look at that face with the ends of my mouth raised, “Come here” and go to the sofa.
“You can watch the television” I pass it the remote control and even though it seemed so uncomfortable so far, its eyes glitter in an instant.

 Phantoms aren’t humans.
Familiars are tools.
I’m using it to make myself strong.

 Yes. I know.
I won’t get confused.

 It’s just that… this phantom is my familiar.
It’s natural that we’re together like this.

 That’s why.Translator: nakimushitl

 The phantom or I.
We can always be together until one of us disappears.

 Always be together.

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