Yurino Subaru’s Creation Data (extracted from Chapters 11 and 38).

May contain spoilers.



Sakurai Mitsuki 桜井美月 / さくらい みつき

2nd year student. 155cm. Flat-chested. Even though she’s plain, her features can be technically considered cute. Small animal type.

Tea-brown tinted pink bob hair.

A bro-con who likes her older brother, Mako-chan.

Her personality will change as you raise her specs.

Depending on your play style, she can become prim and tidy wife material or a sexy fiend.



Sakurai Makoto 桜井真琴 / さくらい まこと

2nd year student. 178cm tall after the transport here. Originally 158cm so she gained around 20cm.

Frequent user of contact lenses due to short-sightedness. Switches between black and red-rimmed ones glasses depending on the occasion.

Face is somewhat feminine but has a fearless look. The level of his face is so-so. Doesn’t resemble Mitsuki much.

Initially he wasn’t like this but he’s gradually turning into a sis-con.

Even though he’s a natural flag-raiser, he himself has no intention of having a romance.


* * * * *

Kiritani Riku 桐谷陸 / きりたに りく

175cm / 60kg / Blood type A

2nd year student. Is called “Prince” behind his back. He has a fan club not just in Izumino Gakuen, but in Atlas Academy too.

Glossy black hair that are slightly shaped with gel. Cat type.

Has a powerful and distinct gaze. Slightly tsurime. Well-arranged features like a doll, with a face that has been described as feminine.

Fair skin with no visible pores like a bisque doll. Slender body. Long and well-proportioned limbs.

Constantly expressionless despite being a beauty. His emotions rarely undulates, he speaks with a disinterested tone.

Straightforward and cool. He was set to have a voice and smell that captivates the Sakurai siblings.

Has very few friends. It’s rumoured that Makoto and the others were his first friends.


* * * * *

Tsubaki Soutarou 椿木颯太朗 / つばき そうたろう

183cm / 72kg / Blood type O

2nd year student. Basketball club.

In Makoto’s words, a sly dog. Showing upturned eyes while tilting his head is his certain kill technique.

Short black hair. Kind-looking droopy eyes. Two beauty spots are lined up on his left collarbone. Also, dog ears.

Even though he’s muscular due to basketball training and is tall, he’s bad with spirits and eerie stuff.

He takes care of his elementary schooler younger siblings in place of his working parents. Good at housework like cooking and washing clothes.

Though in front of Makomako he usually acts like a large dog, he actually has the presence of an eldest son and is good at spoiling others.


* * * * *

Fujisaki Kaname 藤崎要 / ふじさき かなめ

172cm / 60kg / Blood type B

2nd year student. He was in the basketball club until Junior High School but currently he’s acting as the helper for various clubs.

Self proclaimed jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none who can easily play any sports.

Secures his blonde hair with a red pin. The sharpness of his tsurime eyes is his charm point.

Although the way he speaks relaxedly coupled with his looks gives him a DQN appearance, he’s actually rather perceptive.

Amiable and participates in many social activities. Average grades. Humanities.

Because he’s so perceptive, he learned to maintain a strong self-control on many occasions.


* * * * *

Narahashi Junya 楢橋純也 / ならはし じゅんや

180cm / 66kg / Blood type O

3rd year student. Unexpectedly the Student Council President.

Black hair with blue highlights in an asymmetrical Wolf haircut, his right eye is hidden by bangs.

3 earrings on the left and 2 on the right, wears jangling silver accessories on his neck and fingers.

On his fair-skinned oval face is a pair of goggle-eyes. The beauty spot at the corner of his eyes is strangely amorous. A very alluring character.

Both M and S. Regardless of being male or female, he likes them as long as they’re cute.

The Sakurai siblings are completely his type. Calls Makoto “bunny-chan”.

Rumour has it that people were enjoying passions of the night in the Student Council room.


* * * * *

Takayanagi Yasuchika 高柳靖睦 / たかやなぎ やすちか

176cm / 65kg / Blood type A

3rd year student. Student Council President and Swimming Club’s vice-head. His father is the director of a university hospital. A bonbon.

Natural soft reddish-brown hair and owner of blue eyes. Fair complexion. Glasses boy.

He’s a half from a pure-bred Japanese father and a mother who has English blood.

Basically can be said to be high-class goods. But after a long association with Narahashi, he was infected by his poison and became foul-mouthed. There are times when he acts violent too. The victim is usually Narahashi.

His certain kill technique is Lariat. He’s also capable of unleashing Iron Claw and Choke Sleeper.


* * * * *

Yurino Tamaki 百合野環 / ゆりの たまき

169cm / 56kg / Blood type AB

Homeroom teacher of Mitsuki and the others’ class, he specialises in Biology.

Neatly trimmed black hair, gentle eyes. The corner of his mouth is always raised, giving an impression that he’s constantly smiling.

In Makoto’s words, he’s both serious and sensual. Slightly baby-faced. His height is on the short side.

Although he exudes the serene atmosphere a nursery teacher would have, he feels kind of unreliable.


* * * * *

Yurino Subaru 百合野昴 / ゆりの すばる

166cm / 52kg

2nd year student. Tamaki’s imouto and Mitsuki’s good consultation partner.

Student of the prestigious mission school, Atlas Academy. Excellent grades.

Has long black hair and tsurime, the special characteristic of this powerful beauty is her alluring eyes.

Loves Tamaki in the original work but the current Subaru has no feelings for him.

Although she seems like a riajuu from her outer appearance, the contents are unfortunately a fujoshi and an otome gamer.

Produces her own otome game and BL game works in the Circle. Can’t draw.


* * * * *

Yukinoshita Ikuto 雪下郁人 / ゆきのした いくと

166cm / 54kg / Blood Type AB

First-year in Private Atlas Academy’s High School division. English special accelerated class. Ikkun.

Black hair that may appear violet under light. A slanted kappa hairstyle that extends from his ears till below his chin with fringe like the letter ‘M’.

According to Makoto, his eyes are ‘dead’. The type of character who’ll be troubling when he’s dere.

A refreshing and earnest good youth but there seems to be something hidden in that smile of this template schemer.

Likes interesting things. Also likes poking fun. Gets lively when he tricks people.


Yukinoshita Madoka 雪下まどか / ゆきのしたまどか

159cm / 44kg / Blood Type A

Touka University’s Faculty of Literature, Philosophy Department. Second-year. 20 years old. Ikuto’s older sister.

The rival character in place for Takayanagi and Narahashi.

Long and wavy honey-coloured hair. A slender beauty with a fair complexion.

Continuously admitted into and discharged from the hospital due to a chronic disease. Although she appears like a template disagreeable ojou-sama on a high horse, she’s frank at her root.

Childhood friends with Takayanagi and Narahashi. The society regards her as Takayanagi’s fiancee but they’ve not been officially engaged.

Likes Junya as a good friend. Loves Takayanagi as a person of the opposite gender.

She’s currently on good terms with Mitsuki. It seems the two hang out together from time to time.


* * * * *

Hasumi Yuiko 蓮見結子 / はすみ ゆいこ

162cm / 50kg / Blood Type B

Year 2 Class A. Belongs to the Female Basketball Club. Yun-chan.

She was the rival character in place for Soutarou and Kaname, but as their routes weren’t thread on, she is currently Mitsuki’s friend.

Short hair that was dyed brown. A beauty with clear features including a pair of  large eyes and defined eyelashes.

With her enlivening tomboyish and manly personality, she holds an elder sister-like position to Mitsuki.

Faintly likes Makoto…?


Umeda Daichi 梅田大地 / うめだ だいち

178cm / 66kg / Blood Type A

Third-year student. Secretary in the Student Council and a member of the Basketball Club.

With regards to Dokidoki Renai Kakumei, he’s a background character. A background character who seems like he doesn’t have a name. Of course, he’s not a capturable character.

Other than his black and stiff unruly hair and thick eyebrows, he has a common face that doesn’t possess any peculiarity.

According to Makoto, he gives out a pointlessly refreshing aura. Is always smiling.


* * * * *()

Kaburagi Kazutoki 蕪木一期 / かぶらぎ かずとき

188cm / 80kg / Blood Type A

Second-year at Kuzuha Minami Technical High School. Ichigo-chan. Fell in love with Subaru at first sight.

Red hair with fringe that’s swept back and hair at the sides protrudes out like the legs of a crab. Or so it was like, but at the moment it’s very short black hair with slightly reddish streaks.

Well-chiselled facial features like a Greek sculpture paired with sharp sanpakugan. Muscular.

Appearance is clearly that of a delinquent high school student. One of the high school boys who were picking a fight with Prince.

A completely cool boy. However, the way he expresses romantic feelings is around an elementary school boy’s level. Carnivorous type. Siberian husky or perhaps Japanese Wolf.


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