-Welcome to Nakimushi’s Fan-made Supplement!-

Memory refreshing. May contain spoilers.

Takamura Mahiro 高村真宏
Main character. One of the daughters of the Takamura family who’re cursed to turn male on their 17th birthday.

Takamura Riko
Mahiro’s mother. Experienced the curse too, but broke it with Mahiro’s father.

Kousaka Arata 香坂新
Mahiro’s classmate and friend. Sits beside Mahiro.

Sena Tsugumi 瀬名つぐみ (Originally Takaaki 鷹秋)
Popular cute girl who seems to be interested in Mahiro. But is it just a simple fancy?

Sena Suzume 瀬名すずめ
Tsugumi’s onee-san. Takafumi’s girlfriend.

Sunohara Chiharu 春原千晴
Popular ikemen who’s part of the Karate Club. Claims he likes Sena. Calls Mahiro Hii-chan. He seems to know more than he’s letting on?

Natsuka Takafumi 名塚貴史
Mahiro’s cousin. But is that the only thing he means to Mahiro? Plays guitar. University student.

Hiwatari Shuu 日渡柊
Kousaka’s kouhai from Basketball Club. Mahiro akins his stature to a straw.

Hiwatari Kaede 日渡楓
Hiwatari’s older brother. Plays the bass. University student.

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