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RKO: ‘English’ Terms

From some of the comments I read, I realised there may be some unclear areas. Hence this is a post to clear some misunderstandings you may or may not have.

So the interesting thing about the Japanese language is that they’ve embedded many foreign terms and words in their daily usage, and this includes English.

But sometimes their usage of certain ‘borrowed’ words varies from their original meaning, or are used in a way that isn’t standardly used. Read about wasei-eigo if you’re interested.

*btw sorry if my explanation isn’t good/clear ><*

Here’s some terms that appeared in RKO, which the author kinda wrote in English (eg. baggu –> bag, rather than kaban –> bag) and might have created misunderstandings. Do refer to the Glossary, which will be continuously updated, for other terms.

What it actually is (in this case) What probably comes to mind
This is the thing Junya wears. I initially left it as it is but will be translating it to ‘jacket’. May also refer to ‘pullover’.
parka parka2

Not the island. More like a track suit.

top-image_02_03 jersey2
The ‘enamel’ is referring to the material. More like a sling bag.
enamel bag




One thought on “RKO: ‘English’ Terms

  1. thank you! over here, a jersey is a woolen shirt of some sort, so this helped a lot xD i also didn’t know what the enamel bag was. and so they call hoodies parkas… xD

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