A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 10

How will Chenyi deal with the black-clad person?

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Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie

Volume 1 Chapter 10: Every Korean Drama Has an Amnesia Phenomenon

“Actually, it’s just as you said; I’m merely Dongfang Chenyi’s body double.” Dongfang Chenyi has no choice but to go with the flow and jabber.

“… I’ll listen to your nonsense later. Quick, lead the way.”

“Uhm… can you….”

“What? Didn’t I tell you not to speak so much rubbish? Do you not want to live?”

“Uhm… Can you let me wear my clothes first ah, my current appearance isn’t too apt, right?”

The black-clad person looks Dongfang Chenyi up and down and say: “What are you afraid of, the Dongfang Clan people are all asleep now, are you still afraid that others will see? Moreover, if someone sights us, I’ll kill him immediately.”

Da heck… so cruel.

“Even if you don’t let me wear clothes, you should be okay with letting me wear a pair of pants right…”

“… Are you trying to play some trick? Taking the opportunity to escape and the like?”

“How can it be? Just like you say, aren’t you more than enough to deal with someone of my level? Even if I escape, you should still be able to catch me, right?”

“Who knows what you’ll do? There isn’t anything decent in your Dongfang Clan. Move quickly or else don’t blame the blade in my hand for being merciless.”

“I… I got it, sheesh…” Dongfang Chenyi can only wear his pants speedily, then lead the black-clad person out the room.

Alright, where should I bring this guy to, later? It appears that this guy means what he says; he may take my life at any moment if I show any trace of suspicious movements.

“… Punk, what are you still thinking about? Still not leading the way? Hurry up and move!” The black-clad person is currently following behind Dongfang Chenyi, positioning a sword against Dongfang Chenyi’s back.

“I got it, don’t hurry me ah.”

“Hmpf, who knows what tricks you Dongfang Clan are playing?”

It appears that this black-clad person has not a small amount of resentment towards the Dongfang Clan ah, should I coax some information from him in passing?

“Uhm… were you the one who wrote that letter today?”

“….. so what if I am, there’s no need for you to know. You only have to pay attention to leading the way.”

Alright, turns out it really was written by this fellow. If that’s the case, this fellow should undeniably be from the Lin Clan.

But why is he so fixated on Dongfang Chenyi? Don’t tell me he has some fishy reasons? Or maybe this guy is gay?

Dongfang Chenyi ponders as he brings the black-clad person to the back mountain. They didn’t bump into any servants and the like on the way.

“This is…”

“This is our Dongfang Clan’s back mountain. Under the Clan Head’s order, Dongfang Chenyi entered closed-door practice here…”

“Hmph, so that’s how it is. Hurry up and bring me to Dongfang Chenyi!”

“Okay….” Dongfang Chenyi says that but his heart is working the abacus[1]. I can only wager on the back mountain…

Dongfang Chenyi purposely brings the black-clad person to walk randomly around the back mountain. The black-clad person seems to sense that something is amiss, and says coldly: “We passed by this area just now, didn’t we? Punk, are you playing me?”

“How… how is that possible?”

Crap, he found out…

“Hmpf, it really was a mistake to leave you be! I’ll kill you right now!”

Hearing that, Dongfang Chenyi immediately accelerates and rushes forward.

“Want to run?” The black-clad person gives a cold smile. Using his qinggong, he closes the distance towards Dongfang Chenyi in no time at all.

“Die.” The black-clad person raises his sword and stabs at Dongfang Chenyi.

Right at this moment, a shadow suddenly jumps out and blocks the black-clad person’s attack.

Seeing that, the black-clad person hastily takes a step back, “Who?”

“That’s my question. Who are you, to actually dare to trespass into Dongfang Clan and even attempt to hurt Big Brother Chenyi.” Only to see Dongfang Mengdie wielding a platinum-coloured treasure sword, standing in front of Dongfang Chenyi.

Seeing Dongfang Mengdie, Dongfang Chenyi finally breathes a sigh of relief. From Dongfang Chenyi’s investigation, it appears that Dongfang Mengdie practices at the back mountain till a very late hour everyday. That’s why, this time, Dongfang Chenyi had purposely led the black-clad person to the back mountain.

“Tch! Are you someone from the Dongfang Clan?” The black-clad person frowns and subsequently glares at Dongfang Chenyi, “You despicable punk, to think you actually…”

Shut up! This is called being resourceful!

“Thief, brace yourself!” Dongfang Mengdie’s voice articulates as her legs shift. Shortly, she flashes before the black-clad person, stabbing out with the treasure sword in her hand, directing it towards the black-clad person’s vital point.

The black-clad person hastily swings his sword to block. However, Dongfang Mengdie’s strikes are akin to a rainstorm, constantly stabbing towards the black-clad person without end. The move that Dongfang Mengdie unleashed is precisely Carefree Sect’s famed sword art—-Heavenly King’s Four Godly Swords.

After clashing for several bouts, the black-clad person is beaten to the point where he has no strength to fight back and can only forcibly fend against a portion of Dongfang Mengdie’s attacks.

“Haa!” Dongfang Mengdie inclines her body and waves her sharp sword, unleashing what is truly one of the moves belonging to the Heavenly King’s Four Godly Swords—–Phoenix Soars to the Heavens. This move is exceptionally high-speed. The black-clad person is completely unable to respond in time and is already wounded.

The black-clad person hurriedly retreats, “Dongfang Mengdie of the Carefree Sect, I’ll remember you this time.” The black-clad person employs his qinggong and escapes.

Dongfang Mengdie doesn’t go forth to pursue him. Instead, she carefully puts away her sword, turns around and asks Dongfang Chenyi who’s standing at one side, “Big Brother Chenyi, are you alright?”

“Ah, yup yup, pretty much fine.” It’s over. Even though I’m saved, Dongfang Mengdie found out that I don’t know martial arts…

“Um… Big Brother Chenyi…”

“What… what’s the matter?”

“Actually, I’ve been wanting to ask you something….”

“What… what is it?” Dongfang Chenyi makes a strained smile. He’s roughly guessed what Dongfang Mengdie wants to ask.

“Actually, these few days I feel that… Big Brother Chenyi, you seem to be different from how you used to be, as though you’re a completely different person. In the past, Big Brother Chenyi, you didn’t like to speak at all. Whatever you did, you did it alone and you didn’t like people disturbing you.”

“However, the Big Brother Chenyi I’ve seen recently has changed. You start to become very approachable, start speaking more and you’re able to smile frequently. I’m very happy that Big Brother Chenyi is able to open your heart to this extent, but….” Dongfang Mengdie pauses for a while before continuing to speak: “But because I don’t know the cause, I felt extremely uneasy and frightened…”

Indeed, if someone you’re close to suddenly changes, you’ll feel very uneasy. Dongfang Chenyi suddenly recalls some matters from the past and his face also turns gloomy.

If I tell Dongfang Mengdie that I crossed worlds and forcibly occupied Dongfang Chenyi’s body, won’t that be like telling her that the Dongfang Chenyi of the past has died and the one standing before her now is merely someone who is Dongfang Chenyi in name only?

Dongfang Chenyi looks towards Dongfang Mengdie, only to see her expression filled with sadness. If I really tell her the truth, she may immediately start crying… if that’s the case, then I should just…

“Mengdie, actually… I lost my memories.”


“Actually…. I practiced a strange martial art… and thus lost my memories.”

“So that’s really the case…”

Ah, don’t tell me I’ve spoken aptly again? I only said whatever came to mind…

Dongfang Mengdie slowly says: “Honestly, I knew. Ever since Big Brother Chenyi practiced that strange martial art, you gradually became very cold, stopped expressing your feelings and treated us like strangers. But I didn’t expect… that you’ll actually lose your memories…”

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay… even if Big Brother Chenyi lost his memories, you are still my Big Brother Chenyi… Mengdie will stay by your side.”

I’m sorry, I feel extremely apologetic for lying to you, I’m really extremely sorry!

“Uhm… Mengdie… regarding the issue of me losing my memory, can you keep it a secret from the other clan members ah… if they know that I’ve lost my memory, they’ll feel very sad, so…”

“…. I understand” Saying so, Dongfang Mengdie smiles and adds: “Sure enough, even though you lost your memories, you’re still as gentle as you were in the past, Big Brother Chenyi.”

“Mm… That’s right. Still, that black-clad person just now… do you have any clue, Mengdie?”

“Hm… I’m not too sure either, our Dongfang Clan hasn’t beget any hostile forces in Royal Dragon City.”

“I see.” Even though Dongfang Mengdie says that, Dongfang Chenyi still suspects that the black-clad person is from the Lin Clan. “Mengdie, the Inter-clan Assembly around the corner, isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s right. When the time comes, the three notable clans of Royal Dragon City will send their younger generation to participate in the competition.”

“Is that so, I got it.” The Inter-clan Assembly is a good opportunity. If possible, let’s try to get in contact with the Lin Clan. It’ll be best if I can discern the black-clad person’s identity.



[1] Calculating

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