Reiryuu Academy SC Chapter 0

Happy New Year! May 2017 be a good one!

I’m probably gonna finish up the Prologue and Encounter arcs. Might not go any further than that but let’s see. Here’s the synopsis. The chapter numbering is kinda confusing so please refer to the ToC if you wanna read in order.

Charm points: Reverse harem that doesn’t go overboard, character building and development over time, a bit of mystery (Meru’s identity, for one), a female protagonist who can stand up for herself, ESP(?), different routes/endings


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Reiryuu Gakuen Seitokai

00    Reiryuu’s Five Leaders and Mediocre Girl

 Private Reiryuu Academy――an integrated academy comprising of elementary to high school sectors, a mammoth school that has over 3000 students. Needless to speak of the capability of executives belonging to the organisation that reigns at its top, the Student Council. It is said that as long as a person has the track record of being one, he is able to find employment no matter what kind of recession is ongoing.
 The most outstanding in the history of such a Reiryuu Academy Student Council were dubbed as『Reiryuu’s Five Leaders』and their legend passed down to later generations.


 This is the age of those『Reiryuu’s Five Leaders』.
 The story of 5 boys with overflowing talent and a girl who buried that history.



“100th out of 300.”

 In the level 1 corridor of the High School Year 2 building, on an expansive piece of paper that is put up across one of the wall surfaces, are 300 names and the rank of their capabilities. The results of the subject exams held before spring break begun. In other words, the very first exam after turning into Year 2s. The name of the girl who spoke of a rank that was neither good nor bad is Kusuhara Meru. Meru neither rejoices nor laments at that rank. Her face simply reflects the colour of relief.

“An ordinary rank as usual, huh. Miss Average.”

 Her friend, Uemura Maiko, speaks as she looks at Meru’s rank. Maiko and Meru became friends due to the common point of entering the academy in high school[1]. Perhaps their personalities clicked, for they are always together by the second year since their entrance into the school.

“You, you never miss more or less the 100th place every time, huh. It’s amazing if you took that rank deliberately, you know?”
“There’s no way I can do something amazing like that~. This is the thing called ‘competency’.”

 Meru raises both hands and sticks out her tongue.

“Alright alright. Look, haven’t those in the ‘divine realm’ transcended this ‘competency’?.”

 Having said so, Maiko points at Meru. Catching her drift, Meru turns only her head behind.
 At the furthest end of the corridor where a crowd is gathering――it’s where the names of the people in the leading positions are put up.
 Understanding till that point, Meru is able to unravel what she means.

“The various members of the Student Council, is it?”

 At the same time Meru mutters, the crowd parts to both sides and forms rows. The group of five enters her field of vision.

“Whoever misses the top 5 ranks will have his work quintupled until the next test, got it? Fuuga is exempted from this.”

 The boy in the middle saying that with a refreshing smile is Kamishiro Hayate. The exceptional personage selected as the Student Council president the moment he entered the high school division. A prodigy with a graceful appearance and a keen mind. Thus, the nickname that is stuck to him is『Reiryuu’s Emperor』.

“Thank goodness! As expected of Hayate-kun. Getting within the top 5 is impossible for me after all, yup.”

 The ikemen whose appearance puts celebrities to shame is Rengetsu Fuuga. He’s not smart. If one had to say then it’d be substandard, but he’s a Student Council executive selected by Hayate.

“Why don’t you be serious, Fuuga. Rascal[2], why are you always so optimistic? In the first place, as a Student Council executive you should study more…”

 The glasses-boy who begins his never-ending preaching is Katsuragi Shoutarou. The Council’s vice-president, second to Hayate. Basically, he’s always preaching Fuuga.

“Please calm down, Katsuragi-kun. Rengetsu-kun won’t have anything left if you take his optimistic outlook away.”
“Wa… Yuuri-kun, that’s really mean?”

 The boy with a short stature who Fuuga clings to in tears is Aidou Yuuri. He may have come from a good family background for he has exemplary etiquette.

“But if we move in accordance to Hayate’s directive, roughly all of us have to occupy the top ranks, isn’t it.”

 The slender individual wearing a female uniform with long, golden hair tied in twin tails at two sides is Hiiragi Raira. Meru only found out recently that he’s a boy despite how pretty he is.

“I wonder what they are talking about, right? … Eh, Meru?”
“Hm~? What’s up?”

 Maiko holds back Meru who is trying to return to the classroom.

“You seriously have no interest, huh. In the Student Council executives.”
“Imagine me being a follower in their entourage, it’s laughable.”
“True. I don’t make a fuss to that extent either so I suppose we’re similar.”
“I like Maiko-chan because of the way you think~”

As Meru clings to her, Maiko forcefully peels her off with an exasperated expression.

“Well, people like geniuses are out of this world. There’s no way normal people like us can understand them, right.”

 Maiko mutters while revering the figures of the Student Council executives. Reiryuu Academy’s Student Council that is famous nationwide. As members of that Student Council are chosen from the first year of high school and will remain till their third year, they can be considered the so-called《genius》. And that is a word that Meru hates the most.

“Yeah. That’s true, Maiko-chan.”

 Meru says with her back turned towards Maiko.


 At this point, Meru still doesn’t know. That the fated moment with they who are known as『Reiryuu’s Five Leaders』are approaching bit by bit――.

[1] This is an escalator school that begins from elementary level so they entered it midway.
[2] Shoutarou uses ‘Kisama’ (貴様), a rude way of saying ‘you’. It’s usually translated as ‘bastard’, but ‘bastard’ has some disparaging nuances that I didn’t feel fit here.

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  1. Wait there is a cross dresser in the student council? “The slender individual wearing a female uniform with long, golden hair tied in twin tails at two sides is Hiiragi Raira. Meru only found out recently that he’s a boy despite how pretty he is” ??


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