A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 8

In case you have been wondering, Chenyi uses internet or modern slang and words from time to time (eg. FML, rigged).


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Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie

Volume 1 Chapter 8: The Customary Standard Plot Is Still There, But Something Seems Odd?

Hello everyone, I used to be called Chu Junnan and was originally an ordinary high school otaku. I had an elder sister who had a savage character despite looking very pretty. I usually liked to watch anime, read web novels and occasionally fantasise about the amorous life I might lead if I cross into another world.

What I didn’t expect is that I really crossed over to another world. Yet… I’m actually different from the usual transcenders.

According to the novels he’d read, Dongfang Chenyi generalises that the transcenders and protagonists in web novels are all typically like this: even born as trash, will definitely turn genius in the future. Fortune alternates in 30 years, don’t scoff one for being poor in his younger days. Excellent talent and superior bodily endowments, practicing for 10 days beats 10 years. Noble young masters who bullied, killed in reprisal after the comeback. Caves always contain miraculous encounters, rings always conceal old men. Love triangle with male and female leads, all kinds of beautiful ‘flowers’ surround male lead. Tigerish body shocks all with its dominance, accepting every younger brother and beauty.

Yet, what makes Dongfang Chenyi depressed is, he still hasn’t experienced any of the classic procedures above ah, hey! Should he really not feel anxious this way? This novel’s protagonist still doesn’t know this world’s words at chapter 8? Don’t tell me the male lead crossed worlds to investigate the texts of this world?

In fact, after he returns home, Dongfang Chenyi sends a servant to buy a Xinhua Dictionary in order to prevent a repeat of being knocked unconscious and being fed drugs. After he learns a number of words, Dongfang Chenyi realises that this dictionary is actually called “Xinhua Vocabulary”.

Hey, this is already very similar to Xinhua Dictionary. Are you going to come up with an Oxford Vocabulary next?

But what surprised Dongfang Chenyi is that his memory is amazingly strong. If this was when he was still Chu Junnan, memorising a page of classical chinese would have made him half-dead.

To think that he could actually remember these dull words crystal clear, sure enough, it looks like it’s because this Dongfang Chenyi is a genius ah, a genius’ brain is indeed different…

I’ve really had enough… at this rate, it might be better to not have crossed worlds. How great is it living openly in the 21st century? One can play games and watch anime, yet I can only face a dictionary all day long now…

I didn’t cross worlds to obtain knowledge here, it was to flirt with girls, create a harem and save the world on the side.

Although there are two girls within the family, their feelings towards me are only the love towards an elder brother. It hasn’t risen to the level of boy-girl emotions so there aren’t any prospects.

Dongfang Chenyi fiercely hurls the dictionary onto the floor. I really can’t read anymore. I’ve already read for 3 days straight and can at last be counted to have memorised half of it, but who can withstand passing everyday in boredom like this ah…

As for the Lin Clan that he was concerned about previously, Dongfang Chenyi had enquired Dongfang Mengdie about them. Dongfang Mengdie said that it’s another big clan in Royal Dragon City which allegedly has ties to the Hundred Medicines Sect. Its relationship with the Dongfang Clan is ordinary; they don’t usually make much contact.

Yeah, ‘Hundred Medicines Sect’, the name of another sect has popped out. But this name is slightly familiar to Dongfang Chenyi, it seems that Mr. Jinyong’s novel had mentioned it before. Together with Five Poisons Cult, they’re known as the martial world’s two great poison sects, but their rank in the martial world isn’t as high as Five Poisons Cult’s.

However, it turns out that the Lin Clan doesn’t have any particular loathing for the Dongfang Clan. If so, that black-clad person’s behaviour makes no sense. Is it really just to provoke the hatred of the two clans?

Dongfang Chenyi unknowingly walks to the back mountain as he ponders.

Speaking of which, Dongfang Yan that kid has been running to the back mountain these few days. As expected, he’s starting to show off now that he has obtained that mysterious grandpa’s martial arts?

“Yep, that’s Dongfang Yan over there, along with some young villains within the clan?” Dongfang Chenyi sees a few young masters of the clan surrounding Dongfang Yan at a empty space not too far away, their mouths spewing foul words.

Isn’t this the legendary classic happening in web novels: “Young masters from my clan who bully me are killed during my counterattack”? The misery that Dongfang Chenyi feels is unparalleled. What should have originally occurred to him was snatched away by a supporting character. Could this Dongfang Yan be some protagonist who crossed over to this world?

According to the traditional procedures in xuanhuan novels, in a while, this kid will beat this crowd till they’ve to look for their teeth all over the ground. Almost or already having killed everyone, the clan will later put him up as a wanted person. Otherwise, he may fight to a draw with some influential young master. The clan’s elder then later butts in and interrogates him and whatnot.

Dongfang Chenyi decides to earnestly watch the show at the side.

Yep, a few of them starts fighting. But according to the procedure in novels, shouldn’t it be a fledgling small fry who goes first to fight one-on-one with the protagonist and gets instakilled in one strike, before the older young masters step up to the challenge? Why has it become a gang fight? Forget it, it’s still a fight in the end.

Yep, Dongfang Yan that kid seems to be in a disadvantageous position. After all, he’s against so many people… but he’s someone who obtained a cheat, he’ll definitely roar loudly in a while, his hair will turn gold[1] and then he’ll pwn the heavens, pwn the earth and pwn the very air.

Yep, why hasn’t Dongfang Yan this kid used his cheat yet ah? He’d already been hit till he’s lying on the ground. At this rate, your dignity as the heir of that grandpa will be no more…


Something is amiss! Dongfang Yan this kid was really beaten till he can’t fight back…

Although Dongfang Chenyi doesn’t know martial arts, he’s aware that the people within the clan are still pretty afraid of him, probably because he should still be pretty strong even without the martial arts he had before he crossed over…

“Stay your hand!”

“Ah… it’s Eldest Young Master Dongfang Chenyi.” Seeing Dongfang Chenyi, the crowd suddenly stop their actions, “This, we, Eldest Young Master, it’s Dongfang Yan this mongrel… that’s right, we young masters only came to give martial arts pointers for this trash Dongfang Yan. However, we didn’t expect this trash to be so ruthless. We only charged together to teach Dongfang Yan a lesson, and didn’t expect that he’ll injure us…”

Dongfang Chenyi doesn’t pay the crowd any mind. Instead, he walks over and pulls Dongfang Yan up in one tug, asking: “How are you?”

“Fi… fine.” Dongfang Yan bites his lips. It appears that his injuries are not light.

“That… Young Master.”

Dongfang Chenyi tries to put on a face full of anger before he glares at the crowd behind him, “Why haven’t you gotten out of my sight, are you waiting for me to make a move?”

The crowd receives a shock and hurriedly runs off. “Dongfang Yan, count yourself lucky today, you better prepare yourself for the Inter-clan Assembly next week!”

Sigh~ Fortunately, the villains in novels have lower IQ, or else pretending wouldn’t have worked.

“Thank you very much, big brother…”

“It’s nothing, who asked me to be your big brother. Just tell me if they treat you like this again in the future. We are relatives after all.”

Young fellow, I’m really disappointed in you. You obviously have a cheat and yet you were oppressed by the villains in the clan till you’re tender with a crispy crust.

“Yea…” As Dongfang Yan spoke, he suddenly sheds tears, causing Dongfang Chenyi to be at a loss.

“You… what’s wrong?”

“Nothing… it’s just, I feel that there’s still someone in the clan who cares for me… back then when Master brought Ziqing and I here, the people in the clan all looked down on me because my body is weak and moreover I can’t practice martial arts…”

Alright alright, I do want to hear your trash declaration.

Yes, sure enough, this Dongfang Yan is truly skinny, his body is slim, if he puts on make-up, wears a skirt, grows his hair out, he’ll probably be a pretty transvestite? No, what am I thinking…

“Let’s go, come to my room. I’ll get someone to treat your wounds.”



[1] Probably a Dragon Ball reference.

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  1. I was totally disappointed last chapter but … who would’ve known it unexpectedly got better! Love it.
    Waiting for an update.
    Thanks TL 🙂


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