A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 9

Oh my, who sent this letter?


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Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie

Volume 1 Chapter 9: To Think the First Love Letter of My Life Is Actually…

“Let’s go, come to my room. I’ll get someone to treat your wounds.”

“You… you don’t have to, I’m fine. Go ahead with your business, Big Brother.” Dongfang Yan smiles faintly and breaks away from the support of Dongfang Chenyi’s arm.

“You’re already injured to this degree.”

“I’ll be fine.” Dongfang Yan smiles and rapidly runs off.

What’s this blockhead doing? Dongfang Chenyi scratches his head. Don’t tell me every Gary Stu likes to act brave? But since he doesn’t need me to help with his wounds, so be it. I should continue extracting information from the dictionary.

Dongfang Chenyi returns to his room and finds Dongfang Mengdie sitting inside. Once she sees that Dongfang Chenyi’s back, she stands up with a smile and says: “Big Brother Chenyi, you’re back.”

“Yea, is something the matter?”

“This…” Dongfang Mengdie takes out a letter as she speaks and passes it to Dongfang Chenyi, “Why don’t you take a look, Lin Yiyi asked me to pass you this letter.”

Hm? Lin Yiyi? It sounds like a girl’s name, don’t tell me… don’t tell me this is the legendary love letter? To think that I’ll actually receive a love letter? Ahahahahaha!

“What’s wrong? Big Brother Chenyi, you seem to be very happy.”

“Ah, noth… nothing much.” Unable to conceal his inner euphoria, Dongfang Chenyi gleefully opens the envelope.

This… what the fudge is this?!

If you don’t want your matter exposed, come alone to the same dilapidated temple tonight.

There’s also a line of words written in red at the bottom: You know what will happen if you go back on your words.

Of course, although Dongfang Chenyi can only comprehend a majority of the tadpole text, he’s still able to guess most of its meaning.

What the heck? Don’t tell me that girls these days like to use this kind of off-the-wall way to express their love?

Hang on, don’t tell me this letter… is primarily not a love letter? But a… threatening message or a challenge missive and the like?

“What’s wrong, Big Brother Chenyi?”

“Ah? Ahahaha, nothing much, Miss Lin just wants me to give guidance for her martial arts.”

“Ah, so that’s what it is, I understand. Big Brother Chenyi’s martial arts is so strong, you’ll definitely be of help to Yiyi.”

I apologise ah, right now, your Big Brother Chenyi hasn’t even finished learning the entire language, not to mention martial arts…

“Big Brother Chenyi, do you know where Big Brother Dongfang Yan went? I didn’t see him the whole day.”

“Well, he…” Dongfang Yan that blockhead was beaten by a mob and ran away, Dongfang Chenyi really didn’t want to give such an answer. “I haven’t seen him, I suppose he should be practising in some corner.”

“I see, so that’s how it is. Big Brother Yan has been more diligent in his practices recently, moreover, I sense that Big Brother Yan’s inner energy appears to be much deeper than before.”

But of course… that blockhead received a cheat, it’ll be strange if it’s not deeper… however, I can also tell you that that kid Dongfang Yan had just been beaten up.

“I’ll go practice then, Big Brother Chenyi. The Inter-clan Assembly is almost here, Big Brother Chenyi also needs to work hard, okay.”

Inter-clan Assembly? I think those few villains within the clan also said there’ll be an Inter-clan Assembly, yep… the full team probably needs to appear for the Inter-clan Assembly… however, I don’t know a single bit of martial arts right now. Will the cat be let out the bag when the time comes ah…

Still, the most crucial problem before my eyes is…

How should I handle this strange letter, should I meet as per the request or should I thoroughly ignore it?

I must choose carefully, this isn’t a game after all, and doesn’t have the concept of Saving and Loading. I’m bound to face danger if I go. I don’t know any martial arts right now and the author of this letter obviously has no good intentions.

Having spoken to this point, the one who gave me this letter seems to be called Lin Yiyi, Lin… is she someone from the Lin Clan? The person who drugged me before also mentioned the Lin Clan, it appears that the Lin Clan is implicated in this matter.

Sure enough, I should……

Not go. This is truly too dangerous, I should stay obediently at home and memorise the dictionary. Yep, this is how the decision was pleasantly made. I didn’t do anything to feel guilty about anyways, so why should I stir this pool of muddy water?

Therefore, the moment Dongfang Chenyi finishes his dinner, he forthrightly plunges back to his room to extract information from the dictionary.


“Phew~ Let’s leave it at this for today.” Dongfang Chenyi gathers the dictionaries, pushes the papers in the surrounding aside and collapses on the table. “Sheesh, tiring me to death. And here I thought I wouldn’t need to study after crossing into another world… this is really a scam.”

While Dongfang Chenyi is still lamenting at the unfairness of God, all of a sudden, he seems to hear some movements outside the door.

“Who?!” Dongfang Chenyi raises his heart with alert and looks at the yard outside the window. However, no one is there; there are only a few fireflies fluttering around.

“Maybe I studied too hard and started imagining things… I should sleep early.”

Dongfang Chenyi closes the window and then begins to undress. Just as he was in the middle of undressing, he suddenly feels a coolness behind him.

“Strange, hadn’t I already closed the window?” Turning, Dongfang Chenyi suddenly finds a black-clad person standing behind him, “Ah! You dare!”

Just as Dongfang Chenyi thinks of shouting for help, the black-clad person suddenly draws out a sword and places it against Dongfang Chenyi’s neck, “Don’t speak or else your head will be finding a new home.”

This voice, it’s precisely the black-clad person that day! To think he actually snuck into my own house.

Dongfang Chenyi tries to compose himself and asks: “What’s your motive for coming to my house? Do you want to kill me?”

“I wouldn’t dare. Moreover, how can I possibly beat the Eldest Young Master of the Dongfang Clan in a fight?  However… I’m still confident that I can beat you.”

“You… what do you mean?”

“Stop playing dumb!” The black-clad person jabs Dongfang Chenyi’s neck with the sword, “Even if you can fool others, you can’t fool me!”

As the black-clad person speaks, the person fiercely glares at Dongfang Chenyi, “Speak, where did your Dongfang Clan hide the real Dongfang Chenyi?”

It… it can’t be right? Don’t tell me this guy realised that I’m someone who crossed worlds? No, it’s not possible, he shouldn’t be aware about matters like the crossing of worlds.

Seeing that Dongfang Chenyi isn’t speaking, the black-clad person pierces the skin on Dongfang Chenyi’s neck with the sword, drawing fresh blood.

“Faster speak, don’t play dumb anymore. Exactly where is the real Dongfang Chenyi?”

I… I don’t know what you say.” [1]

“What? Ài dōng nǎo wò rú shuǐ[2]? Is it some riverbank? Where is it, bring me there quickly or else I’ll kill you!”

“I’m saying that I don’t know what you’re talking about; am I not Dongfang Chenyi? What stand-in, see, we look identical.”

“Hmph, are you still playing dumb at your deathbed? Who doesn’t know how to use a disguise of this degree? Dongfang Chenyi isn’t someone like you. Moreover, if you’re really Dongfang Chenyi, you’ll be able to deal with an opponent of my level at anytime.”

The black-clad person stares at Dongfang Chenyi and after a moment of silence, the person says: “Forget it, since you don’t want to speak, I’ll just kill you now. After all, you’re merely Dongfang Chenyi’s body double. Even if you die, the Dongfang Clan will only block the news from spreading and send out another body double.”

“I’m not a body double ah, I really am Dongfang Chenyi. I’m a puppy if I lie to you!”

“Quiet!” The black-clad person seems to be getting more and more irate, “Since you’re unwilling to talk, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Go away, this idiot still doesn’t believe me! Do I’ve to honestly tell you that I’m actually a high school student who crossed over from the 21st century?

“I’ll give you three seconds to consider, if you still refuse to talk…”


Despicable, seriously?!

“Two!” The black-clad person increases the pressure on his hand.

This… this… what am I to do about this?!


“I… I’ll say! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you everything!” Without a choice, Dongfang Chenyi can only surrender.

F**k, I really don’t understand. Which person who crossed worlds will actually reveal their own identity? I might as well be laughed at to death if this gets out in the future ah…


[1] Chenyi actually says this in the Chinese raws, a.k.a. He was speaking broken English.
[2] Broken or not, the black-clad person obviously doesn’t know English so he brought up a string of homophones in Chinese that doesn’t make much sense. The last word is the character for ‘water’, hence his misunderstanding in the next sentence.

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