Escape Galge Protagonist

[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 2

Sorry /.\ I did plan for a huge April Fool’s surprise but was too lazy and tired to carry it out in the end *gets shot* Maybe next year, hehe.

Notable changed portions from the original are marked in green. There are entirely new chapters and more changes after the intro and before the ending. Minor unmarked changes include punctuation, wording and layout.


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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 2

 Since then, it became that we often bump into each other.
 We naturally came to get in touch with each other… and hang out together…

 Sunday. At the bustling area in front of the train station.

 There is a movie theater, game centre, shopping mall and a district with restaurants nearby.
 Considering that it’s an off day, an overwhelming number of people are reflected before my eyes.
 I slip into the stream of people packed like sardines and find him standing there.
 He has an attractive appearance that won’t be buried even when surrounded.

 Appearing as though he alone belongs to another world, he, who carries with him a crystalline air, waves at me.
 『The one he’s waiting for is me』, my heart dances at that fact.

“Senpai! Apologies, did I keep you waiting!?” 
“Nope, you’re right on time… I came early because I was too excited.”

 His figure as he says so bashfully makes me feel fulfilled.
 My insuppressible joy is going to overflow.

“Senpai… I was extremely excited, too! I was unable to sleep yesterday and ended up getting panda eyes.”

 What an idiot, huh.
 We finally got to go out, just the two of us, but I went and got myself something like panda eyes.
 Wanting to be thought cute, I worked hard with my clothes and hairstyle but it’s all for naught now.
 Towards me, who’s looking down, a long and pretty hand stretches and gently touches my cheek.

“You are cute as usual. But I’m worried so make sure to get proper sleep next time, okay.”

 My face turns hot when I look at his gentle smile.
 He may be able to feel my heat through his hand that’s touching my cheek.
 Embarrassed, I turn my face away and reply.

“… Yes.”

 Hearing my reply, senpai smiles gently again.
 It’s no good, I feel even hotter when I look at this smile.

“Well then, shall we go?”

 Riding the waves of people, we begin walking.
 The crowd density is high; it’s packed and hard to walk.
 I may get separated from senpai… the moment this thought crosses my mind.
 The pretty hand that touched my cheek just now, holds my hand this time round.
 I look at senpai’s face in surprise. However, perhaps because he’s feeling a little shy, his eyes won’t meet mine.

“Because it’ll be bad if we get separated.”

 My heart stirs and warms at the brief sentence he issues.
 When I tighten my hold on the hand I’m holding, senpai also tightens his hold.
 This is a day I think I’ll never forget.

 This way, the distance between us steadily narrows.

 Kagurazaka-senpai is well-liked and indeed popular, but he always prioritises his appointments with me and always keeps his word.
 Although he’s kind to everyone, he’s exceptionally so to me, and I believe I’ve the lead on the other girls.

 Nevertheless, wanting him to grow even more fond of me, I put in effort to become cuter, and work hard so that we can get along well.
 I’m so enthralled by Kagurazaka-senpai that even I myself am shocked.

 And then, on the sentimental Friday… I harden my resolve to confess.

The place I call senpai out to is the roof.
 There’s no one around.
 With the blue skies above, I’m alone with senpai in this vast space.
 It is as though there’s only the two of us in this world.

In this confessing environment I’m blessed with, while telling my heart that seems like it’s about to break from the nerves to『Calm down!』, I open my mouth.

“I… towards senpai!”

My heart seems like it’s about to burst.
 But, senpai is waiting for my words with a kind gaze. I have to tell him.

“Towards senpai, I… towards… senpai… I?”

 I’m assaulted by a feeling like déjà vu as I try to form my words.
 Huh, this… it happened before? Confess… to Kagurazaka-senpai… confess…

 …… Ah.

A screen spreads out within my head all of a sudden.
 Flowing images.
 There are many figures of girls… no, they’re illustrations.
 At that moment, I recall. I recall everything.


 I return to my senses when my name is called by Kagurazaka-senpai. Kagurazaka-senpai… yes, it’s『Kagurazaka Aoi』… the『protagonist』.

“Continue from where you left off?”

 The screen once again spreads within my head.
 Within that was,『my figure』that I meet everyday in the mirror, no… to be exact, 『the illustration of me』…
 Ah… that’s right… I am… I am… !

“… s’ nothing.”
“It’s nothing!”
“Eh? Eh?”

 I’m already running by the time I come to my senses.
 Mindlessly heading home, bolting out of school, I charge into town.
 I don’t know whether it’s shock or sorrow, but my hands won’t stop trembling.
 It’s also difficult to breathe.
 Such a thing… is there really such a thing!?



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