Escape Galge Protagonist

[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 4

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 4

 Excluding me, there are 4 capturable characters.
 It’s set that going on dates with the capturable characters on specific weekdays easily increase their favourability ratings.
 I’m a character whose favourability rating increases easily on Fridays, and now that I think of it, our dates were always on Fridays.
 My heart aches, but rather than paying attention to it, there’s something more important to do.
 Uplifting my heart which appears close to sinking, I make a move but…

 The result is that my efforts, hopes, and maiden heart are splendidly smashed into pieces.

“This ass… he’s definitely aiming for harem…!”

 The day I observed his actions, was the Sunday when all the characters’ favourability ratings easily increased.
 You can say it’s a day when the favorability rating perimeters have to be closely monitored.
 I remained on the lookout outside his house right from morning, and what I witnessed as I shadowed him leaves me speechless

 There were 3 women he came in contact with. Two capturable targets and 1 Dateable.

 Watching a movie with a capturable target in the morning, then getting lunch together.
 Just as I thought he parted with her unexpectedly early, he went on to enjoy about 2 hours of shopping with a Dateable girl, followed by having fun at the Amusement Park night events with another capturable target from evening to the next morning.
 He held hands with all of them as though it was the most natural thing in the world.
 That thoroughness in filling the idle time between the 2 capturable targets with a Dateable member, how very praiseworthy.

 Congratulations, you will henceforth be regarded as scum.

 He heads home after parting with the capturable character when the night events ended. I watch his back figure as he chuckles to himself with a “It sure was another enjoyable day today”.
 Dazedly, I watch him leave as I hide in the darkness.
 … He is even more despicable than I thought.

“How dare you trample on my pure feelings, my maiden heart!”

 Absolutely unforgivable, unforgivable !
 Inside of me, the feelings of love for senpai died.
 They completely pass away.
 It’s their funeral.

“This grudge, should I act on it…”

 My clenched fist trembles from the anger.
 I bite my lips so strongly that blood may be flowing.
 When I glare at him thinking how good it’ll be if looks could kill, a shocking mumble escapes from his lips.

“… Huh?… Huh? Kii-tan’s favorability rating is… disappearing?”

 Having my name called, I panicked thinking my shadowing is exposed, but it seems that that isn’t the case.
 … Rather, did you just say “Kii-tan”!? You did, right!?

 For an instant, my anger changes to chills, and goosebumps run throughout my body.
 Wanting to suppress that, I fold my arms and rub them. Shifting my gaze to that guy, he’s standing stock still beneath the streetlamp.
 He’s staring at the screen of his smartphone with an idiotic expression I’ve never seen before.
 The collapsing of my mental image of the『wonderful senpai』knows no end.

“W-Why!? The parameter should have been MAXED! I don’t think I made the wrong Choices[1] either! I didn’t mess up my lines, did I!?”

 … What’s the meaning of this?
 My ‘favorability rating’, my  ‘parameter’? He’s looking at the screen of his phone.

 Conjecturing from that, it means that he can『see my favorability rating on his smartphone』.
 In addition, from his words, “Choices” and “lines”, it means that he was treating it as a game, capturing us as he referred to the data on his smartphone.
 Could it be… even his『words』were false?

When he said my handmade sweets were delicious, when he praised me for working hard, when he scolded me for my mistakes, when he called me cute, all of them weren’t ‘your’ 『words』?
 You simply recited our『Capturing Data』?

… Haha, as he watched me dance to his tune, he undoubtedly thought.
 That I’m『a piece of cake』.

 Something is welling up in my chest.
 The corners of my eyes are growing hot.
 But I can’t, not here. I’ve to hold it in.
 I beg you, hurry up and leave from my sight!
 Squatting in the shadow of the lamppost, I endure.
 As I listen to the fading footsteps, I hold my breath too, to prevent the tears from leaking.

 His presence disappears after a while.
 There probably isn’t anyone here, anymore.
 Standing up, I hurry home.

“… Uu.”

 There’s no one in the dark and gloomy street, no one.
 Once I understand that, what I had been holding back brims over.
 Even so, to prevent it from being released full-force, I persevere as I walk on.
 The sobs leak out even though I hold my mouth, and the tears do not stop even though I wipe them, but I cannot relax.
 Not until I enter my own room.
 I won’t be able to go home if I break down here.

… Seriously unforgivable, Kagurazaka Aoi. I will not let things go your way.

What Feather of Destiny. That’s just a Feather of Misfortune.
 Harem? I’ll wreck you.



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